Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 873

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Chapter 873: Freeloading idiot

The green clothed girl gave a soft laugh and said at an unhurried pace, “The reason why the Wei River overflows each year is because the mud is gathering at both sides of the river, causing it to become more and more narrow.  Even if the dams become higher, it can’t keep up with the increase speed of the river. You need to head to the source of the Wei River to control it.”

“Control it from the source?  How?” Mo Chuan still did not look at her.

She reached a finger out and counted, “The source of the Wei River is in the west of the Guan Nan area.  The area there is very muddy, so the sediment loss is very serious. To control the river from flooding, the first step is to plant a lot of trees at the source of the Wei River.  The trees will consolidate the soil, reducing the loss of sediments, slowing the clogging of the river. The second step is to build a reservoir at the upper parts of the Wei River, controlling the water.  You open the reservoir during the drought season and that way the citizens won’t die from lack of water in the drought season, killing two birds with one stone. The third step is to dig out the mud in the river and make the river deeper.  As long as these three steps are done, I believe solving the floods and droughts in the Guan Nan area will not be hard.”

It wouldn’t be hard?

Everyone couldn’t help suck in a breath through their teeth, looking at her with large eyes.

They couldn’t understand where the confidence of this young girl came from!  Even the emperor and the ministers in court were helpless in solving this problem, but it actually became this easy in her mouth?

Looking at this girl talk and her bright eyes, she seemed confident.

But this was the flood and drought problem that had plagued the Guan Nan area citizens for decades, how could it be that easy to solve!

Like this, even Empress Dowager Zhou was not a bit certain.

She was not clear on the matter of controlling the river, she didn’t understand the terms the green clothed girl said.  What “muddy area”, what “sediment” loss”, and making what “reservoir”.

What was this reservoir thing?

Empress Dowager Zhou was doubtful in her heart, but she didn’t reveal it at all on her face.  Instead she looked at Mo Chuan and revealed a faint smile.

“Emperor, do you think this girl’s methods can be used?  How does she compare to all the well learned scholars you have in court?”

Mo Chuan’s chin became tense and his dark eyes looked at the young girl’s face.  This seemed like it was the first time he was looking at this girl.

Hearing Empress Dowager Zhou’s words, he looked back with an expression that was a bit unnatural as he said in an understatement, “It’s just ideas on paper.  This girl doesn’t have any experience, treating the flooding and drought issue as a joke. If it was this easy to solve, wouldn’t all the ministers in court be freeloading idiots?”

“The river is flooding each year even though it is being controlled, aren’t they idiots then?”  Empress Dowager Zhou was filled with anger and blocked the emperor’s words.

Mo Chuan was suddenly stopped and couldn’t say anything else.  He looked at Empress Dowager Zhou, “Mother, what do you mean? Do you really want your son to send this girl to control the river?”

“What this girl, that girl!  This widow feels that this girl’s three steps are good, very good!  You say these are ideas on paper, then do you dare send people to follow her three steps?  If you don’t try it, how do you know her methods are no use! This widow believes. Since she could say these three methods, she must certainly have more concrete details.  Don’t look at her age and the fact she is a girl, this widow believes that she is more knowledgeable in controlling a river than those old and white haired ministers!”

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