Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 868

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Chapter 868: The real meaning is, not good at all


How could one depend only on outer appearance in determining how good a person was?

Empress Dowager Zhou had already found that she began to like this green clothed girl.

She only felt pity and sympathy for this green clothed girl before, but now she felt a deep admiration and fondness for her.  Seeing the birthmark on the girl’s face, she didn’t feel it was ugly, rather it was a unique mark for this girl.

Ai, but so what is she liked her?  The emperor didn’t like her!

Empress Dowager Zhou suppressed the urge to ask the girl’s name and waved her hand as she said, “Next.”

The next girl’s answer was very cliche, holding nothing new.  There wasn’t another person’s answer that was like the green clothed girl’s that could make Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes light up.

Although there were girls that gave the same reason and answer as the green clothed girl, when Empress Dowager Zhou heart them, she knew it was them taking other’s ideas.  There was no originality, nothing worth mentioning.

When the young girls finished answering, they all looked at Empress Dowager Zhou with expectant eyes, waiting for her to announce the results.

Empress Dowager Zhou rubbed her forehead, feeling very awkward.

She was most interested in the green clothed girl, but the emperor was not interested in her at all.  The green clothed girl was chosen in the first test and if she picked the green clothed girl again, it was like setting who was being chosen as the empress.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart already relaxed.  Even if she wasn’t beautiful and her body was crippled, with the girl’s intelligence and her magnanimous heart, if she could become the empress, she would certainly be helpful to her son.  With her character, talent, and morals, it was enough for her to rule the world!

“Emperor, which answer are you most satisfied with?”

Empress Dowager Zhou considered it and decided to let her son choose still.

Mo Chuan said with an expressionless face, “Their answers were almost all the same, your son couldn’t remember that many of them.  Only, there was a person’s answer your son did remember.”

“Oh, which answer was it?”  Empress Dowager Zhou asked.

“There was someone who said they would save mother and choose to die with your son.  Mother, your son wants to know which girl said this, she is truly bold!” Mo Chuan’s eyes flashed with a sharp look and his voice became slightly louder.

This is bad, the emperor has been angered!

The girls were instantly alarmed, but they weren’t afraid at all.  Rather they were filled with schadenfreude because the emperor’s anger was not directed at them, but rather the green clothed girl.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart sunk.  She wanted to say a few words of explanation for the green clothed girl, but she saw the green clothed girl take a step forward and clearly say, “It was me.”

“It was you?”  Mo Chuan’s eyes slightly narrowed and looked at the girl like cold arrows.

The girls standing beside the green clothed girl felt a chill come over them and they couldn’t help shivering.  Only the green clothed girl just stood straight, looking very calm, not feeling flustered at all. It was like she couldn’t feel Mo Chuan’s anger at all.

Su Jin couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat for this girl.  She secretly looked at Empress Dowager Zhou, wanting her to speak up for this girl.

“Emperor, this widow feels…..”  When Empress Dowager Zhou wanted to speak, she was cut off by Mo Chuan.

“Mother, your son feels she is…..good.  Very, good!” Mo Chuan said word for word, as if the sounds of his teeth grinding could be heard.

Although he said good, everyone could understand what he meant.

The emperor’s real meaning was: not good at all!

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