Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 869

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Chapter 869: Unsolvable hard problem

The girl’s hearts bloomed with joy.  If they weren’t in front of Empress Dowager Zhou and the emperor, they wouldn’t have been able to stop themselves from breaking out in laughter.

They looked at the green clothed girl with proud looks.

Humph, ugly girl.  You look this ugly and still try to cause trouble, trying to steal the spotlight!

You wanted to flatter the Empress Dowager, but you stepped on the emperor’s foot and annoyed the emperor instead?  The emperor has already remembered you, let’s see what you have left! If you want to be the empress, in your next life!

“Ke, ke!”  Empress Dowager Zhou gave two coughs and attracted her son’s eyes filled with hatred looking at the green clothed girl back to her.

“Mother, this pavilion is very windy, be careful not to catch a cold.  How about your son brings you back to the palace to rest?” Mo Chuan considerately asked Empress Dowager Zhou.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart felt warm.

“This widow is fine.  Emperor, this widow has already posed two questions, the final test will be given to you.  Do you have anything to ask these girls?”

“Mother, your son’s question is not important, mother’s body is more important.  You’ve worked hard all day, you should rest your body.”

Empress Dowager Zhou understood.  Her son wanted to seize this chance to escape, how could she allow that?

“This widow says it is fine.  Emperor, no matter what happens today, this widow will pick an empress for you.  If you don’t want to ask, this widow will directly pick one for you.”

Mo Chuan’s face slightly changed and he helplessly sighed.

“Alright, your son recently has met a hard problem that can’t be solved”

“Oh, what hard question.  Why don’t you say it, perhaps these girls have a good way?”  Empress Dowager Zhou said in a concerned manner.

“It’s like this.  Mother should have heard of this already, but each year in spring, the Guan Nan area would experience flooding and in the autumn, they would experience a drought.  Because of the flooding and the drought, the crops of the citizens frequently die and their lives are very hard. Your son has sent large amounts of financial aid to the Guan Nan area each year, but this does not solve the fundamental problem.  Your son has always been thinking, is there a way to solve the flooding and drought so the citizens can live a self sufficient life? This problem has stumped your son for a long time and I can’t think of a way to solve it, even the court ministers are all helpless.  If someone here can solve this hard problem for your son, your son is willing to marry her and take her as an empress without any regrets!”

When the girls heard this, their hearts filled with despair jumped up once again.

Hearing this idea from the emperor, it seemed like those two previous questions didn’t matter.  As long as they solved the final problem, the empress position would be theirs!

They were so excited that their faces turned red and their eyes lit up.

But thinking of the hard problem the emperor had, their sparkling eyes couldn’t help dimming as the blush on their faces disappeared.

This was even harder to answer than the second question the Empress Dowager asked!

Because they didn’t know about this topic at all!

Floods?  Droughts?

They’ve only heard that floods and droughts were as terrifying as tigers.  When a flood came, it would swallow all of the citizen’s vast fields, destroying countless homes and killing countless people.  When there was a drought, the fields would become wasteland, causing all the crops to die and turning all the hard work people put in over a year to turn to nothing!

These two terrifying things, their faces changed when even hearing about it, how could they have a way of solving it?

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