Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 867

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Chapter 867: There is only one reason

The next girl saw Empress Dowager Zhou look at her and immediately responded, “I would save both.  I can swim, so I can save one with each hand.”

After she said this, she felt she was very smart, pleasing both sides.

Who would have thought Empress Dowager Zhou would shake her head, “This widow has said that you can only save one, this answer is no good.  Next.”

Her eyes passed over the girl and looked at the next one.

This girl’s face went from turning red to white to green to black.  She almost burst into tears on the scene.

The other girls saw this and said: You deserve it!

With the lesson from this girl, they no longer tried to be clever and just honestly picked one.

If they didn’t save the emperor, they would save the Empress Dowager.  Even with all the answers, there were only two choices.

When each girl had finished saying who they would save, Empress Dowager Zhou asked, “The reason?”

Reason?  It wasn’t easy for these girls to make this hard choice, how could they have thought of a reason?

But it was the Empress Dowager asking this, they couldn’t not answer.  They could only quickly come up with a variety of reasons.

Empress Dowager Zhou listened to them one by one.  It was either to please her or to flatter her. It sounded more and more boring and her heart was filled with disappointment.

“Next.”  She was already disheartened and was feeling sleepy.  She supported her head with one hand and leaned back in the chair, slightly closing her eyes.

Then she heard a clear voice speak out.

“I would save the Empress Dowager.”

Empress Dowager Zhou was already tired of hearing this.  She closed her eyes and asked, “The reason?”

“There is only one reason, it’s because the Empress Dowager is the emperor’s mother.  The emperor is a filial ruler and if I was the empress, I would have to save the Empress Dowager.  I can’t let the emperor become an unfilial person condemned by the public.”

“Yi?”  This unexpected answer made Empress Dowager Zhou open her eyes.

She found the one answering the question was the green clothed girl.

“If you save this widow, the emperor will die.  As the empress, can you watch your husband die?”  Empress Dowager Zhou kept asking.

“Husband and wife are together.  If he dies, how can I live alone?  So after I save the Empress Dowager, I would drown together with the emperor.”  The green clothed girl answered without hesitation.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s back unknowingly straightened.  She looked at the girl and found that her eyes were as clear as a spring, not having any impurities.

Although her voice was crisp and gentle, her voice was firm and her eyes were serious.  Every word she said came from the heart.

Interesting, this girl’s answer is interesting.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s heart was satisfied and she looked over at Mo Chuan from the corner of her eye.  Mo Chuan wasn’t looking at this green clothed girl at all, he was just aimlessly looking around, as if the scenery was better looking than all these girls.

Empress Dowager Zhou knew her son’s heart wasn’t focused on the green clothed girl.

She gave a slight sigh, she couldn’t blame her son.  From the beginning, this girl was this ugly and she was a cripple, it would be strange if her son liked her!  Especially with his son’s previous beloved girl. She was like a lotus on a snowy mountain, with a refined spirit.  All the girls in front of her added together couldn’t compare to that girl’s beauty.

In terms of appearance, the green clothed girl couldn’t even be Chen Ning’s feet wash maid.

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