Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 866

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Chapter 866: Correct answer

“You don’t need to panic, this widow is just giving an analogy.  This widow and the emperor don’t know how to swim and assume that only you can swim.  You can only save one person and the other person will drown. In this situation, who would you choose to save?”

Empress Dowager Zhou had a smile on her face as she looked at the girls.

“Who wants to answer first?”  She said with a smile.

The young girls bit their lips as they revealed awkward expressions.

How could they answer this question?  What should they choose?

If they chose to save the emperor, the Empress Dowager would drown, but if they chose to save the Empress Dowager, the emperor would drown.  No matter who they chose, they would either offend the emperor or the Empress Dowager.

Empress Dowager Zhou asked twice, but not a single girl wehn up to answer.  They all had their heads down as they frowned while thinking.

This was simply much harder compared to composing a poem!

Even Su Jin began to sympathize with these girls, secretly complaining about the Empress Dowager.  Empress Dowager, what kind of strange question is this, how should these girls answer? If it was her, she wouldn’t know how to answer either.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help looking at Mo Chuan and saying in a soft voice, “Emperor, your question seemed to have made it hard for everyone.  Tell your mother, what is the correct answer to this question?”

Her voice had curiosity that couldn’t be suppressed.

Mo Chuan slightly curled his lips as he said with a smile, “Mother, a thousand people will have a thousand answers.  Perhaps there are only two answers, but your son doesn’t know what the correct answer is either. As for their answers, whichever one mother likes the most is the correct answer.”

“You sly boy, humph!”  Empress Dowager Zhou looked at her son.

She waited a while longer and the girls still didn’t respond.

“How about this, you can respond one after the others.”  Empress Dowager Zhou casually pointed at the closest girl and said, “Tell this widow, who would you save?”

The young girl was surprised and she thought that Empress Dowager Zhou was pointing at someone else.  Looking around and seeing that Empress Dowager Zhou was pointing at her, she almost broke out in tears.

She never would have thought that Empress Dowager Zhou would pick her first to answer this incredibly hard question.

“I…..I…..”  The young girl bit her lips until they became white, stammering for a long time, unable to answer.

Su Jin couldn’t help look at her with eyes of sympathy.

“I…..I would save the Empress Dowager!”  The young girl saw Empress Dowager Zhou’s face sink as if she was dissatisfied, so she quickly answered.

“Oh, you would save this widow?  So you would watch the emperor drown?”  Empress Dowager Zhou leaned back in the chair and put the tea cup in her hand down, honestly looking at the girl.

“Of course not!”  The girl blurted out.  She already saw Mo Chuan’s handsome as an immortal appearance and her heart had been hit.  If she could marry him and become the empress, how could she bear to watch him drown, “I….I would save the emperor!”

“Save the emperor?”  Empress Dowager Zhou nodded and said in a non committal voice, “Alright, it’s been hard on you.  Next.”

The girl’s heart was filled with embarrassment.  She couldn’t see any emotions on Empress Dowager Zhou’s face, not knowing if her answer had satisfied her or not.  She was suddenly filled with regret, was she not silly? It was clearly the Empress Dowager picking the empress for the emperor, yet she had chosen to save the emperor and not the Empress Dowager.  The Empress Dowager must hate her, how could she still pick her as the empress.

She was angry and regretful.  Tears fell from her eyes and landed onto her clothes.

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