Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 865

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Chapter 865: Who would you save first

This was because the one Mo Chuan pointed was the one the green clothed girl wrote.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help looking up at Mo Chuan.  Her lips slightly moved as if she wanted to ask: Emperor, did you choose wrong?

But seeing the emperor looking at the poem and not looking at the green clothed girl, she swallowed the words in her mouth.

“It seems like the emperor only likes the words on the paper and didn’t want to choose the ugly girl as his empress.  Wu, not bad, not bad. If one only looks at composing poems, the ugly girl’s poem is indeed the best.” Empress Dowager Zhou thought.

She looked green clothed girl’s poem and thought, “The water has worms making it turbid, the water has fish to catch.  Water, water, water, streams, rivers, lakes, flood. Under the wood is the base, above the wood is the end. Wood, wood, wood, pine, cypress, camphor, forest, forest!  Good! It is indeed very good! This widow also feels this second part is the best! Su Jin, give the order and have people engrave this on both sides of the Happy Heart Pavilion.  This Happy Heart Pavilion will be changed to the Pine River Pavilion from now on. Emperor, what do you think?”

“Mother’s words coincide with your son’s thoughts, the Pine River Pavilion is very good.”  Mo Chuan replied with a slight smile.

“Good, then this matter is decided.”

While Empress Dowager Zhou gave praise, she only praised the poem and did not mention the green clothed girl at all.  She did not ask her name either, clearly not regarding her as a choice as the empress.

The young girls were all smart people and recognized it immediately, causing their hearts to fill with joy.  They thought, so what if the green clothed girl’s poem was good, so what if it was engraved on the Pine River Pavilion?  Doesn’t the emperor and Empress Dowager look down on her?

An ugly girl is an ugly girl!

Not only was she ugly, she was also a cripple.  If they were her and were as ugly as her, they wouldn’t show themselves no matter what.  There was no need to mention if they dared enter the palace to try and become the empress.  She was just a pheasant, how could she ascend to become a phoenix?

It was simply a dream!

The green clothed girl stood among the girls with a calm and relaxed composure.  Of course she could understand Empress Dowager Zhou’s meaning, but she didn’t reveal a trace of hurt or disappointment.  She also didn’t reveal any pride or happiness that her poem had been chosen.

She was calm like nothing had happened.

Although Empress Dowager Zhou deliberately ignored her, she couldn’t help sneaking a look.  The more she looked, the more she appreciated this green clothed girl.

This was true humility!

She was like a pile of gold that was found in a pile of mud.  She wanted to pick her up, but felt that the mud would stain her clothes if she picked it up.

A pity, it was a true pity!

Empress Dowager Zhou suppressed her regrets as she looked over the girls.  She smiled as she spoke again.

“This widow wants to give you another test.  I have a question for you to answer, you don’t need to hesitate, just answer however you want to answer.  This widow wants to hear your honest answers.”

“Please ask, Empress Dowager.”  The young girls said together.

Empress Dowager Zhou took a sip of tea, wetting her throat before she slowly said, “If you become the empress…..”

When they heard the word “empress”, the faces of the young girls became warm, their eyes lit up, and their hearts began to beat fast.

They heard Empress Dowager Zhou continue to say, “If this widow and the emperor fell into the water at the same time, who would you save first?”

This question was too unexpected for the girls.  They all looked at each other in blank dismay, unable to stop themselves from being stunned.

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