Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 864

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Chapter 864: Boast and boast again

Empress Dowager Zhou was generous with her words of praise, boasting about Xia Yu Yan.  The smile on her lips could not be hidden.

However, Xia Yu Yan still controlled her smile and gave a bow, “Empress Dowager is too kind with your praise, Yu Yan is not as good as the Empress Dowager says she is.  It’s this sister who’s more talented than Yu Yan.”

She was naturally referring to the green clothed girl.

Empress Dowager Zhou said with a smile, “You know how to be humble and not arrogant, that is hard to find.  Emperor, what do you think about the second part written by miss Xia?”

Xia Yu Yan became nervous as her heart beat fast.  She looked at her feet and didn’t dare look up, but her ears stood up.

When Empress Dowager Zhou talked about the green clothed girl, she only gave a single sentence of praise, but when she talked about Xia Yu Yan, she offered praise again and again.  Everyone present could hear the meaning in her voice, especially the young girls. They couldn’t help be disappointed.

They looked at Xia Yu Yan with unconvinced eyes.  Doesn’t she just have a bit of a background and know how to pair poems, why did the Empress Dowager look at her differently?

If they were comparing talents, the green clothed girl was a level higher than her!

“Also good.”  Mo Chuan gave it a glance and spoke in a soft voice.

His evaluation was still two words.

But when Xia Yu Yan heard it, she felt it was filled with dissatisfaction.

Also good?  That’s saying that her second part wasn’t as good as the green clothed girl’s!

She bit her lips and her heart were filled with grievances, as tears swelled in her eyes.

Empress Dowager Zhou heard the emperor’s meaning, she thought that the emperor did not like this girl.  Fine, fine, fine, there were other good girls, he could choose as he wished. It didn’t matter what happened today, as long as the matter of his marriage was set!

The hearts of the girl’s relaxed like a stone falling down.  Their hearts were filled with hope again, causing the words to flow out like a spring, as their minds filled with ideas.

In a while, there were several girls who write their next parts and brought them up.

Empress Dowager Zhou looked over them.  If she was to compared them, the one who was the most clever was naturally the green clothed girl.

She did not admit anything.  She gave all these second parts to the emperor and allowed him to decide for himself.

“Emperor, which one do you think is the best?  Pick one and this widow will immediately engrave it, hanging it on both sides of the Happy Heart Pavilion.”  Empress Dowager said these words with double meanings.

Mo Chuan was very patient today, following Empress Dowager Zhou from beginning to end.  He did whatever Empress Dowager Zhou wanted him to do and didn’t argue at all, which made Empress Dowager Zhou very satisfied.

She thought that her son would leave and leave the decision to her in the end.  If it was truly like this, how could he choose a girl that suited his tastes?

Although Empress Dowager Zhou hoped that her son would marry soon, she also hoped that her son would find a beloved one, especially after seeing her son’s beloved girl marrying off to another country.  He was so hurt that he had disappeared for two days.

She made her decision at this time.  As long as her son made his decision, she could give up anything!

Mo Chuan looked over the young girl’s second verses and pointed at one without any hesitation.

“Your son thinks this one is the best.”

The girls couldn’t see which one he was pointing at.  Their hearts were in their throats and their breathing stopped.

Empress Dowager Zhou could see it clearly and was instantly stunned.

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