Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 863

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Chapter 863: Chance to show off

The green clothed girl match the first and second part together perfectly, without leaving a seam.  It was perfectly worded and not a single word could be changed.

“Emperor, does this second part seem good to you?”

Empress Dowager Zhou gave the second part to Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan took it and seriously looked it over, giving it a slight nod.

“Very good.”  He looked up at the green clothed girl.  His deep eyes remained on the purple red birthmark on the other side’s face for a while.

The green clothed girl did not care about his gaze.  Her long lashes hung down covering her clear as water eyes.  Her eyes and nose were all pointed forward. Even if the wind blew her hair over her face, she did not raise a hand to fix it.

She didn’t reveal a look of inferiority from her ugly face and she wasn’t flattered by the emperor’s attention to her.

Her face was not red, her heart did not skip a beat.  She was not humble and she was not shy.

That graceful and open demeanor made Empress Dowager Zhou unable to not praise her.

This grace and this etiquette, even her younger self couldn’t compare to her.  This was truly a good girl with hard to find talent!

“Ai, if she wasn’t this ugly and she wasn’t a cripple, even if she was of lower birth, this widow would still choose her as the empress.  But she had to be…..” Empress Dowager Zhou thought in her heart.

Her eyes couldn’t looking over the green clothed girl.  However, seeing the birthmark on her face, she felt her heart skip a beat.

“Forget it, forget it, what use is just having talent, the emperor will never like her.  Not to mention that the West Chu empress cannot be this ugly and cannot be a cripple! Otherwise if this was known by others, wouldn’t we be laughed at by other countries?”

Empress Dowager Zhou thought about it and still chose to exclude this green clothed girl from the selection.

She smiled as she looked at Xia Yu Yan.

“Miss Xia, this widow sees that you’ve also thought of a second part.  Why haven’t you started writing yet?”

Xia Yu Yan was currently pondering the second part written by the green clothed young girl and found that the other side was truly clever.  Comparing her own second part to theirs, it was inferior.

She also saw the green clothed girl’s lame foot and the shocking birthmark on her face, unable to stop herself from being shocked.

She had already given up, but seeing the green clothed girl’s appearance and hearing Empress Dowager Zhou’s words for her, she once again felt hope.

“Yes, Empress Dowager.  Yu Yan will write the second part now.”

Xia Yu Yan slowly came forward and raised her pen to write the second part she had already thought of.  She gave it to the eunuch on the side and respectfully stood to the side.

She knew that Empress Dowager Zhou wanted to see her second part to give her a chance to raise herself up and show herself off.  She did not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So what if the green clothed girl’s second part was better than hers?

With her crippled leg and her appearance, the Empress Dowager would never like her.  Not only would the Empress Dowager not like her, even the emperor will not give her an extra look.

Her heart was filled with a slight pride as she looked at the green clothed girl from the corner of her eye.

“Good match, good match!”  Empress Dowager Zhou saw Xia Yu Yan’s second part and was also filled with praise.

Although this second part was not as clever as the green clothed girl’s, it was still a masterpiece.

“Yu Yan, you really are our capital’s number one talented woman, this second part is a good match!  People say that girls without talent are virtuous, but Yu Yan, you are a good girl who is talented, virtuous and beautiful.  This widow has lived this long and hasn’t seen many girls like you.”

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  1. fatjona17 says:

    Really don’t understand the emperor anymore, how could he be planning to marry another girl ? What about ChenNing . Nor can I fathom what that girl wants. It’s obvious that’s she’s smart , is she scheeming to become his empress ?

    • Kobold says:

      Do you not understand all the trick?
      That green clothed girl is Chen Ning.
      Empress Dowager doesn’t want the emperor marry his nephew’s beloved woman, so he can’t marry her in her own identity. He can only make up a new Identity for her. That’s why he has said previously that he doesn’t care status and face, just care about moral, talent and whether he likes her or not.
      That”s because CN can only present her self as a commoner, no longer a noble lady from general’s household.
      She can not show her pretty face either so that no body recognise her…
      It’s just so obvious.
      And now after she writes the poem using her finger then it’s clear that my guess must be correct.
      CN can’t use brush to write well, she is accustomed to write with a pen or pencil so her hand writing using brush is extremely ugly…but she needs to show her talent…so she writes using her finger 😅.

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