Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 862

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Chapter 862: Ugly and crippled

Xia Yu Yan did not let Empress Dowager Zhou down.  After thinking about it, she thought of the next part.  When she was prepared to write it down, she suddenly felt that a work was wrong, so she stopped and began considering it again.

Suddenly, her body slightly trembled.  She saw the corner of a light green dress as a young girl hobbled out of the crowd, walking to the table with the white paper on it.

The green clothed girl suddenly attracted everyone’s eyes.

“Ya, she’s actually a cripple!”

“She figured out the second part?  She really is smart.”

“What use is there in being smart, she’s still a cripple.  The emperor will definitely not take a cripple as his empress.”

The young girls couldn’t help speaking in low voices.

The green clothed girl ignored the chatter behind her and she walked in front of the desk.  There was ink already prepared by an eunuch which she dipped her finger into. Her index finger slid across the paper and not long after, she had finished writing.

When the ink was dry, she picked up her written word for the eunuch on the side.

“This little girl has finished the next verse, I ask the Empress Dowager to look it over.”

The young girls all around took in a cold breath.  Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin’s eyes popped open in shock as they looked right at that green clothed girl.

The young girls were shocked at her speed, but Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin was shocked by her face.

They had only seen the green clothed girl’s back which was very slender and delicate, but it was a pity she was a cripple and they both felt sorry about this.  They thought that the girl’s appearance must be extraordinary and if she wasn’t a cripple, she would be a very suitable candidate.

At this time, the green clothed girl was facing Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin.  She slightly raised her head and revealed her face without any covers to them.

The soft sunlight illuminated her face, clearly showing every detail of her face.

Her skin was like jade, being more delicate than porcelain, but after Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin took a look at her, their hearts skipped a beat.  They were thinking, how could this girl be this ugly!

There was a hand shaped purple red mark that went from her left brow to her right cheek that looked like the mark left by someone slapping her.  However, Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin both knew that she wasn’t slapped, but rather it was a birthmark!

Ugly!  Truly ugly!

Empress Dowager Zhou and Su Jin both quickly looked away, feeling even more pity for this green clothed girl.

A pity, a true pity.

This girl was not only a cripple, she was incredibly ugly.  Even if she had an outstanding character, in this era that depended on one’s face, it would be hard for her to find a home to marry into.

At this time, the eunuch brought over the second part written by the green clothed girl.

Empress Dowager Zhou had already denied this young girl in her heart.  No matter how good she was, based on her ugly face, she could never enter the emperor’s eyes.

She casually glanced over the second part and then her eyes popped out.

The girl’s writing was very neat, but each line also had force behind it.  Her finger writing had full strokes, but was also very controlled. Although it wasn’t the work of an expert, it had an interesting taste to it.

“Under the wood is the base, above the wood is the end.  Wood, wood, wood, pine, cypress, camphor, forest, forest.”

After Empress Dowager Zhou whispered it, after just reading it once, she was pleasantly surprised.  She couldn’t help slapping the table and praising, “Good pair, good pair! It’s a perfect fit, it’s very clever!”

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