Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 850

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Chapter 850: I want to get married

“You only know how to feel pain for Xiao Si and don’t know how to feel pain for your mother?”  Empress Dowager Zhou opened her eyes and looked at Mo Chuan. There was a look of anger deep in her eyes.

“Your son of course feels pain for mother, what is mother worried about?  Your son knows, so if mother is happy, your son is willing to follow mother’s decision.”  Mo Chuan looked down and said this in response.

Empress Dowager Zhou blinked, for a while she didn’t know what her son meant by these words.

But right after, she was filled with joy.  She suddenly sat up from the bed with eyes filled with disbelief.

“Chuan, Chuan’er, what did you say?  Say what you just said again!” In her excitement, her voice was trembling.  She grabbed Mo Chuan’s hand and looked into his eyes.

Mo Chuan looked up and serious said, “Your son isn’t young anymore, your son wants to get married.”

“You, you, you…..What did you say?  You want to get married?” Empress Dowager Zhou almost didn’t dare believe her ears.  She said in a trembling voice, “Chuan’er, are you serious? You wouldn’t be saying this just to make your mother happy, right?”

She never would have dreamed that her son would change his mind in just a single night.

For her son’s large event of a lifetime, she had worried quite a bit, thinking about this matter all day and night.  She never would have thought that her son would mention it, she didn’t dare believe it.

“Mother, your son is the emperor, my words are always true.  Does it look like your son is just fooling you?” Mo Chuan’s eyes sparkled and he looked incomparably serious.

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help nodding.  She could see that the emperor was serious.

This time, it felt like a golden phoenix fell down from the sky, landing right into her.  Actually, even if it was a golden phoenix, she wouldn’t be this happy.

She immediately threw off the blanket over her and got out of bed.  Without even putting on her shoes, she quickly walked outside while shouting.

“Su Jin!  Su Jin!”

“Empress Dowager, what orders do you have?”

Su Jin never thought Empress Dowager Zhou would summon her this quickly.  She rushed in through the door and saw Empress Dowager Zhou coming out of the inner room with bare feet, instantly scaring her.  She didn’t know what large matter had happened that the Empress Dowager did not even put her shoes on.

“Empress Dowager, the floor is cold.  This servant will get some shoes for you.”

Empress Dowager Zhou didn’t care about putting on shoes at all.  Even if the sky fell down now, there was nothing more important than her son’s wedding.

She broke out with a happy smile.

“Su Jin, quickly, quickly, quickly.  Bring the yellow calendar out of the temple for this widow, this widow needs to pick a good date!  Also, quickly give orders to the clothing department and have them make a new set of clothes for the emperor.  Also, also…..Ai, what else is there, this widow can’t think of anything. Su Jin, quickly think for this widow, what has this widow forgotten?”

Su Jin had never seen Empress Dowager Zhou this happy before, causing her to be stunned.  Hearing Empress Dowager Zhou’s words, she was more and more confused.

But seeing Empress Dowager Zhou happy, she was also happy.

She had followed Empress Dowager Zhou for several decades.  She normally saw Empress Dowager Zhou with a frown on her face and often sighing.  There would rarely be a smile on her face and those smiles would never reach her eyes.

She couldn’t help thinking, what divine pill had the emperor giving the Empress Dowager for her to be so happy that she lost her normal state.

She was thinking this while secretly looking back at the inner room.  She saw the emperor standing at the door with a smile on his face, being in thought as he watched Empress Dowager Zhou.

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