Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 851

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Chapter 851: Talent is first

But Su Jin felt that the emperor’s smile seemed unpredictable and she couldn’t see through it.

“Empress Dowager, what joyous occasion has happened?  Please tell this servant so this servant can share in this happiness.”

When Su Jin saw that Empress Dowager Zhou was incoherent with happiness, telling her to do this and that, she asked her this with a smile.

“Aiya, this widow was just too happy and forgot to tell you.  The emperor wants to get married!” Empress Dowager Zhou grabbed Su Jin’s hand and was too happy to close her mouth.

“The emperor wants to get married?”  Su Jin was instantly stunned. She couldn’t help looking at the emperor and considered this.  Her first thought was: Could the emperor be trying to annoy the Empress Dowager, so he used this lie to make the Empress Dowager happy?

But it didn’t seem like it.

If the emperor wanted to make the Empress Dowager happy, there were other ways.  He would never joke about this kind of matter.

Could this be true then?

But if the emperor wants to get married, who did he want to get married to?  It can’t be miss Chen, right?

Of course not!

She immediately denied this thought.  Miss Chen had already married to the far off East Qin, this was impossible!

Su Jin had countless questions in her heart.

“Congratulations Empress Dowager, congratulations.  This is truly a happy piece of news, but I wonder, who is the emperor marrying?”

Empress Dowager Zhou was stunned, finally realizing that she had forgotten the most important question.

“Emperor, do you have a person in mind?”  She smiled as she looked at her son to the side.  Even her eyes were filled with a smile, instantly making her look ten years younger.

Mo Chuan gave a slight shake of the head, “Your son has no one in mind, everything will be decided by mother.”

“You’re letting this widow decided?”  Empress Dowager Zhou was pleasantly surprised, not daring to believe it, “Your meaning is that you’re letting this widow pick an empress for you?”

Mo Chuan said with a faint smile, “Your son trusts mother’s eyes.  Only your son thinks that when taking a wife, as your son’s wife will be the West Chu empress, it isn’t important how she looks.  Your son hopes that she can be a peerless talent and broad minded. It would be best if she was like mother, calm minded and not easy to panic, able to take control of the palace.”

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help nodding as she agreed, “The emperor has thought of everything.  That’s right, that’s right, talent is first and appearance is second. Choosing an empress, this widow needs to properly consider it.”

She began to think of the famous talented women in  the capital city, thinking of several dozen people. She felt that this and that were fine, but most of them she had only heard of and never seen before.

Although the emperor didn’t care about appearances, as the country’s empress, she couldn’t be so ugly that she couldn’t meet people, otherwise where would the country’s prestige go?

Not to mention she had seen that the girl the emperor loved was a first class beauty and it was incredibly hard to find a girl that was even prettier than her in the entire capital city.  If the girl picked for the emperor only had talent and was ugly, how could the emperor be satisfied?

The more Empress Dowager Zhou loved her son, the more she thought of everything for her son.  She thought over the dozens of candidate in her heart and she couldn’t make a decision.

“Emperor, this widow wants to host a garden party in the palace in two days and invite the daughters and relatives of the ministers of our capital city.  They might have talent or beauty and the emperor can choose personally. You can marry whoever catches your fancy. What do you think about that? This is a large event that will affect your life and this widow can’t make a good decision for you.  It’s best that you pick someone that you life, that way you can grow old together after being married.”

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