Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 849

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Chapter 849: Mutually affected

“Doctor Zhang, it’s been hard on you.  The Empress Dowager no longer has a problem, so you can go back and rest now.  This servant will have Xiao Si help carry your medicine box.”

She handed doctor Zhang’s medicine box to Xiao Si on the side and placed the blood circulation cream in his hand.

“Xiao Si, is your injury alright?”  She asked.

“Many thanks for aunt Su Jin’s concern.  Aunt, if it wasn’t for you, Xiao Si would have been beaten to death by the Empress Dowager already.  Your great grace, this servant will not forget.” Xiao Si kneeled on the ground and kowtowed three times.

“Go, go, go, save your words for the emperor.  You brat, your tongue is too slick, no wonder the Empress Dowager was angry.  Xiao Si, you have to act a bit more honest in the future. Sometimes there are too many things on the mind and that isn’t a good thing for you, do you understand?”  She said in a serious voice.

“Yes, yes, yes, Xiao Si will listen to aunt’s lessons.”  Xiao Si stood up and smiled at Su Jin, “It’s aunt who is best to this servant.”

Su Jin rolled her eyes at him, “It’s unknown where that brat Zhui Feng has go, so help doctor Zhang carry his medicine box.  You can send an old man home and he will help you look over the injuries on your butt.”

“Aunt, you’ve really thought of everything.”  Xiao Si stuck out his tongue, feeling moved by Su Jin’s goodwill.

The first few hits had only hurt the outer skill, but he deeply remembered that final hit.  With that one hit, his thighs almost broke. The pain had reached the bone and his walking wasn’t stable.

“Xiao Si, come with this old man.”

Doctor Zhang saw that there was nothing for him here, so he should head back as soon as possible.  The matter the emperor has entrusted him hadn’t been finished yet.

Xiao Si followed behind doctor Zhang, limping as he left.

Su Jin directed the guards to take away the punishment equipment and she quietly left, closing the door behind her.  She was thinking that the Empress Dowager and the emperor, this mother and son pair had things to say between them and the less she heard, the better.

Inside the inner room.

Empress Dowager Zhou silently laid down on the bed and she was covered with a blanket.  Mo Chuan sat at the front of the bed, softly helping her massage her feet.

There was the scent of incense filling the room, giving off a faint sweet smell, making people feel relaxed.

The mother and son pair did not speak at all.

Empress Dowager Zhou had her eyes closed like she was sleeping, but Mo Chuan knew that she was not sleeping and she had something to talk to him about.

But he was not in a rush to speak and silently waited.

As expected, after a while, Empress Dowager Zhou slowly began to speak with closed eyes.

“Chuan’er, mother had people teach a lesson to Xiao Si and even wanted his life, do you blame mother?”

Her voice was very soft.  She did not call him “emperor” like usual and called him “Chuan’er”, showing a clear affection in her voice.

There was only the mother and son here and she didn’t need to maintain her appearance as the Empress Dowager.  She used the tone of a mother speaking to her son.

Mo Chuan’s eyes flashed and he revealed a look of affection.  He rarely heard Empress Dowager Zhou speak to him in this soft voice.

“Your son does not blame mother, your son just feels pain for Xiao Si.  He grew up together with your son and is like my hand. If he is hurt, your son will also feel it.  If mother loves your son, you won’t make it hard for Xiao Si in the future.” He said in a low voice.

Faced with this soft and gentle Empress Dowager Zhou, he put down the appearance of the emperor and spoke from his heart.

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