Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 848

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Chapter 848: When immortals fight, mortals suffer

Xiao Si was incomparably grateful.  He was thinking that following this kind of master, even if he died for him, he would be willing.

Empress Dowager Zhou never thought that Mo Chuan would stand up for a servant like this in public.  Her chest felt stuffed and she couldn’t help coughing, turning her face red.

“Empress Dowager, please have a cup of tea to wet your throat.”

Su Jin quickly brought a cup of tea over.  She also secretly looked at the emperor, hoping that he would say a few words and give Empress Dowager Zhou a way out.

She saw this mother and son begin to quibble and she thought this was bad.  The Empress Dowager and the emperor both had this kind of personality. If they began to fall out over a single Xiao Si, wouldn’t they as subordinates suffer?

“This widow will not drink!”  Empress Dowager Zhou was filled with rage and slapped the tea cup away.

She angrily glared at Su Jin and shouted, “You are becoming more and more bold, this widow has taken you in for nothing over all these years.  You have relied on this widow’s favour, does your eyes even have this widow as a master left?”

Su Jin kneeled on the ground, “This servant knows her mistakes.”

She was thinking that she was bearing the black pot for the emperor again.  Ai, she would rather have the Empress Dowager scold her and vent all her anger onto her, not fighting with the emperor anymore.

Empress Dowager Zhou shouted, “Know your mistakes?  This widow sees that you know your mistakes, but don’t repent!  Kneel for this widow. When you truly know your mistakes, then you can rise!”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.”  Su Jin respectfully replied.

Mo Chuan thought about how he had just beaten the dog in front of the master and his mother had immediately given him back a shaking the mountain to scare the lion.  She really was his mother, the old ginseng was the spiciest.

Of course he understood the look Su Jin had given him.  She wanted his relationship with his mother to not be too stiff, but seeing that his most trusted confidant was almost beaten to death by his mother, how could he not be angry?

But when he looked up to see Empress Dowager Zhou’s red lined eyes, tired expression, more wrinkled eyes, and that she had even more white hairs on the side of her head, his heart filled with pain.

He wanted to leave everything in the palace behind and wanted to live a normal life, especially one with his beloved girl.  He had felt that it was a short time, only a blink of the eye. A single day had passed by in a blur.

However when Empress Dowager Zhou received the news his was missing, she must have been extremely worried.  He had only cared about his own happiness, but he had ignored his mother’s worry. He shouldn’t have done this.

Thinking of this, his anger towards Empress Dowager Zhou completely disappeared.  He took a step forward and took Empress Dowager Zhou’s hand.

“Mother, your son has made you worried.  Your son is unfilial. Has mother not slept well over the past two days?  Look at how red mother’s eyes are, how about your son helps support you in to rest?”

His few words made Empress Dowager Zhou’s nose turn stuffy, her eyes became slightly warm, and tears almost came down.

But her temperament was hard and she didn’t like revealing emotions.  She just looked at Mo Chuan and gave a slight nod.

The mother and son held hands as they headed into the inner room.

Seeing this scene, the people present all gave a secret sigh of relief.

They were most worried that the immortals would fight, which would mean that they as mortals would suffer.  Seeing the emperor and the Empress Dowager acting harmoniously like this, everyone felt happy for the two of them.

Su Jin stood up.  She knew that Empress Dowager Zhou punishing her was just said for the emperor.  Now that the emperor had calmed the Empress Dowager’s anger, naturally she no longer needed to kneel.

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