Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 842

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Chapter 842: Decide what to do yourself

When Zhui Feng was praised by her, he couldn’t help standing up a bit straighter.  He scratched his head and said, “Aunt Su Jin is right, there is indeed no one I, Zhui Feng can’t find.”

“Then what are you waiting for, quickly find the emperor!”  Su Jin stomped her foot and rolled her eyes at him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had a request for him, she would have properly scolded Zhui Feng.  How big of a matter was it that the emperor was missing, but the fact that he wasn’t anxious at all after hearing it really made people mad seeing it.

Zhui Feng hesitated for a bit before saying, “Aunt Su Jin, the mission the emperor gave this subordinate was to help doctor Zhang.  Before this mission is over, this subordinate cannot take a single step away from doctor Zhang. This subordinate does not dare go against the emperor’s orders.”

When Su Jin heard this, her nose almost went crooked from her anger.  She had acted courteously the entire time, but she couldn’t stop herself from poking Zhui Feng’s head at this time.

“Is your head made of wood?  You won’t go look for the emperor when he’s missing?  Is there anything more important than the emperor’s safety in this world?”  Her face began to change colours from her anger.

“Aunt Su Jin, don’t be angry.  It isn’t that this subordinate doesn’t want to go search, it’s rather this subordinate can’t go.  The emperor’s martial arts is also very good, so nothing will happen to him. It could be that his mood isn’t good, so he went out to vent himself.  Once the emperor’s mood is back to normal, he will naturally come back.”

Zhui Feng secretly looked at Su Jin’s face.  He secretly thought that this old maid looked very kind normally, but who would have thought that she would be this terrifying when she became angry.  If it wasn’t for the fact his head was hard, there would have been holes in head already.

He was saying the truth.  After following the emperor for that long, he could clearly see through everything that happened to the emperor lately.  Although he didn’t understand how the emperor who never thought of love would turn into a different person for a girl, never forgetting her and losing sleep for her, he knew that when this girl left for East Qin to be the East Qin Crown Prince’s princess, she had taken the emperor’s heart with her.

The emperor was definitely in an isolated place to heal his heart.

Of course he could find the emperor if he wanted and he could do it effortlessly, but did he dare?  Of course not!

If he found the emperor now, this was equal to touching the old tiger’s butt and he wasn’t silly.

“You…..You brat, you truly are bold!  Could it be you only listen to the emperor’s orders and treat the Empress Dowager’s words like the wind?”

Su Jin was finally enraged!

She knew that Zhui Feng was speaking the truth, the emperor must be hiding somewhere alone with his broken heart because he already had this habit since he was young.  He didn’t talk to anyone when he was in pain, not even Empress Dowager Zhou. He would always stay in a place that no one could find, just like a lonely wolf.

When Empress Dowager Zhou thought of this, she couldn’t help feeling emotional.  She felt that she was too strict and owed a lot to her son, not allowing him to be close to her since he was young.

But even knowing this, she couldn’t not let anyone look for the emperor.  She knew that the emperor was deeply hurt and if he became impulsive, eloping with the Chen Family’s girl, it would be a great disaster.

When Su Jin exploded with anger, Zhui Feng winced back, but he stood there without moving.

“Zhui Feng, it’s fine if you don’t go look for the emperor, but I’m telling you, the Empress Dowager has already had someone look for Xiao Si.  He is the eunuch closest to the emperor and if the emperor is gone, he can’t escape being blamed. The Empress Dowager has said that if he can’t tell where the emperor is, he would be greatly punished!  Think about what you should do!”

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