Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 841

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Chapter 841: Slip of the tongue

Su Jin was filled with joy as she said, “It’s good that you’re here.  Where is the emperor?”

Zhui Feng was stunned.  He stared at Su Jin, not understanding what she was asking him.

He had been with doctor Zhang the past two days because the emperor had given doctor Zhang a secret and important mission, which was to make pills that could increase one’s internal strength.  How could he miss something good like this, so he volunteered to help doctor Zhang test the medicine.

The emperor quickly agreed to this.  He had him properly protect doctor Zhang, nothing could happen to him.

So he had been with doctor Zhang for the past two days, working together, not leaving each other.

The news of Mo Chuan disappearing, Empress Dowager Zhou had kept hidden.  Other than those guards sent out to find the emperor, even the most loyal kings and ministers did not receive this news.  This was because she was worried that after this news was leaked, it would throw the ministers into a panic.

As for the reason why the emperor didn’t go to morning court for the past two days, she had given the ministers a very convincing reason.  It was because the emperor had been working all day on the East Qin matter and adding the fact that it was very windy when they sent off the East Qin envoys, the emperor had accidentally caught a cold.

Only this reason could only last for a few days and it would be revealed if it went on any longer.

So Empress Dowager Zhou was as anxious as an ant in a hotpot, unable to sit still.

When Su Jin found Zhui Feng, it was equal to seeing one of the emperor’s legs, so how could she not be overjoyed?

“That’s right, the emperor!  Aren’t you the strongest secret guard by the emperor’s side?  You are responsible for protecting the emperor and you’re never far from him.  If you’re here, then where is the emperor!”

Su Jin saw Zhui Feng wasn’t answering, so she quickly asked again.

“Could it be the emperor isn’t in the palace?”  Zhui Feng did not have time to react as he scratched the back of his head.

Su Jin saw Zhui Feng acting like a fool, causing her to become angry and anxious.  Her brows jumped up as she stared at him and said, “If the emperor was in palace, would I need you to find him?”

She couldn’t understand this.  They both followed the emperor, but Xiao Si was so smart, knowing how to act in different situations, so why was this Zhui Feng such an idiot!

“Aunt Su Jin, this subordinate followed the emperor’s orders and have been helping doctor Zhang with a matter for the last two days, so this subordinate has not been following the emperor.  If the emperor is not in the palace, this subordinate doesn’t know where the emperor is.” Zhui Feng honestly replied. He turned to look at doctor Zhang, “Doctor Zhang, you can testify for this subordinate, isn’t it like this?”

Doctor Zhang said with a nod, “That’s right, Zhui Feng has been with this old man the entire time.  Su Jin, is the emperor missing?”

Su Jin was shocked, secretly regretting that she didn’t close her mouth.  How could she reveal the secret matter Empress Dowager Zhou wanted to keep hidden?   Now even doctor Zhang knew, what should she do?

Her face turned white, it was already too late for her to say anything else.  She quickly placed a finger to her lips and made a shh sound.

“Doctor Zhang, speak a bit quieter.  The Empress Dowager does not want anyone knowing about the matter of the emperor being missing.”

She looked around and luckily there was no one around.  She then let out a sigh of relief.

Doctor Zhang and Zhui Feng’s faces instantly became serious as they asked, “What is happening?  When did the emperor disappear?”

Su Jin took a breath and knew that it was no use hiding it.  Adding in the fact that she needed Zhui Feng’s help, she simply described the matter of the emperor’s disappearance over the last two days.

After saying this, she looked right at Zhui Feng, “I’ve heard that your tracking skills are unparalleled in this world.  As long as you want to find someone, there isn’t anyone you can’t find. You’ll definitely be able to find the emperor, right?”

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