Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 843

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Chapter 843: Poking the old tiger’s butt

After Su Jin said this, she took doctor Zhang’s medicine box from Zhui Feng.  Without looking at Zhui Feng again, she spoke to doctor Zhang.

“Doctor Zhang, the Empress Dowager Zhou has a very serious headache.  Quickly go and place a few needles in the Empress Dowager and help her relax.”

“Oh, oh, alright, alright.”  Doctor Zhang nodded. He looked back at Zhui Feng, but he said nothing before he followed Su Jin towards Empress Dowager Zhou in the palace.

His heart was as clear as Zhui Feng, he knew that nothing would happen to the emperor.

But he knew that his own body was weak and he couldn’t help.  The matters of these young people should be solved by themselves.  He just needed to keep the Empress Dowager and the emperor in good health, fulfilling his job as the royal doctor.

Zhui Feng just stood there, watching as doctor Zhang and Su Jin headed to Empress Dowager Zhou’s quarters.  He grabbed his hair as his heart was filled with a dilemma.

Although that brat Xiao Si’s mouth was sly and was usually insulting him, the two of them were the closest to the emperor, their relationship wasn’t normal.  Hearing that Empress Dowager Zhou wanted to vent her anger onto Xiao Si, he already began to feel pain for Xiao Si.

Great punishment, how much it hurt to have the board slapped on one’s butt!

But to have him find the emperor……

He wouldn’t dare even if he had a hundred times his guts!

He wanted to keep his head on his neck to eat meals with for another few years.

“Let me go, let me go!  I really don’t know where the emperor is!  Let me go!”

Suddenly, there came the rapid sound of footsteps at outside the Peaceful Life Palace gates, as well as someone shouting.  The voice was sharp and soft, it was Xiao Si.

He saw several guards bringing Xiao Si with his hands tied behind him in.  Xiao Si was struggling while shouting, but the guards ignored him, ruthlessly bringing him towards Empress Dowager Zhou’s quarters.

Xiao Si immediately saw Zhui Feng and like a drowning person grabbing a piece of driftwood, he was overjoyed.

“Zhui Feng, quickly save me!  Where is the emperor?”

Zhui Feng couldn’t help knitting his brows.  Why did everyone as him where the emperor was when they saw him, it wasn’t like the emperor was tied to his belt.

“I also don’t know where the emperor is.”  He honestly said.

Xiao Si became anxious hearing this and he shouted, “Who would know if you don’t!  If you don’t know then go and find him! Quickly, quickly, quickly find the emperor to save me!  If the emperor doesn’t appear soon, I, Xiao Si will be beaten to death by the Empress Dowager!”

He was caught by the guards and brought to the palace without a single word, so he knew that the situation was bad.  The Empress Dowager was surely going to vent herself on him.


Zhui Feng was still hesitant.  Of course he didn’t want Xiao Si to be beaten to death, but he didn’t want to poke the old tiger’s butt.

“What that!  Zhui Feng, have I, Xiao Si been bad to you over all these years?  Can you bear to watch me being beaten to death by the Empress Dowager?  Are you only happy if you see me beaten to death? You who has a head carved out of wood, if it wasn’t for me helping you normally, you would ruin the emperor’s important matters.  You have few accomplishments and many failures! You, blah, blah, blah…..”

When Xiao Si saw Zhui Feng hesitating, he really wanted to forcefully kick his butt a few times, but it was a pity that he was tied up and couldn’t move.  The only things that could move were his two lips that kept parting to curse.

But he didn’t have time to finish cursing before he was taken away by the guards.

But he was still enraged.  He turned his neck back to shout one final thing at Zhui Feng, “Zhui Feng, watching someone die, are you even a man!”

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