Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 840

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Chapter 840: Unlucky Xiao Si

“Truth?  What makes you sure that he was telling the truth!  Although he is young, but his mind isn’t small at all!  He has been with the emperor since he was young, what doesn’t he know about the emperor!  Su Jin, immediately send people to bring Xiao Si into the palace for this widow. This widow will personally ask the emperor’s whereabouts from him, this widow does not believe this widow cannot open that dog servant’s mouth!”

Empress Dowager Zhou was filled with annoyance.  She swept out her right hand and the tea set on the table was swept off, shattering on the ground.

“Empress Dowager, please calm yourself.  This servant will send people to find Xiao Si.”

Su Jin looked scared, she knew that this time Empress Dowager Zhou was truly angry.

She quickly left to send the orders, secretly breaking out in a cold sweat for Xiao Si.  Seeing what Empress Dowager Zhou meant, she knew that Xiao Si would be in for a big punishment this time!

Xiao Si, ah Xiao Si, you can’t blame the Empress Dowager.  She can’t find the emperor, so you can only take a bit of the anger for him.

Ai, emperor, ah emperor, where did you go.  No one has seen you for two whole days, could it be you really eloped with the Chen girl?

Su Jin’s heart went up and down, being filled with worry.

She ordered the guards to find Xiao Si.  Thinking about it, she thought of another person who stayed by the emperor’s side.  It was that secret guard who came like the wind named Zhui Feng.

Although she rarely saw him, she knew his name.  His qinggong was very good and he had an unparalleled ability which was to track!

It’s said that there is no one in the world who can escape his tracking.  As long as a person was still alive, he would certainly find them.

But Zhui Feng was like his name, coming and going without a trace.  How should she find him?

While Su Jin was confused, the area in front of her lit up.  A white haired old doctor came through the Peaceful Life Palace, who was doctor Zhang.

But what caught her attention was not doctor Zhang, rather it was the gray robed youth behind doctor Zhang carrying the medical box.

The gray clothed youth had a normal face, without a tall or short stature, and neither being fat or thin.  People would not pay him any attention if he were to stand on the street.

But when Su Jin saw him, it was like a treasure falling down from the sky as her eyes quickly lit up.

She quickly moved forward towards the gray clothed youth with an excited face.

“You are Zhui Feng?”

On the east field, she had seen Zhui Feng before.  She didn’t have a too deep of an impression of him at the time.  She only remembered that he wore a gray robe and had a face without any expressions, just like the gray clothed youth in front of her.

Zhui Feng was stunned.  Of course he knew who Su Jin was, so he gave a slight bow and nodded.

“Aunt Su Jin.”  He greeted her.

As the emperor’s secret guard, although he always went in and out of the royal palace and didn’t reveal his face, there wasn’t a person in the royal palace he didn’t recognize.  However, there weren’t many people who recognized his normal looking face.

Su Jin was the maid by Empress Dowager Zhou with the greatest power, so naturally he had a deep impression of her.  However, he had never interacted with her before and hadn’t said a single word to her.

Who would have thought that when he entered the Peaceful Life Palace, Su Jin would immediately call his name which made him unable to not be surprised, before he secretly became vigilant.  Could it be that he revealed his face too much recently that even the people in the Empress Dowager’s palace recognized him?

This is not a good thing!

As a secret guard, it was best to have as few people recognize him as possible.

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