Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 839

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Chapter 839: The emperor is missing

“I’m afraid of losing you!”  His arms holding her tightened.

She leaned her head against his shoulder and whispered, “You don’t need to be afraid, I will never leave you because I am absolutely certain.  Mo Chuan, you need to believe me. I never make any plans I’m unsure of and I never take risks I shouldn’t take.”

“But this time you acted too boldly and too arrogantly!  No matter what, next time definitely can’t be like this.”

If he did not rein her in, it was unknown what kind of things this girl would do.  She had made him this nervous this time, he could not withstand this kind of torture anymore.

“Yes, husband.  I won’t dare, I won’t dare to do this again.”  She stuck out her tongue with a smile.

While the two talked, her voice became lower and lower.  Her starry eyes dimmed and her face filled with exhaustion before she unknowingly fell asleep in his embrace.

She hadn’t had a good rest for several days now, she could never relax until now.  This sleep was sweet and relaxing, she didn’t even have any dreams.

Mo Chuan saw the rings under her eyes and his heart filled with empathy.  He softly leaned her head against his chest, letting her sleep more comfortably.

Although he was just staring at her, his heart was filled with joy and peace.

He thought in his heart: Even if people don’t accept last night’s wedding ceremony, in my heart, she is already my wife.  No matter who tries to break us apart, I will definitely not allow it!

The emperor was missing!

What Mo Chuan didn’t know is that the two days he wasn’t in the capital city, the royal palace was already in a great panic.

Empress Dowager Zhou was like an ant in a hotpot, unable to stay still in the Peaceful Life Palace.  The people she sent out to find news all came back and they said they couldn’t find the emperor.

Whenever she heard a person report, her face sunk deeper.  She almost never closed her eyes in the past two days and her eyes were already bloodshot, giving her a very haggard look.  She looked like she could be blown over by a single breeze and just seeing filled Su Jin with worry.

“Empress Dowager, you should sleep a bit.  When you wake up, perhaps the emperor will be back in the palace.”

“Su Jin, do you think the emperor…..will bring that girl away?”

Empress Dowager Zhou grabbed Su Jin’s hand.  Her fingers were completely cold and trembling, and her eyes were empty.

She was most worried about this matter.

“Of course not!”  Su Jin was shocked and she shook her head, “Empress Dowager, you’re worried too much.  The emperor is not an irresponsible person like that, he definitely will not do something crazy like that……”

Empress Dowager shook her hand to cut her off and she started rubbing her weary forehead, “Is he lacking in crazy things?  Since he met that Chen Family’s girl, he hasn’t done a single sane thing!”

She was becoming more angry when she talked about it, causing her head to ache.

Su Jin supported her as she sat down, helping her rub her temples while calling out in a loud voice, “Quickly get a doctor, have doctor Zhang come over!”

Empress Dowager Zhou closed her eyes and drank a cup of Peaceful Mind Tea Su Jin brought over, but her heart was still in chaos.

“Where is that dog servant Xiao Si?  Why hasn’t he reported in yet?”

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, Xiao Si came to the Peaceful Life Palace to report early in the morning.  He said that there was no news on the emperor and this servant could see he was telling the truth. His eyes were completely red and swollen, clearly he hadn’t closed them at all.  At that time, you had finally got a bit of rest and this servant did not dare disturb you, so this servant sent Xiao Si out to find the emperor again.”

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