Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 784

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Chapter 784: Not a single man could be relied on

When she entered the carriage, Mo Chuan finally looked down at the bead covered carriage, but he couldn’t even see the hem of her clothes anymore.

The East Qin stand’s envoys all followed behind Na Mu Cuo.  They were like a wave as they walked off the east field without a single person looking back.

The Eldest Princess looked at the dust left behind by the group leaving and there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

She still did not dare believe that Chen Ning would follow the Crown Prince to the East Qin Country like this.  She did not believe Chen Ning would abandon her home country and marry to a foreign land.

“Royal brother, why didn’t you stop her?  Why! You…..As long as you said a single word, she wouldn’t have had to leave.  Can you really bear to let her go?”

She broke free of Ye Ting Xuan’s hands and grabbed Mo Chuan’s sleeve.

Mo Chuan kept watching them leave and until they couldn’t be seen anymore, he finally came back to his senses.

Hearing the Eldest Princess’ words, he slowly turned to look at her and softly said, “Stay?  This one does not have that right. Can’t bear to? This one is not unwilling.”

After he finished speaking these indifferent words, he pulled his sleeve back from the Eldest Princess and walked off the stands with large steps.  He mounted a horse and sent it running, with his bright yellow royal robe floating in the air, quickly leaving the field.

The Eldest Princess was unable to speak from being stunned for a while, staring at him leave in a daze.  When his figure was finally gone, she came back to her senses.

“Bad people!  All of you are bad people!  There isn’t a single good man!”  She angrily stomped down and cursed through gritted teeth.

Her nose went crooked from her anger at Mo Chuan and her feelings had all been fed to the dogs!

She had been worried for her royal brother for no reason.  She had worried for him and tried her best to keep Ning’er, but in the end he didn’t care at all!

“Ke, ke, ke, Eldest Princess, this one hasn’t offended you before, how did I become a bad thing?”  Ye Ting Xuan coughed beside her.

The Eldest Princess immediately turned to grab his hand, “Ting Xuan, other than you, not a single man can be relied on!”

“Then the Eldest Princess can just rely on Ting Xuan alone and Ting Xuan will never disappoint the Eldest Princess.”  Ye Ting Xuan looked at the Eldest Princess with a deep affection in his eyes.

He had a cold disposition and restrained emotions, so these words were the greatest confession he could make.

The Eldest Princess’ heart became warm.  She didn’t care that she was in public as she threw herself into Ye Ting Xuan’s embrace, tightly holding him.

Ye Ting Xuan did not know martial arts and was just a weak scholar, so he was thin and weak.  However, he reached his hands around the Eldest Princess’ shoulder and like a tall tree, he wrapped his arms around her.

He knew that under the Eldest Princess’ fierce appearance, there was a softer than normal heart.

She was passionate, simple, kind, and easily hurt.  From the day he accepted her, he promised to protect her in his heart and wouldn’t let her be hurt in the slightest.

When the Eldest Princess heard the strong and fiery heartbeat in Ye Ting Xuan’s chest, it was like hearing the sound of his heart.  Her eyes became wet as tears unknowingly began to drip down.

She was not crying for herself.  In her happiness, she was feeling pain for Chen Ning’s increasing unhappiness.

She and Ye Ting Xuan could be like this was all because of Chen Ning’s method, otherwise she didn’t know when she would finally be able to understand his heart and be with him.

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