Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 785

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Chapter 785: Feeding you until you’re chubby

The East Qin guest palace.

The sky was already dark and the day had passed in the blink of an eye.

The room was already lit with torches and the gentle and weak light filled every corner of the room.  It was reflected by the precious furniture and looked very dim.

Sitting in this beautifully furnished room, Chen Ning silently looked at herself in the bronze mirror.

She had just finished bathing and her black, cloud like hair draped over her, still soaked with water.

Behind here, there were several East Qin maids helping her dress up.  Every single one of their movements were careful and their face was filled with respect and fear.

They knew that this beautiful West Chu girl was the future East Qin Crown Princess, so they had to be careful and intricate in serving her.

Chen Ning was only thinking about her matters.  She allowed the maids to dress her, fix her up, and tidy everything.

“Crown Princess, are you satisfied like this?”  An East Qin maid asked in non fluent West Chu words.

Chen Ning came back to her senses.  When her eyes fell to the mirror, for a while she couldn’t recognize herself.

That girl dressed in beautiful foreign clothes, was it really her?

She looked at herself in the mirror in an absent minded manner.  It had to be said, the maids had made her look very beautiful. Those perfectly fit clothes brought out the beauty of her figure, making that slender waist even more moving.

She slowly stood up and heard the clear sounds of beads clanking, realizing that the maids had actually tied sparkling beads to her hair.  It made her seem like the stars in the sky, letting out an eye catching glow.

“Too flashy, I don’t like this dress.  It isn’t like me at all.” She said in a soft voice, speaking to herself.

Her voice was low and the maids could not understand, but seeing her brows slightly knit, they all kneeled down with expressions of fear on their faces.

“Crown Princess, if you’re not satisfied, these servants can help you pick a new dress.”

“No need, this is fine.”

Chen Ning shook her head.  She wasn’t willing to make it hard for these maids, not to mention that she didn’t care if she was beautiful or ugly, she didn’t care at all.

She was just going to a dinner banquet, one that she agreed with Na Mu Cuo to go to.

“Your highness!”  The maids all greeted Na Mu Cuo who had just come in.

Na Mu Cuo was standing at the door and seeing Chen Ning, his eyes lit up.

“Ah Ning, you’re truly beautiful!  Wearing this set of clothes, you are just like my East Qin women.  You should have been born as a person of my East Qin Country!” He laughed while looking at her.

Chen Ning did smile and softly said, “Your highness, we’re leaving tomorrow, what about the thing you promised me?”

Na Mu Cuo said with a smile, “Once you’ve finished accompanying this prince, you will naturally be able to see who you want to see.”

“Alright, I am already prepared, let’s go to dinner.”  Chen Ning did not want to stall, “I have already done what I have promised you, I just hope your highness will not go back on your words.”

“Ha, ha, you have kept your words, do you think I, Na Mu Cuo am that untrustworthy of a person?  Ah Ning, you called me the wrong words. If you keep doing this, don’t blame me for punishing you.”  Na Mu Cuo seemed to be in a very good mood, smiling as he spoke.

He reached out his large hand and grabbed her arm.  His eyes quickly swept over his body and he clicked his tongue.

“Ah Ning, you truly are beautiful, but you are too thin, there is no meat on your chest.  Wait until you come back to East Qin with me, in less than three months, I will feed you until you become chubby!”

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