Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 783

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Chapter 783: I, envy you

She wanted to blurt out: Mother, what do you mean by this?  Aren’t you clearly driving a blade into royal brother’s heart like this?  You are too ruthless!

But Ye Ting Xuan’s hand was faster.  Before she could even speak, he grabbed a fruit which he stuffed into her mouth.

“Wu, wu, wu!”  The Eldest Princess immediately glared at Ye Ting Xuan.

Ye Ting Xuan shook his head to her and pointed at Mo Chuan.  He then pointed at his heart and made a gesture.

The Eldest Princess did not understand, but she knew that Ye Ting Xuan was smart, so there must be a reason why he didn’t let her speak.  So, she forcefully swallowed the fruit in her mouth before looking at Mo Chuan with a hurt look.

Although Mo Chuan’s face was calm as always, displaying no expressions.

The Eldest Princess knew that his heart must be filled with pain.  It was definitely impossible for him to be unaffected when he saw his beloved woman being married off to a far place.

She believed that her royal brother was definitely not a heartless man!

At this time, the countless thousand pairs of eyes on and off the stands all looked at Mo Chuan, silently watching and waiting for him to speak.

Na Mu Cuo even provoked Mo Chuan with a grin.

“Emperor, this prince will take Ah Ning away from the capital tomorrow.  If you have nothing to say, this prince will take Ah Ning away now.”

Mo Chuan took a deep gaze at him.  It was like those dark eyes penetrated his outside and looked right at his center.

Na Mu Cuo looked up and met his gaze.  He knew that this young emperor was still in her heart, but he believed that after they returned to East Qin, he would be able to win her heart!

“Your highness, you have obtained a treasure.  I…..envy you.” Mo Chuan finally slowly spoke.

His voice and expression were both calm, so calm that people could not hear any meaning behind it.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s body couldn’t help trembling.  She immediately looked up and looked at Mo Chuan with a threatening gaze.

“Ke, ke, ke!”  She forcefully coughed a few times, with a very clear warning to it.

This idiot kid, what kind of confession was he making!  Was he going to confess to the Chen Family’s girl in front of countless thousands of people?

Even if he dared, she wouldn’t allow it!

There was no West Chu ministers that understood the meaning ini the emperor’s words.  They thought that his words were the same as Empress Dowager Zhou’s, just praise for Chen Ning.  So, they all nodded and agreed with him.

If they weren’t forced, they wouldn’t want to marry off a beautiful and smart girl like this to East Qin.  This was because in the competition with Na Mu Cuo, she was like a dazzling pearl, letting out its glow onto everyone.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”  Na Mu Cuo broke out in laughter as he gave Mo Chuan a slight nod, “Emperor, you are completely right.  This prince is lucky enough to find this kind of treasure, but you don’t need to be envious of this prince, this prince should be envious of you!”

After he said this, he bid farewell to Empress Dowager Zhou and Mo Chuan on the stage before saying, “This prince will be returning to my country tomorrow and there are many things that still need to be taken care of, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“This widow and the emperor will send your highness off tomorrow.  Goodbye your highness.” Empress Dowager Zhou spoke first.

Na Mu Cuo revealed a grin before taking Chen Ning’s hand and helping her into the carriage.  He pulled down the bead curtain and blocked everyone’s view of her.

Since Chen Ning appeared to when she left, she had never looked at Mo Chuan in the stands.

It was like they were strangers, neither looking at each other.

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