Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 782

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Chapter 782: Avoiding troubles caused by delay

“You have been in the capital for many days, but you have been busy the entire time, so you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the scenery.  Now that your wish has been granted and you have a lover by your side, you can stroll around our West Chu as you wish. Ning’er is intelligent and beautiful as a flower, this widow has always liked her very much.  If your highness was not anxious to return, this widow would wish to have Ning’er stay with this widow for a few days. After all, once she marries to East Qin, it is unknown when this widow will see her again.”

After Empress Dowager Zhou said this, Mo Chuan’s body turned stiff.

He turned his head to look at Empress Dowager Zhou, with a look of understanding flashing in his eyes.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s words sounded like she was very affectionate with Chen Ning and it sounded like she wanted Na Mu Cuo to stay a few days, but she was really reminding Na Mu Cuo to take Chen Ning away from the capital city sooner.  She wanted them to return to East Qin to avoid troubles from delaying!

Mo Chuan gave a bitter laugh in his heart.  Mother, ah mother, you truly do have a good heart.  You’re defending against your son like a thief, you’re that anxious to send her away?  You know that it is far away and once she leaves, we will never be able to meet again, but you’re so anxious that you can’t even wait a few days?  Is your heart truly that ruthless?

But these words were kept at the bottom of his heart, with not a single word being spoken.

He couldn’t speak back to Empress Dowager Zhou in front of everyone and he couldn’t let the East Qin envoys see the West Chu Country as a joke.

So he could only maintain his silence.

Empress Dowager Zhou had already counted on this, so she seized the opportunity to speak first, not allowing Mo Chuan to talk.

Na Mu Cuo was a bit stunned.  He narrowed his eyes at Empress Dowager Zhou before revealing a grin.

“Na Mu Cuo will remember the Empress Dowager’s goodwill, however Na Mu Cuo has left his country for too long and my mission has already been finished.  Although your country is beautiful, this prince still wishes to return home and bring Ah Ning back to East Qin to meet my royal father. The Empress Dowager loves Ah Ning this much, so in the future, this prince will bring Ah Ning back to see the Empress Dowager.”

Na Mu Cuo’s polite words perfectly suited Empress Dowager Zhou’s intentions.

She said with a faint smile, “Since your highness is set on returning, this widow will not keep your highness.  This widow will prepare a rich dowry for Ning’er. Your highness, Ning’er is our West Chu’s best girl, this widow is truly reluctant to allow your highness to take her away like this.”

Na Mu Cuo said with a laugh, “Many thanks for the Empress Dowager and the emperor’s deep sentiments, giving such a good girl to this prince to take as my princess.  This prince will certainly took good care of her and will not let her suffer any bit of grievances.”

“I hope your highness will keep these words, that way this widow can be relieved.  Ning’er, his highness is a heroic and unparalleled good man, to be able to marry him is your blessing.  This widow hopes that after you are married, you two will have a blessed marriage and be together until you’re old.”

Chen Ning’s long lashes sparkled, but she didn’t raise her head.  She bowed down to Empress Dowager Zhou in the stands.

“Many thanks Empress Dowager.”  After saying this, she was silent once again.

Empress Dowager Zhou turned to Mo Chuan and said with a smile, “Emperor, young miss Chen will soon be married to his highness in the far off East Qin, you should also say a few words to bless them, wishing young miss Chen a few words of good luck.”

Hearing this, the Eldest Princess couldn’t take it anymore.  Her brows jumped up and she had to speak.

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