Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 781

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Chapter 781: True sorrow

Chen Ning calmly looked at him and shook her head, “No, I don’t hate you.  Since the beginning, I had nothing to do with you. Chu Shao Yang, I hope that our grudges can end with these divorce papers.  I don’t hate you because hating a person will waste a lot of energy and mind power. I don’t have that much energy to hate you, so I will forget you and forget all the memories related to you, never thinking about them again.”

Chu Shao Yang’s body heavily trembled.  He finally understood that truly losing a person was not having her leave your side and never looking back, rather it was her erasing you from her heart, not leaving a single trace.

This was true sorrow!

His heart was filled with an intense pain as Chu Shao Bai’s words sound word for word.  He had to admit that he was right, but there was one sentence that was wrong.

His feelings for her were true!

He used all his strength to love her, but he didn’t know how to love.  His possessiveness surpassed his feelings, pushing her further and further away until she left him.

The more he wanted her, the more he lost her.

Chu Shao Yang felt like there was a large hole in his chest and the wound was still bleeding, but no one could see it and only he could understand it.

After losing her, what would he use to fill up this hold?  Perhaps he would never find it.

“Ning’er, even if you forget me in the future, never thinking of me again, I will never forget you.  Wait for me, wait for me to learn how to love a person and I will come back to look for you! Shao Bai was right, I shouldn’t give up like this.  I have lost you today, but I will win your heart back in the future!”

Chu Shao Yang leaned over and picked up the divorce papers covered in dirt and dust, before gently brushing the dust off.

He opened it and looked over it word for word before carefully folding it.  Like a precious treasure, he placed it into his chest.

“I will keep these divorce papers forever.  When it appears in front of you again, it will be when I come to find you!  Ning’er, I wish you happiness!”

After Chu Shao Yang said this, he flicked his sleeve and raised his head.  He softly stepped off the ground and his body floated several feet away. In the blink of an eye, his figure disappeared in front of everyone.

The marriage between East Qin and West Chu would bring the two countries together, as well as saving them a year of tributes.  This largely beneficial matter for West Chu had been settled like this.

But the West Chu people’s hearts were all dissatisfied.

They all felt like their hearts were being pressed down on by a giant rock, stopping them from raising their heads.

Especially when facing Chen Ning.  They all felt shame in their hearts and the one most guilty was Empress Dowager Zhou.

She admired Chen Ning and it wasn’t that she didn’t like her, but she was the most anxious person to send her away.  As long as she left, her son’s heart could slowly recover. Under her guidance, he would obediently become a good emperor.

He would take another girl as his emperor and give birth to West Chu’s next emperor, making West Chu stronger.

All of this was not something the girl surnamed Chen could give him.

Empress Dowager Zhou was very satisfied with this ending.  Now she was just afraid that the emperor would do something that would shame the nation and the royal family without thinking it through.

“Your highness.”  She looked at Na Mu Cuo and spoke in a pleasant voice.

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