Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 775

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Chapter 775: Grass wall falling with the wind

“Emperor, he is threatening you with King Ding Yuan’s life!”

“You mustn’t agree!”

The ministers in the stands were all filled with anger, glaring at Na Mu Cuo with eyes of rage.

If a respected West Chu king was divorced by his princess, not only would this be a shame on Chu Shao Yang, it would be a shame to them as men!  In this patriarchal society, how could they accept this!

Empress Dowager Zhou however thought of something.

To divorce a husband was not considered shame in her mind.  Why could only men divorce women and why couldn’t women divorce men?

If they agreed to Na Mu Cuo and allowed Chen Ning to divorce Chu Shao Yang, there would be no connection between them.  She could send his hot potato away and it would relieve many of her worries!

But seeing the ministers’ angry appearances, she could not easily agree to this idea.

“Oh, so all the minister’s idea is we can’t allow the Ding Yuan Princess to divorce her husband?”

Mo Chuan looked around and saw everyone nod.

“Your meaning is that we should let King Ding Yuan die?”  He softly said.

“…….”  The ministers looked at each other with worried expressions.

It sounded like the emperor was willing to agree to this?

How could that be!

“Emperor, in the several hundred years of the West Chu Country, there has never been a precedence.  If this were allowed, there would be many women of the capital who would follow suit and where would the men’s face go!”

“That’s right, emperor!  Please reconsider!”

“You mustn’t allow this precedence!”

The ministers all agreed with each other, standing together in this fight.  They vowed to protect the dignity of men.

How could Mo Chuan not understand what they were thinking.  These ministers had the same idea that if this precedent was set, their wives and concubines might go against them.

“Is your face more important or King Ding Yuan’s life?  Think of a better idea for this one then!” Mo Chuan’s expression did not change as he threw the problem to the ministers.

The ministers all looked at each other before looking down, not daring to make a sound.

How could they have the courage to give the emperor an idea?  Not to mention that King Ding Yuan’s life was at stake. If they disagreed and angered the East Qin Crown Prince, causing the bow to tightened and King Ding Yuan to lose his life…..That mistake would be carried by them.

Empress Dowager Zhou wouldn’t spare them, the emperor wouldn’t spar them, and King Jing An who was very close to King Ding Yuan wouldn’t spare them!

Like this, who would dare disagree?

“Emperor, you are wise and your decision will not be wrong, so we’ll leave this matter to the emperor.”

There were a few smart ministers who had already saw through the emperor’s meaning, so they began to praise him.

“Yes, yes, yes, emperor, you make the decision.  Actually divorcing the husband isn’t a large matter.  King Ding Yuan is so ruthless and everyone hates him, so he deserves it, he deserves to be divorced!”

“Not divorcing King Ding Yuan, there is no way to calm the anger of the women of the world.  This minister also supports the princess divorcing her husband!”

The ministers all changed their tone, expressing support for this idea.

They were only tiny arms, how could they resist the emperor’s large leg?  Since it was like this, why shouldn’t they follow the emperor’s idea?

Although Chu Shao Yang was below the stands and he was being restrained by Na Mu Cuo, he could still hear the words of the ministers in the stand.

When he heard everyone’s words expressing support for Chen Ning, his lungs were about to explode from anger.  

They were all grass walls falling in the wind!

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