Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 776

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Chapter 776: Must divorce

“Bastards!  This prince has been a minister like all of you all these years, but I never thought you were all cowards that turned at the first sign of the wind!  Adding insult to injury, truly despicable!”

Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help cursing out from his rage.  His style and etiquette, he did not care about them.

Vulgar words kept jumping out of his mouth without stop and the ministers in the stands were stunned hearing this.  They never thought that the noble and righteous king would curse them like this, cursing them like the third rate riff raff in the city.  This was not noble at all.

“Ze, ze, I never thought that a respected king would actually curse people with such crude language.  When we think of the princess beside him, it’s unknown how much she has suffered. Emperor, this old minister supports the divorce, they must divorce!”

The ministers were all standing on Chen Ning’s side, supporting her in divorcing her husband.

Mo Chuan spoke with a slight nod, “Since everyone agrees on letting the princess divorce her husband, this one cannot go against the public opinion.  Alright, your highness, this one agrees to you. The princess can personally write her divorce papers and divorce King Ding Yuan.

Hearing this, the ministers all looked at Mo Chuan with round eyes and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

What going against the public opinion, agreeing to this was clearly the emperor’s idea, alright?  You just want to borrow our mouths and say it.

If you say that it is our idea, when King Ding Yuan explodes, he will come find us to settle accounts and vent his anger on us!

But the words the emperor spoke were like gold.  The ministers secretly criticized in their hearts, but they didn’t dare speak, only swallowing this bitter fruit secretly.

Chu Shao Yang’s face was as black as the deep waters.  Anger, shame, rage, and various other emotions filled his chest.  He didn’t think of anything else, he just wanted to smash his head and die.

He was a respected king, he had a venerable position and a noble status, yet he was being divorced by his princess?  This was simply a joke as large as the heavens! No one would believe it if this was said!

But this joke had actually turned into a reality!

If he was really divorced by Chen Ning, he would become the laughingstock of West Chu.  He would be the first man divorced by his wife and everyone would laugh at him!

“Na Mu Cuo, kill me, kill me!  If you want her to divorce me, I would rather die!”

He glared at Na Mu Cuo with gritted teeth.  His voice was a low roar, just like a desperate lion trapped in the hunter’s net.

Na Mu Cuo looked down at him and slightly narrowed his eyes before breaking out in loud laughter.

“Chu Shao Yang, you didn’t think this day would come when you were torturing her, right?  Now is the time to pay the price for your actions!”

“You shaming me like this, is it just for helping her vent her anger?  You’re doing everything for her, right?” Chu Shao Yang angrily shouted.

“Of course…..not!”  Na Mu Cuo stopped laughing and looked at him with eyes filled with disdain, “This prince just looks down on a man like you who uses such shameless methods to bully a girl.  A girl is like a pure and delicate flower, it needs to be properly cared for, yet you tried to uproot it! Chu Shao Yang, you’re not worthy of being a man! Ah Ning’s words are right, you’re not worthy of loving a woman because you don’t understand love and you don’t know how to love!  When you understand, you will truly gain a woman’s heart. However, this prince thinks that day will not come for you, ha, ha!”

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  1. loullax says:

    I actually like the Crown Prince.

  2. Summerswis says:

    I totally agree with Ah Ning’s word that Chu Shao Yang truly does not know what is to love a person. His is a possessive love and it is good that she follows Na Mu Cuo.

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