Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 774

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Chapter 774: Being defeated by my hands

Chu Shao Bai looked up and angrily said, “Killing people is going a bit far.  My third brother has already lost, what does your highness still want?”

His chest began to heave from his anger.  Although he had expected Chu Shao Yang to lose, he didn’t expect it to be this embarrassing.  Especially seeing Na Mu Cuo deliberately embarrassing his third brother, he could take it any longer.

Na Mu Cuo arrogantly said, “Since he lost, he needs to follow the rules of losing.”

He looked up at Mo Chuan, “Emperor, I’ve heard in your country that if a man is not satisfied with his wife, he can write a notice of divorce.  This prince wants the emperor to make a decision to allow Ah Ning to write this notice of divorce and use it on this heartless Chu Shao Yang! I wonder if the emperor is willing to accept this?”

His words was like a stone being dropped in a calm lake, instantly setting off an uproar in the West Chu stands.

The ministers couldn’t help discussing with each other.

“This crown prince is too overbearing, he actually raised such an offensive request!”

“There is only men divorcing women in this world, how could a woman divorce her husband?  This is unreasonable, this is simply unreasonable!”

“Emperor, you definitely cannot agree to his offensive request!  He is clearly shaming King Ding Yuan!”

Mo Chuan’s face was calm like water as the ministers discussed around him.  No matter how much people looked down on Chu Shao Yang normally, they were all from the West Chu Country, so how could they allow themselves to be bullied by the East Qin Country?

Chu Shao Bai couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning and he was clear in his heart that this was a request from Chen Ning.  He just never thought that she hated his third brother to this degree.

Her method was simply throwing his third brother’s face to the ground!

There has never been a case of a woman divorcing a man in West Chu before, would the first time occur today?  As for his third brother, would he be divorced by Ning’er in public?

For his third brother, this would definitely be a great shame.  From now on, how could he appear in front of others?

His lips slightly moved as he wanted to say something, but thinking about everything his third brother had done, he swallowed his words back into his stomach.

Third brother deserved everything!

“Wu, wu, wu!”  Chu Shao Yang could not speak, but he could still hear everything.  His lungs were about to explode from rage and his face was red like he was about to vomit out blood as he violently struggled.

Na Mu Cuo looked down at him and kicked out with his right foot, knocking him over.  He fell down facing the sky and the bowstring in his hand loosened. He said with a cold smile, “What, do you have something to say?”

Chu Shao Yang finally took a breath.  Half his face was covered in dust as his eyes were filled with rage, glaring right at Na Mu Cuo.

“Want to divorce this king?  Forget it!” He forcefully spat out.

“You have already lost by my hands, you have no qualifications to speak!”  Na Mu Cuo revealed a smile of contempt before looking up at Mo Chuan, “Emperor, according to the rules of this match, this prince has won, so this prince will take the woman who belongs to me.  However, her status is Chu Shao Yang’s wife, so this prince wants to restore her freedom and allow her to divorce her husband. If the emperor does not agree, this prince will have to solve this matter myself.”

“Solve the matter yourself?  What do you mean?” Chu Shao Bai asked with a cold expression.

“This prince does not like Chu Shao Yang, so either allow Ah Ning to divorce him or this prince will kill him!  These are the two options. Emperor, please make your decision quickly, this prince does not have much patience.”  Na Mu Cuo said in a decisive voice.

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