Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 701

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Chapter 701: Can’t bear to touch you

Chu Shao Yang’s smile slowly became faint before it disappeared.

He looked at her as his excited and happy mood felt like a bucket of cold water was splashed on it.

He had finally found Miss Chen.  When she explained everything in front of her and proved his innocence, shouldn’t she excitedly throw herself into his embrace?  Why did she still have a look of indifference on her face?

He had a chest filled  with expectation, but seeing her expression, it was heart was grasped by an invisible hand that was tightly holding it.

“Ning’er, speak, speak!”  He grabbed her shoulder and deeply looked into her eyes, as his heart filled with turmoil.

“What do you want me to say?”  She curled her lips and found that she really had nothing to say.

She and him were like two parallel lines, there was never a day where they would meet.

He gave her the things she didn’t want and the things she wanted, he could never give.

No matter how many things he did for her, she would never be moved and that was it.

“Do you really not like me?  Was everything that I did for nothing?  The person in your heart…..it’s him, right?”

Chu Shao Yang slowly released the hand holding her.

He raised her chin and her satin like hair fell over her shoulders.  He face was like a painting and her eyes were like stars, but they did not contain him.

“The past Chen Ning liked you, but she is dead.  As for me, I have never liked you. Chu Shao Yang, I have already clearly given you your answer, so whatever you want to do is up to you.  You can lock me up for my entire life or you can dig my heart out to feed the dogs, it’s all up to you.”

She closed her eyes in exhaustion.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart slowly turned cold.  His chin tightened and his eyes turned sharp as his breathing became heavy.

“Very good.  This king has devoted my heart to you, but it was fed to the dogs!  Chen Ning, don’t think that this king can’t bear to move against you because I like you.  Do you really think you can escape from here? This king will let you see someone!”

He clapped his hands and following this, the stone door was opened.  A person was pushed into the room and once he came, he kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Chu Shao Yang.

“Your highness, mercey!  Your highness, mercy!”

Chen Ning’s eyes raised and she saw the man on the ground was doctor Ye, causing her heart to sink.

Chu Shao Yang slowly took out a golden hairpin from his sleeve which was the one Chen Ning had secretly given doctor Ye.

He smiled at Chen Ning and as he gently said, “Ning’er, do you not like this hairpin?  If you don’t like it, this king will make a better one for you, but why did you give this hairpin to this old fool?  Do you think he would send a letter for you? Ning’er, ah Ning’er, you are indeed very smart, but you picked the wrong person. This old fool is a caged bird like you, he can’t escape this king’s palms.  The guard immediately noticed the hairpin when he left the room and he told me everything when this king asked him a single sentence. Don’t you know that you’ve harmed him to death like this?”

She shivered before coldly saying, “If you want to kill someone, just kill me.  Don’t kill innocent people.”

“Kill you?  How could this king bear to?  As for other people, this king does not care about his dog life.  Killing him is just like stepping on an ant! Ning’er, remember, you’re the one who caused his death.”  Chu Shao Yang raised his voice and said, “Someone come in! Drag this old fool out and cut him until he dies!”

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  1. Luna says:

    Oh, puhleeeease.
    Don’t fall for his tactics, CN.
    The old doctor was gone anyway. As if SCY would let the guy leave knowing who she was, that she was trapped, and where.

    That guy was a red shirt and bound to die from the start.

    Don’t take this guilt upon you. It’s alllll on CSY’ madness’ account.

    The guy is a rabid dog. And needs to be put down post haste.

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    Thank you! 😘😘😘😘

  3. Crissy Sim says:

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