Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 700

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Chapter 700: Are you happy

“After that?  What plans did you use to harm Ning’er?”  He said in a sharp voice.

Miss Chen began to tremble after hearing his voice.  She lowered her head and did not dare look at him.

“Then on the young miss and your highness’ wedding night, the second miss found she was pregnant, gritting her teeth in hate.  She did not know where this poisonous mass came from. She sent people into the king’s palace on the night of the wedding to put poison in the young miss’ found and the young miss vomited blood before fainting.  So the young miss naturally volunteered herself to be married in the place of the young miss. Your highness thought it was the second miss who saved you all those years ago, so you did not hesitate to agree. The second miss said that the young miss would not love past three days after ingesting the poison.  After the young miss died, your highness would surely make her your princess. However, for an unknown reason, on the day of the wedding between your highness and the second miss, the young miss suddenly appeared and did not seem like she was poisoned at all. She shamed the second miss in front of everyone, so the second miss was filled with even more hate for the young miss.  She always thought the child in her stomach belonged to your highness, so taking advantage of your love for her, she tried to harm the young miss several times, but she never thought it would all fail. After Lan Xiang died, the second madame sent me into the king’s palace to have me fulfill the second miss’ wishes. Although this servant was not willing, I did not dare go against the second madame and second miss’ orders.  Your highness, Princess Consort, every word this servant has said is the truth, there are no lies at all. I ask your highness to give this servant a painless death!”

When Miss Chen finished speaking, her eyes rolled back and her breath escaped as she fell on the edge of death.

She knew that she couldn’t escape death and would have no chance of living, so she could only hope for a painless death.

“Did you record it all?”  Chu Shao Yang asked.

“I recorded it, without missing a single word.”  A secret guard replied.

“Go and have this cheap woman sign it.”

The secret guard freed Miss Chen’s right hand and Miss Chen bore the pain as she signed the confession before fainting from the pain.

Chu Shao Yang took the confession and looked it over.  Seeing that it was exactly the same as what Miss Chen said and that there was Miss Chen’s signature on it, his grievances had finally been cleared.

“Take her away and lock her up.  Remember, you can’t let her die no matter what!”  Chu Shao Yang ordered.


The guards took the wooden stake and Miss Chen away.  There was a pile of blood and two blood soaked fingers on the ground.

Chu Shao Yang took the confession and placed it in front of Chen Ning.  There was a happiness he couldn’t suppress on his face.

“Ning’er, can you forgive me now?  I was framed by those two sluts the entire time.  I have never touched that slut Chen Bi Yun before, that evil seed in her stomach is not mine at all!  I have always been devoted to you and that has never changed! With this confession, this king’s reputation can finally be cleared.  This king will separate from that cheap woman Chen Bi Yun! She even colluded with Miss Chen and her other to harm you, this king will recover this blood debt and have them all die!  I will have them plead for mercy in front of you. Ning’er, do you like this? Are you happy?”

Chen Ning looked at his excited expression on that handsome face and she felt a chill run down her.

There was a gradual smell of blood that filled the air.  Miss Chen’s cut off fingers were still on the ground and this bloody scene was imprinted into her mind, how could she feel happy?

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