Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 685

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Chapter 685: Not afraid of her flying into the sky

She knew that Chu Shao Yang was bent on keeping her here for the rest of her life.

The only thing she could do was have someone send news about her being here out.  If Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Bai knew that she was being locked up here, they would think of a way to save her.

But who could send the message for her?

The entire palace was filled Chu Shao Yang’s people.  Adding in the fact that she was locked in an underground stone room, not allowed to see anyone, Chu Shao Yang must have surely locked up all news about her.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her head as she thought of someone.

It was doctor Ye who had been treating her not that long ago.

He was the only outsider brought in by Chu Shao Yang!

“Is there anyone there?  Someone come!” She raised her voice and shouted.

Last time she shouted until her throat was numb and no one answered her, but this time was different.  Since Chu Shao Yang dared to say something, he must have left someone to watch over her and satisfy her requests.

As expected, when her voice fell, a voice came from outside the stone door.

“Does the Princess Consort require anything?”  This was was unfamiliar, but it was very respectful.  It should be one of Chu Shao Yang’s secret guards.

“I’m hungry, I want to eat something.”  She said.

The voice sounded again, “Please wait a minute, Princess Consort.”  Then there were no other sounds.

After a while, Chen Ning heard footsteps coming from outside the door.  Following that, she heard the stone door open. That secret guard opened the door and said, “Go in!”

Under the faint candlelight, she saw doctor Ye come in holding a wooden tray.  He stumbled inside with a gloomy expression on his face.

When he entered the stone room and found that there was only Chen Ning inside, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Miss, the herbal food has been prepared, please enjoy.”

Doctor Ye placed the wooden tray in front of the bed and suddenly thought of the other side’s hands tied to the bed.  He couldn’t help looking at the guard as he revealed an awkward expression. He was thinking, he wouldn’t want this old man to feed her, right?

Chen Ning slightly raised her right hand and the chain rang.  She coldly said to the guard behind doctor Ye, “This princess wants to eat, are you not going to open the chain on my hand?”

The guard hesitated for a bit before saying in a low voice, “Without his highness’ orders, this subordinate does not dare.”

“Very good, then you’ll have to feed this princess.”  Chen Ning did not insists as she spoke in a soft voice.

The secret guard’s heart skipped a beat.  He was secretly thinking, this was the woman his highness set his eyes on, he would slap a man for even looking at her, so how could he dare feed her?  If this was known by his highness, it wouldn’t stop at just cutting off his head.

“When his highness left, he said that whatever this princess needs, I would just need to call.  Now this princess wants to eat, but you’re using excuses to reject this princess’ request. When his highness comes back, I will tell him everything!”

Chen Ning’s expression turned serious as she used the prestige of a princess.

The secret guard complained in his heart as he submitted.  But to have him let Chen Ning go, even if he had a hundred times his courage, he still wouldn’t dare.

“I’m not having you let me go, I just want you to release the chains on my left hand, can’t you even do that?  I’m a weak girl with one hand free who doesn’t know any martial arts, could I still run away?”

The secret guard agreed with this.  There was only a girl and an old man in this room who didn’t even know martial arts, was he afraid they would fly into the sky?

“Yes, this subordinate will immediately release the Princess Consort’s right hand.  The Princess Consort should be able to eat like this.”

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