Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 684

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Chapter 684: Wait for him to come back

“On another day, I will tell you this secret, but not now.  Ning’er, just obediently wait here for me to return. You don’t need to be worried or afraid, there will be someone to take care of you after I leave.  If you need anything, as long as you shout out, someone will do it for you.”

He rose up and stood at the front of the bed, looking at her closed lips and her tightly closed eyes, giving an evil laugh.

“Ning’er, don’t you want to ask where this king is going?”

She closed her eyes and ignored him.

When she heard he was about to leave, she gave a sigh from the bottom of her heart.  She didn’t want to know where he was going at all, she hoped that he would never come back.

Chu Shao Yang lowered his head and his lips were almost touching her ear.  With a soft laugh, he said, “This king is going to the palace banquet, this is a banquet in celebration of you.  He personally gave an imperial decree to this king, wanting this king to bring you with me. Tell me, if he were to know that you were locked in a deep underground rock room by this king, what kind of expression would he have?  He wants to see you, but this king will never let him!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

He began to laugh proudly.

Chen Ning forcefully bit her lip.  Her body began to tremble from her rage and even the quilt began to shake.

“Don’t hurt yourself, my heart will hurt, my good Ning’er.”  His finger moved opened her tightly closed lips and he saw a faint red blush on his finger.  It was her blood, it was the blood that flowed out when she bit her lips.

He smiled as he brought the bloodstained finger to his lips and tasted it with his tongue.  He then praised her, “Your blood is sweet, I wonder if you lips are as sweet as this. If there was more time, this king would really want to have a taste of you.”

He stood up and gave another loud laugh.  The laughter echoed inside the stone room.

“This king can’t wait to enter the palace now.  This king wants to personally tell him that his most loved woman who he wants to see the most didn’t come.  Un, I think his expression will certainly be wonderful. Ning’er, wait for me to return. I will tell you about everything that happens in the palace, especially about that man.  This king wants to see how proud and arrogant he is!”

After he said this, he quickly walked out.  The thick and heavy stone door closed behind him and gave a deep and heavy sound.

After Chu Shao Yang had left for a long time.

She finally opened her eyes.  The light in the room was like a bean, releasing a dim light.  Although the light was weak, it was much better than the darkness from before.

She looked up at the curtains in a daze and through them, she could see the thick and heavy stone.  This stone room was certainly firmly built, not to mention the fact that her arms and legs were tied up by chains.  Even if she could move, she definitely would not have a way of escaping from here.

Even more so that she knew that there was a secret guard left outside the door by Chu Shao Yang to guard her.

She couldn’t escape!

But was she supposed to let him keep her in here forever like a prisoner?

She was not willing!  She would not submit!

Although he didn’t force himself on her just now, he didn’t show that he didn’t think of it and he didn’t want to!

As long as she remained here, she would become his prisoner, his plaything.  She would lose her dignity as a person.

Although her limbs were chained and she had lost her freedom, her mind was still free.  She would certainly think of a way to escape from here.

What to do?  What should she do?

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