Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 686

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Chapter 686: Good medicine is bitter

The secret guard took out a small key from his chest and unlocked the chain on her right hand before moving to the side.

He was very careful, not daring to be complacent at all.  Although he was only unlocking one of her chains, he still stared at her without turning, afraid that she would try something.

Chen Ning stretched out her wrist before sitting up in the bed.  She said to doctor Ye, “Doctor Ye, it’s hard for me to move, can you bring the bowl a bit closer?”

Doctor Ye said, “Yes, Princess Consort.”  He brought the wooden tray two step closer as he suddenly became very respectful.

He thought that the girl on the bed was captured by his highness, so she needed to be locked in chains, but hearing the guard say Princess Consort, he learned the other side’s identity.  He did not dare be negligent.

Chen Ning saw that he was blocking the guard’s line of sight.  When she went to pick up the spoon, it fell back and she said with pursed lips, “This porridge is too hot, how can I eat it?  Doctor Ye, can you help this princess blow on it?”

“Yes, yes.”  Doctor Ye immediately began to blow on the porridge.

Chen Ning seized this chance.  She dipped her finger in the soup and wrote a few words on the tray.

“I need your help.”

She quickly wrote these four words before looking up, staring at doctor Ye without turning.

Doctor Ye’s old eyes instantly opened wide as he fearfully looked at Chen Ning before quickly lowering his head.  He blew on the porridge and made no commitment to the four words she wrote.

Chen Ning knew that he was afraid of Chu Shao Yang.  Thinking about, she then took off the golden hairpin on her head.  She pulled his sleeve and revealing a pleading look, she placed the golden hairpin into his sleeve.

Doctor Ye’s heart skipped a beat.  He felt that his sleeve was heavier and he knew that the golden hairpin was a valuable item.  His eyes revealed a look of greed as he narrowed his eyes at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning knew that he had agreed.  Giving a soft sigh of relief, she continued to write.

“Please send word to the King Jing An palace.  Tell them that Ning is trapped in an underground stone chamber and to quickly send rescue.”

When doctor Ye saw this, the wooden tray in his hands became unstable.  The bowl shook on the tray and some of the liquid inside spilled out.

She picked up the porridge bowl and wiped out the words, not leaving a single trace.

“Doctor Ye, what ingredients did you use in this cooking?  Why does it taste so bitter?” She spoke without any changing expressions as she secretly pulled doctor Ye’s sleeve.

Doctor Ye finally came back to his senses.  His eyes looked at Chen Ning in a daze before he licked his lips a few times, “Yes, it’s bulrush, ginseng, agrimony, and magnolia berries.  They are all blood restoring medicines and the flavour is a bit bitter, but……”

“I understand, doctor Ye wants to say that the best medicine is bitter.  Many thanks for doctor Ye’s care. When this princess’ body is better, I will surely heavily reward doctor Ye.”

Chen Ning cut him off and quickly finished the porridge before placing the bowl back on the wooden tray.  She then said to the secret guard, “I’m not used to drinking this bitter medicine. Doctor Ye is a doctor that can see the root of one’s illness and has high medical skills, having him take care of this princess is wronging him.  Have someone send doctor Ye back and have doctor Ye leave behind the recipe to let the manor’s cooks take care of it instead.”

The secret guard agreed.  Seeing that Chen Ning was not saying anything else, he said, “Then please forgive this subordinate’s offense.”

He walked forward after finishing speaking and he chained up her right hand.

“If the Princess Consort does not have any other orders, this subordinate will send doctor Ye away.”  The secret guard said.

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