Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 681

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Chapter 681: Way of loving her

He finally wrapped up the wounds on her wrists, already tired to the point of being covered in sweat.

Actually it wasn’t tiring, but he had never done something like this, so he couldn’t help being confused.  The more he wanted to do well, instead he messed up even more.

Seeing her wrists that were wrapped like dumplings, he felt very awkward, but he was not willing to admit that his work was ugly.

“Ning’er, are you thirsty?  Do you want some water?” Chu Shao Yang looked at her and spoke with a gentle tone.

Chen Ning nodded.  Her throat was so painful that she couldn’t even speak.

“Alright, I’ll pour some water for you.”  Chu Shao Yang’s face flashed with happiness.

Because she didn’t insult him or become angry.  He thought that when she found she was trapped here, she would go wild with rage, but in the end she didn’t.

He poured a full cup of tea from the teapot on the table.  The tea was a bit cold, so he opened his palm and sent in his internal strength, making the tea warm.  Then he walked in front of the bead and used one hand to hold her back as he brought the teacup to her lips.

She drank like rain finally falling after a drought before saying in a hoarse voice, “More.”

Hearing her hoarse voice, his heart couldn’t help hurting.  He lovingly stroked her hair as he said with a smile, “Alright.”

She drank three cups of tea in one go before she felt her burning throat finally stop aching.  She laid back down on the bed and looked at the embroidered curtains above, thinking in silence.

Chu Shao Yang sat down beside her as he stared at her without turning away.  Seeing that she was looking up the entire time and she wouldn’t even look at him with the corner of her eye, as well as not saying a word, he began to feel unsettled.

“Ning’er, you hate me, right?  You hate me for locking you up here and not giving you your freedom, right,”  He said in a low voice as his lips pursed together.

He actually understood her and knew what she wanted, but he could not give it to her now.

Chen Ning did not say anything.  Hearing him speak, she did not even blink as she kept looking up.

She felt a part of her heart had already died.  His words, she didn’t want to hear a single word and would never believe them.

“Ning’er, look at me, talk to me!”  Chu Shao Yang could not stand being ignored by her.  He would rather have her insult him or hit him, it was better than her being cold to him.

He grabbed her shoulder and forcefully shook her, causing her hair to shake.

She became dizzy from being shaken by him and finally closed her eyes.  When she opened them again, they were misted over as she looked over at him.

“Chu Shao Yang, is this your way of loving me?”  Her voice was as low as a whisper because she really didn’t have the strength to speak any louder.

“What do you mean?”  He knit his brows.

“Locking me up like a prisoner and tying me to this bed, waiting for you to pamper me.  Is this what you wanted?” She calmly looked at him before turning away and looking at the candle behind him.

His brows tightly locked up as he stared at her.  He took a deep breath before grabbing her chin and forcing her to look at him.

“Ning’er, this is all for your good.  If I don’t do this, would you obediently stay by my side?  I don’t want to lock you up, but if I give you freedom, you won’t belong to me anymore.”

She softly said, “Chu Shao Yang, you say you love me, but your love is only about possession.  You have never respected me, this is the reason why I have never loved you.”

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