Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 680

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Chapter 680: Turning a blind eye

“Oh?  Then this king has wrongly accused him.  Doctor Ye, stand up. It was this king that has wrongly hit you, continue taking her pulse.”

Chu Shao Yang lifted the old doctor from the ground by his collar and he even used his sleeve to help him dust himself off.  This change in attitude completely shocked doctor Ye.

He said in a flattered voice, “This, this, this old man does not dare, does not dare.”

“As long as you cure her, this king will heavily reward you.”  Chu Shao Yang actually revealed a happy expression to him.

The doctor did not even dare look up as he placed three fingers against Chen Ning’s vein.  Carefully touching the vein, he took his hand back before carefully saying, “You highness, there is no major problem with this girl.  Her body is weak because she has lost too much blood and adding in her not resting for long enough, she fainted from being too tired. As long as she rests properly, she will be able to recover.”

Chu Shao Yang was still not assured as she said, “Does she not need to ingest medicine?”

Doctor Ye considered it a bit, “Medicine can also be poison.  This girl’s body is very good and ingesting medicine will be counterproductive, it is better to use food to nurse her back to health.  This old man has a few recipes that can nourish one to make more blood, it is better than taking medicine.”

When Chen Ning heard this, she couldn’t help secretly praising doctor Ye’s medical skills.  She was clear on her own body. It was because she had lost too much blood and used too much brain power that she fainted for so long.

“A special diet?  This method isn’t bad.  How about this, you will stay in the palace to specially cure her.  When she is better, this king will send you out of the palace. What foods do she need now, go and make them immediately!”

Chu Shao Yang quickly made this decision.  He clapped his hands and made a secret signal.  Following this, a black clothed secret guard came in and bowed to him.

“Bring doctor Ye away and find a room to let him cook food in.  Give him whatever ingredients he needs. After he finishes them, immediately send them here.”  Chu Shao Yang ordered.

The secret guard complied before taking doctor Ye away.

Doctor Ye did not dare reject, he could only secretly curse his bad luck.

The heavy stone door slammed shut and in the room with only a small light, there was only him and her left.

Chen Ning laid in bed and moved her eyes.  She found that this was a stone chamber surrounded in walls made of thick stone.  Other than the stone door, there weren’t even any windows.

She smelled that rotting smell and she could guess that this stone chamber was deep underground.

The stone chamber was simply furnished, but it looked very exquisite.  For example, the large bed she was lying one, it was an exquisitely carved bed made from a thousand workers.  As for the other furniture in the room, they looked very splendid and did not fit the rough style of the stone chamber at all.

It could be imagined that these pieces of furniture and the bed was just moved in here.  This stone room should be a secret underground room built by Chu Shao Yang before.

Was he planning to lock her in here forever?

Chu Shao Yang sat down in front of the bed as he rubbed ointment onto her wrist.  His movements were very careful, not hurting her at all. After applying the medicine, he used new gauze to wrap her wrist up again.  After finishing with her left hand, he began to apply medicine and gauze to her right hand.

Chen Ning did not speak and did not resist him.  She only looked down, silently watching each and every one of his moves.

His eyes were filled with concern.  It was like his eyes were only concerned with dressing her wounds, turning a blind eye to everything else.

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