Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 682

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Chapter 682: If you want it, take it

Chu Shao Yang’s body trembled as his lips tightly pursed.  His hands holding her shoulder couldn’t help slightly tremble, but he did not say a word as he silently stared at her.

She paused before continuing to say, “You don’t know love and will not understand love.  The girl loved by you is the saddest girl in the world and I am that world’s saddest person, unfortunately being loved by you.”  After she said this, she closed her eyes. It was clear she didn’t want to say another word to him.

Saddest girl in the world?

Since he loved her, shouldn’t she be the happiest girl in the world?

Chu Shao Yang took a deep breath as his chest filled with anger.  He desperately suppressed it, telling himself that she was injured and she couldn’t handle his anger.  He said that he would properly take care of her, he could not explode with rage…..

But the more he wanted to suppress it, the more he couldn’t do so.

He was a temperamental person by nature and had been patient for a long time for her, but she didn’t appreciate it at all.  She even used this kind of cold words to sting his heart?

Could it be because he loved her that he would have to speak softly and always be careful around her?  Then would he still even be a man!

“Chen Ning!  Listen carefully!  You are this king’s woman.  This king wants to treat you properly, so don’t force me!  If you want to rebel against me again, this king will not be polite with you!”

He reached out his palm and grabbed her slender neck, slowly tightening his grip.

She couldn’t breathe, but she still stubbornly closed her eyes and did not look at him.

He simply loved this expression of hers and that rage inside of him slowly disappeared.  His fingers also unknowingly loosened.

“Ning’er, don’t be angry with me anymore, otherwise I won’t even know how I’ll hurt you.”  He saw the red swelling finger marks on her snow white neck and his heart became soft. He lowered his head and gently kissed her red and swollen neck.

Her body suddenly trembled and her eyes popped open.  She looked at him like he was a venomous snake and her cold eyes were filled with disgust.

Her wrists were bound by iron chains and couldn’t move, but she still moved her neck over and used the back of her hand to wipe where he had just kissed her.

This move once again filled him with anger.

“Chen Ning!  This king kissing you makes you this disgusted?  If this king wants you now, what would you do?” He once again tightly grabbed her throat again.

She closed her eyes and indifferently said, “As you wish, I’ll pretend it’s like being bitten by a dog.”

“You!”  His gritted teeth began to creak, wishing he could kill her.

She was skilled in this, easily causing him to be filled with anger.  He exploded with rage like a lion and wished he could eat her.

With a “chi la” sound.

The hand holding her neck suddenly came down to the clothes covering her chest and he forcefully ripped, revealing a patch of ice cold jade skin.

But she just laid on the bed with her eyes closed.  Her long lashes did not move at all.

From the moment she found she was trapped on the bed, she already knew this moment would come.  She could not escape him.

The body was not hers at all, she was just a transmigrated soul.  If he wanted her body, she could not resist, but her heart he could never hope of touching.

“Chu Shao Yang, if you want this body, then you can take it.  It already belongs to you.”

She calmly said with closed eyes.

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