Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 679

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Chapter 679: Look, hear, ask, diagnose

Chen Ning moved her lips, but her throat hurt too much because of her desperate screaming.  She wet her lips before saying in a hoarse voice, “Chu Shao Yang, why did you tie me up? Are you treating me like prisoner?”

“Ning’er, this is for your good.  You were very tired and needed a quiet place to rest yourself.  This place is very quiet and no one will come bother you. You can be assured, I will be by your side the entire time.”

Chu Shao Yang revealed a smile and his could eyes became gentle because of the smile.  He looked very handsome under the faint yellow light. When he finished speaking, he thoughtfully helped her pull her blanket up once again.

When he turned back to the doctor, the smile on his face instantly disappeared as his eyes and voice turned cold again.

“This king wants you to diagnose her, are you deaf?  If you’re deaf, then your ears have no use.”

That old doctor was so scared he began to tremble as he quickly said, “Your highness, please remain calm, please remain calm.  This old man will immediately take this girl’s pulse.”

He was unknowingly captured to this palace and was led into this underground stone room by Chu Shao Yang like a little chicken.  He thought that he was going to treat a wicked prisoner, but he never thought that the patient would be this delicate young girl.   Moreover, this young girl’s attitude to the king was very bad, but not only was the king not angry, he even revealed a faint happy smile to her.

He was unconsciously stunned seeing this.  He was trying to secretly guess the relation between the two of them in his heart.

Being reprimanded by Chu Shao Yang like this, how could he dare keep watching.  He immediately put down his medical pillow and placed Chen Ning’s wrist atop of it.  When he was about to take her pulse, he found a thick layer of gauze on her white as jade wrist and a chain wrapped around it.  He was unable to stop himself from being stunned.

“Why are you not diagnosing her already!”  Chu Shao Yang coldly said.

The doctor revealed an awkward expression, “Reporting to your highness.  This girl’s wrist is injured and it is right where her pulse would be taken.  This old man wishes to take a look at this girl’s injuries, can your highness accept this?”

“Quickly look!”  Chu Shao Yang impatiently reprimanded.

This man he grabbed was the most famous doctor in the capital, but he looked down on this person’s medical skills.  They were all people with undeserved reputations, how could they compare to the doctors in the palace!

But he couldn’t move against those doctors, otherwise news about her would be spread.

That doctor carefully peeled layer after layer of gauze from Chen Ning’s wrist.  Looking at the deep injury, he instantly took a gasp as he couldn’t help taking a few extra looks at Chen Ning’s face.

With such a deep gash in her blood vein, just how much blood did this girl lose?  No wonder her body was this weak and her face was this pale.

With a “pa” sound, he suddenly received a heavy slap in the face.  Stars began to form in front of his eyes and he couldn’t stand up straight.

“Bastard.  This king wants you to look at her illness, who told your dog eyes to look at her face!  Is her face something a dog like you can look at?” Chu Shao Yang angrily kicked the old doctor onto the ground.

Chen Ning couldn’t hold it in as she said in a hoarse voice, “Chu Shao Yang, can you not hurt others!”

Chu Shao Yang gave a snort, “Although he is old, but his pervertedness will not die.  He actually dared to look at your face!”

“You don’t understand medicine at all!  For the doctor’s look, see, ask, and diagnose, the first word is see.  See means to look at the patient’s face. If he doesn’t look at my face, how could he diagnose my illness!”  Chen Ning said in a sharp voice.

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