Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 678

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Chapter 678: So it was him

“If it’s not Chu Shao Yang, it’s Na Mu Cuo!”

It had to be one of those two!

Chen Ning slowly calmed down.  Her brain also resumed thinking rationally as she quickly made this analysis.

She just laid there not moving at all.  Although she couldn’t see a thing, her eyes were still opened wide as she looked upwards.  Her brain was quickly turning because no matter who it was, she still needed to think of a way to escape this place.

Suddenly her ears were piqued as she heard soft footsteps in the distance.

Although the footsteps were very soft and far away, this place was so quiet that even the sound of a needle being dropped could be heard.

The footsteps were far and heavy, but they soon became clearer.  This person wasn’t rushed as they staggered along, with their footsteps being sometimes soft and sometimes heavy.

She couldn’t help suspecting it.

If it was Na Mu Cuo or Chu Shao Yang, they were both experts of qinggong and could walk without any sounds.  How could she possibly hear their footsteps?

The footsteps suddenly stopped and they were followed by the sound of a key turning in a lock, being very clear in the darkness.  Following this, she heard a deep creaking sound as the door slowly opened. A stream of humid air came in, bringing in a deep rotten smell.

“Go in!”  A clear voice sounded as a pair of footsteps staggered into the room.

Once she heard this familiar voice, Chen Nin’s heart sunk.

It was Chu Shao Yang!

Compared to Chu Shao Yang, she would have preferred falling into Na Mu Cuo’s hands and being imprisoned by him.

Because Chu Shao Yang was a completely unpredictable person to her.  She never would have dreamed that after sleeping for a while, she would be tied to the bed like a prisoner after waking up.

She bit her lips and silently laid on the bed without making a sound.

“Your…..Your highness, this, this, what is this place?  This old man can’t see a thing? Is, is the patient here?”

A old trembling voice spoke out.  It was the voice of a stranger.

With a soft “ge” sound, like the sound of a flint being struck against a rock, a faint yellow light suddenly lit up the room.

After being in darkness for so long and suddenly encountering light, it was glaring to Chen Ning’s eyes, causing her to close them.

“Go, cure her.  If you can’t cure her, this king will want your life!”  Chu Shao Yang’s voice was as cold as ice, so cold that it penetrated into one’s bones.

Although it wasn’t said to her, it still filled her with a chill.

She opened her eyes and looked at the tall man standing in front of the bed.  His shadow was cast down over her, blocking off the light.

Although he had his back to the light, she could recognize him with a single glance.  It really was Chu Shao Yang.

“Ning’er, you’re awake?”  Chu Shao Yang was holding a white haired old man, bringing him in front of the bed to check Chen Ning’s pulse.  He suddenly noticed that her eyes were open. Those dark, sparkling eyes were staring at him which made him pleasantly surprised.

She did not know how long she had been unconscious for.  No matter how he called out to her or talked to her, she did not react at all.  He was afraid that she was already dead.

But taking her pulse, listening to her heartbeat, and testing her breath, he found that she was still alive, but she was unconscious the entire time.  He didn’t even know if she was really sleeping, or if she was pretending so she didn’t have to see him.

He guarded in front of her bed for a long time and finally his patience could not last any longer.  He left to find the best doctor in the capital to help cure her.

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  1. KD says:

    OMG…it is CSY… Then he is really beyond cure. Unbelieveable. He is worse than NMC. At least NMC had a understandable reason to hate his ex fiancee and he was never even betraying her nor hurting her heart whether intentionally or not.
    But CN had never really betrayed CSY for no reason.
    This way how could he dare asking to be loved again sincerely…how?
    He doesn’t show any reason to make him deserve that kind of devotion.

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    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

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