BBP’s Consort: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Laundry Maid

Being a laundry maid is the lowest servant status in the Wang residence.

And on Su Qi Qi’s entire walk here, everyone gathered to gesture at her while gossiping. On the newly-wed night, she didn’t enter the bridal chamber, and was actually sent down to the servants quarters, which made her the main target for glossip.

“She’s the wang fei……”

“Indeed not pretty, can’t even compare to Cousin Miss.”

“How pitiful……”

“Yes, it’s not her fault that she’s ugly……”

There were some that criticized, some that mocked, even some that pitied, but even more that said she deserved it.

The two daughters of Xiang residence, one became empress, one became a consort, this was an occasion that brought great honor to the family. It didn’t even adhere to the feudal traditions, so people were even more jealous.

To know that the eldest daughter of the Xiang residence was receiving such treatment was refreshing.

Facing the pointing of these servants, Su Qi Qi only straightened her back, smiled calmly, exuding a mild, gentle appearance, causing those people to pause in their words.

Su Qi Qi wasn’t beautiful enough to be capable of causing the downfall of a city, but was still a delicate and pretty beauty. Right now, in everyone’s eyes, she was also dignified and composed, appearing aloof and remote.

At night, crammed with some servants on a plank bed, Su Qi Qi tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. As she was ordered to leave the Imperial city, she was also unable to find out how her mother was doing, so her heart couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Regarding her own situation though, she didn’t really care.

Here, perhaps she could even live a bit more comfortably.

Remembering the arrogant Cousin Miss who was bossing people around, perhaps by keeping away from Mo Wen Chen, she would also keep away from Wang residence’s conflicts.

Since it’s like this, might as well take things as they come.

At dawn the next day, with the rest of the servants, she woke up at wu geng1 as the sky lightened, and started washing the garments that were sent down.

(1) 五更/Wu Geng is old chinese time measurement= 3am-5am

Even though at Xiang residence she did not completely lived as one wished, but she still had the status of eldest daughter of an affluent family. This kind of rough labor, she had never wet her hands with before.

One entire morning passed, she had only washed out two pieces of clothing, and was criticized by the manager incessantly, until even lunch was gone.

Looking at her red and swollen hands, Su Qi Qi helplessly sighed. She must learn how to watch these clothes quickly, otherwise she might be starved to death in Bei Ding Wang Residence2.

(2) Wang Residence/Wang Fu/王府 = Prince’s Mansion

Even though there were four yatous3 living and eating together, it was clearly Su Qi Qi that was singled out.

(3) 丫头/Ya Tou = servant girl. I’m using the Chinese pinyin b/c I’m pretty sure there’ll be plenty of scolding/cursing in the future.

She used her own hand accessory to exchange for some living necessities. Working here, she wasn’t going to get any monthly salary.

Today, after washing the dirty clothes, as usual, she rubbed some oil onto her hands to prevent chapping, only to suddenly feel unbearable pain. Looking closely, soaked into the oil was some chili powder that without close examination was impossible to notice.

Bearing the pain, after washing clean her hands, Su Qi Qi only coldly swept her gaze over the four servant girls in the house.

The four didn’t look at her, continuing to talk with their heads bent.

Frowning slightly, Su Qi Qi felt uneasy inside, scanned through her possessions again, to actually discover that the fan-shaped jade pendant that her mother had given her before she left disappeared.

Originally, she didn’t want to bother with these servants and wanted to avoid stirring up trouble, but this jade pendant was actually something her birth mother gave her, something she absolutely can’t lose.

Slowly lifting her body, she walked to the front of those four servant girls with a cold face. Even though she was wearing rough plain clothing, she gave out an extremely majestic presence: “Hand it over.”

The three words were said very calmly, without much emotion.

But it made the four yatous all think of wang ye4 at the same time.

(4) 王爷/wang Ye = Prince/Master

It was as if this unfavored wang fei before them had the same imposing manner as their wang ye.

Just these simple three words caused them to involuntarily flinch in fear.

“What?” A slightly bolder yatou challenged Su Qi Qi. After all, she was not wang ye.

“Jade pendant.” Su Qi Qi indifferently spitted out two words: “Don’t forget, although I’m not favored, I’m still the wang fei who has been bestowed by the present Emperor.”

With this one sentence, the four yatous’ faces changed color.

The yatou who was talking just then trembled as she took out the jade pendant from within her sleeves.

Bei Ding Hou wang ye could bully this wang fei anytime, however these servants do not have the right.

It was only that they observed Su Qi Qi’s mild temper these past few days that they had such nerves to do so.

Taking the jade pendant, although Su Qi Qi originally did not want to wear it on her neck for fear of losing it, now she could only keep it on her neck.

Without a word she walked to her box, took out some pieces of silver, placed it in front of the four yatous: “We’re all suffering, why make things more difficult than it already is.”

There was no need to say more.


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