BBP’s Consort: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Remarry

The clear winter night.

Su Qi Qi dressed in a red wedding dress, in the Ding Bei Hou[3] residence she sat waiting in the bridal chamber, her hands tightly twisted in one place, as her palm slightly sweated.

[3] 定北候 Ding Bei Hou should be the title Mo Wen Chen is bestowed by the Emperor

The xi pa[4] hid her tender face, no one can see her upset and helpless expression, this was a marriage destined with no blessing, but she can only become an unwelcome and passive puppet.

[4] 喜帕 Xi Pa is a big red veil that covered the bride’s head during the wedding and throughout the ceremony. It is only removed upon the groom entering the bridal chamber and consummate the marriage.

She, Su Qi Qi, was the Prime Minister’s legitimate eldest daughter, she was also the Emperor’s first anointed Empress candidate, however on the wedding eve… an imperial decree came, from an Empress degraded a consort, she become the laughing-stock of the world.

Her graceful and gentle younger sister married into the palace, while she became someone who’s been cast aside by the present Emperor, and then bestow to Ding Bei Hou Wang, Mo Wen Chen as the unbearable woman.

This was only because her appearance is incomparable to her younger sister, Su Meng Ru.

Also because that bloodthirsty, ruthless, and cold-blooded Ding Bei Hou is Yan’s[5] pride, he was a thorn in the current Emperor’s flesh.

[5] 燕 Yān was an ancient Chinese kingdom.

The current Emperor used Su Qi Qi to humiliate this second Prince.

Although she was the legitimate daughter, but her mother was not favoured, for her mother to be able stand in the Prime Minster’s residence, she had to accept this trifling marriage, she can already imagine what her future will hold……

The bridal chamber was surprisingly quiet, occasionally there was the candle crackling sound, such intravenous, only made Su Qi Qi’s heart uneasy.

She waited, waiting for man who could decide the fate of her life, waiting for her unknown future.

The door was open, the footstep were composed and calm.

“Wang Ye.” Xi Nian[6] and the servant girl’s voice trembled, reverent and respectful.

[6] 喜娘 Xi Nian is a matchmaker.

“All of you withdraw.” His voice was light and arrogant, without the slightest fluctuation.

The thing that caused Su Qi Qi’s heart to have unknown suffering was that there’s no joy in this man’s voice, this dowel wedding really made him very dissatisfied.

Through the veil, she could see his black boots, her pair of hands twisted a little more tightly.

Clang a sound, the phoenix coronet on her head was taken away, her hair was torn causing her much pain, it was also because of this strength that caused her to kneel down.

“Rise your head, and look at Ben Wang.” Mo Wen Chen coldly commanded.

“Yes, Wang Ye.” Since Su Qi Qi was young she grew up in the Prime Minster’s residence scrupulously trying to survive, at present moreover she had a pair of delicate appearance.

She did not dare to rise, so she can only kneel.

Observing the man opposite of her, on their wedding day, he still wore a black robe, his slender figure and handsome features, he was a generation of elegantly handsome man, but because of that pair of cold eyes he became a cold man.

Looking at Su Qi Qi’s delicate and pretty face, Mo Wen Chen’s pupil winced, his face was ghastly pale, his body emitted a sense of unknown cold air.

This cause Su Qi Qi not daring to look at him in the face.

Rumors has it that this man was a cruel, bloodthirsty and cold-hearted person, it seems likes this is true, his face has revealed everything.

Moreover his thin lips pressed together.

Slowly raising her head, coming into contact with Mo Wen Chen’s eyes, she tried to calm herself down, with both of her hands slightly on the ground, with a little effort she glazed at the handsome man in front of her, just one look, she knew she would be reeled deep inside them.

This man had the ability to folie other women in this world, obviously knowing its a flying moth darts into the fire/flame[7]…..

[7] 飞蛾扑火 Fēi é Pū Huǒ: Seeking one’s own doom ; The candle moth flies into the fire — to bring destruction on oneself.

“You are Ben Wang’s humiliation.” Suddenly, Mo Wen Chen’s hand pinch Su Qi Qi’s jaw, seemingly gentle, but it was filled with much strength, he was a person who practiced martial arts throughout the year, Su Qi Qi couldn’t bear the pain.

Her eyes swelled with tears, but the tears remained there, never once falling.

Su Qi Qi could not comprehend the words Mo Wen Chen was saying.

Also she stared straight at him.

“You do not deserve to be Ben Wang’s Imperial Consort, you only qualify to be the lowest of servant.” After he finished speaking, he had looked of disgusted as he pushed Su Qi Qi, turning around to leave.

Merely because of this sentence, it doomed Su Qi Qi’s fate of her future in the Wang residence.

The door opened and closed, the room restored to its complete silence.

Not long after, the door was opened, because Su Qi Qi’s heart was numb she has not raised yet she saw a slender beauty come in.

Under the big red candle light, her face appeared very charming.

Her facial features was beautiful, her walk had a hint of frisk, her eyes light up, causing everyone to ablate in her smile.

“Wang Ye have given orders, Imperial Consort will become the lowest of servant.” The woman gently opened her mouth, the word Imperial consort and servant was spoken clearly, “Take Imperial Consort to the Laundry Department.”

The two guards behind was stunned, “Ah……”

They look at each other, and didn’t dared to move.

“What? Does Imperial Consort feel that Wang Ye is wrong?” The woman sees the guards not moving, instead they kneel besides the somewhat startled Su Qi Qi.

“I wouldn’t dare.” Su Qi Qi knew everything cannot be changed.

For her mother that was in the Prime Minister’s residence, she can only endure.

Slowly rising, she walked leisurely and unoppressively, her expression was calm as ever, seeing the imperial guards indifferent smile on the side, “Imperial guard brother, please lead the way.”


Translator Notes:
This chapter was actually translated by Suteki Da Ne

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  1. Owl says:


    I don’t think this means what your think it means lol.

    And I can’t figure out what “folie other women” means.

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    oh.. i am glad you pick up this novel.. i like the story so much.. =D

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    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this in ages. 😀

  4. Argent says:

    “Wang ye” isn’t a name, it’s a title, similar to “lord”, or in this instance, emperor/king.
    Ben Wang is a way of speaking in third person.

    Using these terms and titles as names is terribly confusing, especially since you translated “imperial consort” correctly.

    • Chiyomira says:

      I’m sorry, this chapter wasn’t one that I translated so I didn’t want to mess with her format. In the future though, I’m actually going to use more of those terms because there isn’t English equivalents for everything and I feel like by keeping more to the original, it’ll also help convey the traditional Chinese court culture more. I’ve also added a glossary for reference to help. I hope it isn’t too confusing. Please give me your opinion on the future chapters.

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    Just suppose Su QiQi is ready for this marriage.For her mother she will do anything to improve life for her mother.
    SQQ: Ok, What’s this? A new decree? I’m not going to be the Empress What? a consort? for who? OH S*&^ not that bastard war monger
    SQQ’s Mom: Baby listen I know it’s a bit of a change . But you’ll still be royalty. Your father will so happy . Who knows we might get along better her at home.
    Next day at the Ding Bei Hou in Yan Kingdom
    SQQ: What’s taking so long. Is he coming or What? I can’t even see what going on with this dang coronet on my head
    MWC:Huhmp let me look at you. You ain’t even good enough to wipe my feet.
    After MWC leaves the room a maid servant enters and says: Wangye says to send you to the laundry . You will be assigned there from now on
    Sqq: How did this happen? From Empress to laundry maid …in two days? I want to talk to this wedding planner Somethin” just ain’t right.

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