BBP’s Consort: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Provoking

Su Qi Qi had arrived in the Wang Residence for more than two months now. During this entire period she was silent, quietly completing all the tasks in her hands.

Every day she busied from the moment she woke until the sky turned dark, so she didn’t have much unnecessarily thoughts1.

(1) Implies that she was so busy she didn’t really have the time to think about anything other than her work.

The yatous she lived with also didn’t treat her as harshly as they did before, so the days passed much more smoothly.

It was just the circumstances that were not good.

Just when she thought she would be able to pass her entire life quietly like this, the Laundry Department had to welcome a haughty and arrogant woman——Cousin Miss Hua Qian Zi.

Not knowing the reason for this woman to suddenly come here, Su Qi Qi felt slightly uneasy inside.

The yatous who were pounding the laundry all stepped forward to give their greetings, but Su Qi Qi continued with the work in her hands.

Though she may be weak, she still had her pride, she was also Wang Residence’s respectable Eldest Daughter.

“Go ahead and rise, what this lady came for today is to find out who was it that teared this lady’s snow yarn.” Hua Qian Zi’s face was still full of warmth, but in the depths of her eyes was a chill that was hard to ignore.

The Ya Tous all kneeled down. Even though Hua Qian Zi’s status is only that of a Cousin Miss, but Wang Residence had always lacked a Mistress, so everything was managed by her.

The daily household matters, Mo Wen Chen won’t get involved in.

Now, for this Cousin Miss to personally come here conveys that this article of clothing was extremely important to her.

Who would still dared to confess.

The manager had already kowtowed several times, before lifting herself: “Replying Cousin Miss…… That snow yarn……”

She said with some stammering.

Her complexion was pale, she was obviously extremely scared.

“Who was it? If you don’t give this lady a proper explanation today, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Her eyebrows were severe: “It looks like you don’t like this manager position anymore.” Listening to the way Hua Qian Zi spoke, it seemed she wasn’t targeting anyone, and was only here because of the snow yarn garment.

This allowed Su Qi Qi to calm down a little. She was not scared, she just didn’t want to bring trouble to herself.

She only has to continue living quietly like this. As long as she doesn’t drag her mother down it was fine.

Back then when she had to switch to marry Mo Wen Chen, she had also opposed it. But, one, there was the fact that it was an imperial edict, second, her own father, the aloof, high-ranked xiang ye2, actually used her mother’s life to threaten her, so she had no choice but to accept this kind of compromise, and even stayed well-behaved and calm, not daring to let out even a single word of complaint.

(2) Master of the Xiang Residence

“This little one doesn’t dare, this one asks Miss to understand…… it, it’s……” The manager’s face already had some cold sweat dripping down.

“Hurry and speak.” Not waiting for the manager to kowtow once more, Hua Qian Zi slapped the manager’s face again.

You must understand that this snow yarn garment is priceless.

Now Su Qi Qi also creased her brows, because this one slap of Hua Qian Zi caused the manager to tumble several times on the ground. Looks like this gentle and sweet looking girl actually knows martial arts.

Now everyone knows that this Cousin Miss was extremely angry.

“Alright, alright.” Hua Qian Zi saw that no one was going to admit it, and became even angrier: “Someone come and take this servant to be beaten, beat her ruthlessly.”

A few guards made moves to approach.

One of the yatous stood up, trembling: “Miss…… this servant knows who it was!”

She didn’t dare to raise her head, even her teeth were chattering uncontrollably.

“Who?” Hua Qian Zi had been impatient for a long time.

“It’s, It’s wang fei niang niang……” The yatou finished speaking and fainted. It seems she was really quite scared.

Slowly getting up, Su Qi Qi knew her peaceful days were over. This woman still held a grudge against her. Looks like, these past two months, she was preparing her revenge.

She took another look at the guards that were approaching to surround them and the heavily trembling Jing Man beside her feet. She was one of the yatous that shared a room with her. Looks like that snow yarn garment was damaged by her.

Thinking of how she pitiful was and the fact that she had no one to rely on, not to mention she even had a sick little brother at home that needed her to send money back every month, she couldn’t bear to rat her out.

So she bit her lip, faced Hua Qian Zi and said: “That’s right, I was the one that accidentally tore the snow yarn garment.”

“So it was actually wang fei niang niang3.” The smile on Hua Qian Zi’s face deepened slightly, and she also turned to face Su Qi Qi, looking at her face. In her eyes were hints of contempt.

(3) niang niang = suffix which should only be applied to the empress or imperial concubines, is required to show respect

“Yes.” Su Qi Qi’s complexion did not change.

She was wearing rough plain clothing, yet that tranquil aura still gave out a dignified pressure.

“Slap!” Hua Qian Zi stepped forward and fiercely struck Su Qi Qi with the palm of her hand: “This snow yarn garment was a birthday present from biao ge4, can you afford to compensate? You blind wretch.”

(4) Biao Ge is literally Older Cousin Brother


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