Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 2 Chapter 1

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The Uncle and the Existing World

The war between mankind and the demon race had been going on for several hundred years.

Perhaps it had gone on even longer than this figure. After all, before humans and demons had formally declared war, they had been fighting without end.

For the humans, there weren’t any intelligent demons who were attacking the humans to absorb their magic. They were just like wild beasts, but much more dangerous. Good is all good, bad is all bad. Those low-level demons and high-ranking magic beasts were all evil.

Looking past all the reasons used to beautify the war, at the core of it, humans were fearful.

Even if they had never been threatened themselves, as long as there was an existence stronger than themselves, then they could not be companions, only enemies.

The quickest way to unite a group is to establish an opponent. This was an established reason, whether it be mere marketing strategies to or the power struggles of countries.

For demons, humans were, through and through, an evil race. Destroying forests, plundering natural resources. The large, fast-multiplying human population as well as their unnaturally hostile hearts were both annoying existences to the demons. The strong does not need to compromise with the weak.

So, the curtain of war opened.

For humans, killing the demon king, driving out all the demons was justice. This system of beliefs were deeply-rooted. Everything was the enemy’s fault, and I, who was oppressing the side at fault, was definitely in the right. So burning down the demons’ forest, polluting the demons’ rivers, killing the demons’ children, raping the demons’ women, triggering magma to burst onto tens of villages leaving no one a life and turning the land to ruins. This was all fair.

For demons, humans could not be forgiven. So they eagerly awaited ruthlessly killing families and relatives of Expedition Regiment members, occasionally killing travellers on the road. These were all actions of retaliation. Since the humans were heartless, I also do not need to be just. This sort of viewpoint can’t be said to be wrong.

Both sides believed that they had justice on their side, thus the war continued so long without cease.

Today, we will first cast our gaze on the human side.

Sheng Qiao Yi is the biggest country of human territory and is the head of the human troops. On the whole of the human continent, Sheng Qiao Yi plays the role of the overlord because it is the commander of the Expedition Regiment.

If it were left up to the humans, their would be power struggles, internal fighting, and useless internal friction. There would be countries trying to spread their influence in the Expedition Regiment, assembling their private soldiers to occupy other countries’ territories. So, a strong hegemon country is what humans need to stay unified. And that country is Sheng Qiao Yi.

You can tell just from the name of its capital, “Twelve Cities,” the extremely large scope of the capital of Sheng Qiao Yi. Twelve Cities includes its main city and eleven other sub-cities that revolve around it. The king of Sheng Qiao Yi lives in the main city. The other kings from the eleven other countries outside of Sheng Qiao Yi live in the subsidiary cities.

It supposedly forms a sort of parliamentary structure, but in reality, it’s like being under house arrest.

Any edicts the king issues in his own country is investigated in order to ensure that no traitors will appear.

To be able to do this, it is obvious that the strength of Sheng Qiao Yi is incomparable. It is the supreme country of the human continent. No one is its match, whether it be in culture, in economics, in military. Moreover it holds the elite trump card of the Expedition Forces, as the head of the First Expedition Team.

The Expedition Regiment has twelve main branches. The First Expedition Team is made up of the elite sent from each country to form this super strong team. The remaining eleven is made up of each country’s talented people.

Also related to this topic are those called nobles. Nobles are a necessary product because each king left their territory. The nobles were divided into ranks, and depending on the situation of each king who left their territory, divided up the management of the country. They enjoyed great power, but they had to ultimately listen to the commands of the king. Sheng Qiao Yi dispatched countless secret spies in each of the countries to ensure that the nobles would not try to extend their influence so much.

If the demon king was the head of the demons, Sheng Qiao Yi was the heart of humans.

Both sides did not understand one another and did not know how strong the opponent was. But until the heroes of the humans killed the demon king or the demons occupied the capital of Sheng Qiao Yi, the war cannot be declared over.

Our story does not take place in Shengqiaoyi, but rather in a country directly bordering the demon territory, Duopunuowa. This country is shaped like a inchworm arching its back, which has garnered it many nicknames in other countries.

“Is it really fine like this?”

Mademoiselle Phantom opened her mouth to ask this question in a cart, languidly travelling along a small country road. Mademoiselle Phantom had beautiful brown hair that hung to her waist and black-framed glasses that suited her elegant face. It gave people a clear impression of her intelligence. However, her pure white dress never reached her feat, and she was semi-transparent.

“It’s fine. I must carry out Zhai He’s wish. After all, all of this is because of me.”

Said the youth whose entire body was wrapped in a cloak, revealing only his head.

The once disheveled dark brown hair was now neatly combed, not a hair out of place. The twenty-six year old young man sitting on the edge of the cart.

His expression was totally empty. He did not seem joyful, but neither did he seem sorrowful. There was only nothingness.

“He ge, he, isn’t around anymore?”

Taking off the white cap she always wore, finally exposing the tiny horns of the ghost race in front of her companions, Little Elan’s delicate frame was curled up. Her red eyes had lost their luster and her whole person was extremely depressed.

Bendaye will not allow that guy to disappear like that!”

A palm-sized, beast-eared, golden-haired boy, Jinwen, stood atop of Elan’s head of soft white hair, unhappily wagging his fluffy tail.

Carolina, the girl who was currently driving the car, bit her bottom lip and clutched the horsewhip close to her. The silver sword scabbard at her waist twinkled in the sunlight.

The young man sighed, looking at the pitch-black sword handle next to him. The slender taichi, full of a certain person’s forging skills had been thoroughly broken. Only the knife handle was left, like a consolation.

“I do not know. I am a criminal who has no desire in living again. If that guy is still around, one day I will surely return him to you. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Mademoiselle Phantom passed through the roof of the carriage, floating into the sky, listlessly flying around.

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