Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Chapter 42

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The Uncle and the Tracker (part 6)

While I was in a trance, I felt that man grab my hair, bring his mouth close to my ear and say in a low voice:

“This is the end, hero impersonator.”

But I had no strength to respond to him.

“I can’t find the aura of that little demon. It looks like she has run away. Although that’s a shame, killing you is good enough for me. Leon.”

This time, he didn’t call my name, instead he simply called me Leon.

The previous owner of this body, since the beginning.

Leon’s body had given me a second time at life and had led me to death.

Inside the imaginary world constructed in my mind, Leon stood atop a sea of corpses. The bodies undulated like the tide beneath my feet. My footing was unstable, but Leon did not move at all.

Maybe I was very similar to that man. Seeing him in this final moment.

The tracker’s voice seemed to reverberate:

“Leon, that bastard, sheltered that demon. What’s more, he sheltered one of the five generals, Scampelier. The Scampelier who had killed close to three hundred of our Expedition Regiment. But at the final moment, Leon let her go. That bastard!! He was just like you, enticed by a demon’s pretty face. Choosing to give her refuge. So, we had to punish him. After he retired, we acted to kill him. Please do not mistake that it was like today, where only I came to kill you. The number of people who wanted to kill Leon was too many, so we had no choice but to work together. If not, we wouldn’t be able to resolve our hatred.”

You’re quite skillful, Leon.

I looked at the man before me. His figure was very hazy. The familiar face seemed like it was extremely far away.

I don’t know why what his goal was in protecting a demon, but I could understand. Maybe I came to this world so I could inherit Leon’s will. Even there was only one person on the world who understand him, that person would definitely be me.

But the difference between me and him was that Leon was a lot more daring.

I believed that the demons were good, that humans were good. They were all legitimate citizens of this continent. But because I had come from a more advanced in technology, thought, a more liberated world, I didn’t possess any unjust resentment in this world.

But Leon was a hero. Maybe he was like Nuode, becoming a hero because of a deep hatred of demons. As a hero he chose to forgive, though he was given the vile name of a traitor. I thought the Leon was a true hero.

The wind and sand blew around and Leon’s figure became fuzzy.

This brief life was a pretty good life.

In these two years, I had performed the role of an average villager, and then a travelling salesman for a short amount of time. Seeing so many young heros, maybe I had already found the real definition of my role.

I am the weapon shop uncle, Zhai He.

I have made the most wonderful weapon around, excepting Maylise’s. I am an outstanding forger. I have helped many people. I have used the end of my life to protect those people who had left, and I strived to live, up until the last moment.

Here, I had temporarily forgot those memories that I was the most reluctant to rememberfrom that world. Forgotten the memories, which every time I remember, would make me incomparably sad. Even if now is but a feverish dream of that world, even if when I grip the sword, my memories will be mixed with those of that time, I will work hard to overcome them and choose to move forward.

For me, the future is incomparably important. But the present is also very important.

This was the final time I would draw the sword. I made a promise. This was enough.

Goodbye, Little Elan.

Without me saying anything, you will definitely strive hard to live here. No matter if it’s Yazi or Mademoiselle Phantom, both of them are intelligent people who will help you.

Finally, I could say it.

I struggled towards Leon. When I brushed shoulders with him, I fell into the boundless darkness.

This was my life. I had no regrets.

“Did you not hear me? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Immediately the short, jagged edge of the sword pierced through my neck.

My consciousness had already been lost.

When I was unconscious, I could hear a sweet-sounding, female voice.

“Let him go…….I know, I’ll take the consequences……please, Shen Zhen.”

When I woke up, I saw people I didn’t know.

There was a small girl wearing a white cap who jumped into my arms without explanation.

With her was another girl, on the cusp of adulthood, giving off sex appeal. Her dark green eyes were full of tears.

A tiny animal was stepping on my head, desperately clutching my hair, saying things like “Bendaye was so worried you died.”

A silver haired donkey was rubbing its face into my shoulder.

A semi-transparent, wise and elegant ghost maiden had on a pitiful crying face.

“He ge, you’re all right!!”

Sobbed the little girl as she pounced into my embrace.


Why am I here?

I don’t know anything at all about my present state.

Moreover, I remember that I died.

“He ge??”

He ge? I repeat the name in my mind. Who is that?

The ghost who looked extremely intelligence pushed back her glasses with a shaking finger.

“Then you are——”

Ah, ah.

Asking for my name?

So it was like this. They happened to save me by chance and didn’t know my name. What a goud group of people.

“Me? I am Leon, the hero Leon.”

I felt that it had been along time since I had announced that name.

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