Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 2 Chapter 2

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The Uncle and the Banner of Justice

The sound of footsteps echoed in a large, opulent hall. The glossy walls were inscribed with giant images of god. At the center of the hall was an imposing, round table of white stone.

Three people were seated sparsely around the table. A balding, stout man wore red judicial robes. A female with a long red ponytail and revealing clothing. The black cloth ended to show her ample chest and also to expose a pair of fair, white legs. There was also a silent girl in green clothing clutching onto a ragged doll.

“So? Can you explain to me why you let that hero impersonator go free?”

Said a man, leaning against a white jade pillar not far away.

His – Shen Zhen’s – whole body was wrapped in layers of black mist. His large quantity of magic power was not suppressed in the slightest. It was like his body was wrapped in the steam from a hot spring.

“So you’re saying that your ‘no action’ corps are all idiots.”

The pretty and flirtatious beauty caressed a black sword with a purple design in her hands superciliously while she spoke.

Shen Zhen managed to resist  the desire to explode, but the black colored mist on his body continued to become denser.

“Don’t touch the sword while talking, Luciewayan. Fix your attitude and wear more too.  There are plenty of people in the First Division that are watching you.”

The white-haired old guy’s voice was very imposing.

Luciewayan uncrossed her legs and sat up slightly more properly. She took the sword in her hands and placed it on the table while arranging her shirt that had slid down to her elbows. Her large chest swayed. Though she was full of allure to men, the people here paid no attention to the familiar sight.

“I understand, commander.”

The white-haired old man name was Baliat, known throughout the lands as the commander of the First Expedition.

“Then let’s talk. Two years ago, I authorized all of you to kill Leon. At that time, you carried it out. Why did you release him today?”

The old man’s voice did not contain any inflections. It was not condemning, but it was not praising.

It was simply a question. And it wasn’t a question that was easy to answer either.

“Why did Leon resurrect for no reason? Who is inside his body? What is he planning to do? Does he have any accomplices? If we had killed Leon, there would be never be anyone who could answer these questions. So, I think that handing over full responsibility to us, the intelligence corps, is the most fair. Commander Baliat, please give us the responsibility.”

“But that’s impossible.”

The girl in green who had always been sitting in front of them spoke. She was about fifteen years old and she was quite short. She was hard to see sitting on her chair, as her sitting height did not surpass 105 cm. Though she talked, she did not open her mouth. Rather, she chose to use ventriloquism. Her mechanical voice sounded like it was computer-generated.

“That’s right.”

Shen Zhen, who was on the side, creased his brows as he firmly said those words.

“I’m not the only person in the Expedition Corps who wants to kill Leon. Even if I didn’t take action, Leon would be offed sooner or later.”

“It’s okay. It’ll be fine as long as everyone here does not leak out any information.”

Luciewayan smoothed her ponytail. As her red fingernails ran through its length, she gave off a charming light.

Shen Zhen’s fist pounded against the white jade pillar.

“Do you just want me to watch that bastard run free? Just thinking about what happened with Scampelier makes me want to scream my lungs out in rage. If I have to think about that bastard Leon travel free and unrestrained, how could I lie on my pillow and sleep peacefully?”

The solid white jade pillar showed visible cracks.

“Do not take out your anger on headquarters, Shen Zhen. Do you plan on tearing this place down?”

Bailat did not look over at Shen Zhen and spoke as he pleased.


Shen Zhen violently spat out that sound.

“So, are you going to negotiate with jie jie, Shen Zhen?”

Although she was addressing Shen Zhen, Luciewayan looked at the green clothed girl in front of her as she spoke.

The girl with the dead fish eyes nodded her head. She shot a glance at Shen Zhen without moving her head:

“Shen Zhen, just accept it since you won’t let any other people kill your close friend, right?”

“Don’t mention the words ‘close friend’ to me.”

He said this, but Shen Zhen’s tone softened.

Baliat opened his mouth to say:

“Zhi Bu, next time don’t use your passive skill to read hearts on your companions. It’s easy for cracks in your defense to show.”


This time, the girl in green clothing, Zhi Bu, did not use ventriloquism but physically opened her mouth to answer.

“You’ve become honest when you’re seen through, Shen Zhen.”

Luciewayan said mockingly.

“So, you just have to listen obediently and wait for our intelligence corps to gather the complete information. Then you will be allowed to kill him on your own. You can do it any way you like. Are you out of suggestions, Baliat?”

The old man nodded his head.

“Lucy, when I fought with the hero impersonator last time, why did you come onto the scene?”

Shen Zhen, who was preparing to leave, suddenly turned to look at Luciewayan.

“When we were halfway there, I felt the scale of the magic explosion. The intelligence corps couldn’t just sit and watch like nothing was happening.”

“Did you hear something?”

“What are you referring to?”

“That hero impersonator bastard said that he wasn’t a hero, but an uncle who opened a weapon shop.”

Baliat and Zhi Bu raised their heads to look at Shen Zhen.

“It’s possible that I heard incorrectly. But if that was true, then I must definitely kill that person impersonating a hero.”

Luciewayan stood, picking up the sword on the table.

Baliat sighed.

“That’s right. Because Leon wanted to be a hero more than anyone.”

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