Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Qian Xiaoqi, Wait

After eating lunch, Xiaoqi finally saw the Ha Pi that Lu Liu described to sound like a furry steamed bun. The little thing went ‘woof woof’ after being carried in by a maid, then immediately jumped down and threw itself straight towards Xiaoqi’s chest.

Song Liangzhuo, who was sitting at the side, seemed to start, then he subconsciously lifted his arm to block it for Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi, however, moved a step faster than him and gathered the little thing into her arms.

How is this a steamed white flour bun ah? It was clearly a glutinous rice dango*. Xiaoqi rubbed the dog’s head as she thought, it’s actually not bad looking. Compared to that someone in front of her, it was much more pleasing to the eye.

It’s just too cute and tasty! Let me post a couple pics~

Song Liangzhuo’s motion to protect Xiaoqi obviously incurred Old Master Qian’s liking. Originally, he was still debating whether he should give money or not, but from the looks of it now, this son-in-law does quite love this daughter. What his own wife said also made quite a bit of sense: give half first, then give the other half once Xiaoqi is expecting.

Old Master Qian slapped his leg and set his decision on the matter just like this.

After the meal, the men started chatting and Xiaoqi took the time to slip out again.

The courtyards of Qian fu were much bigger. Aside from a large back garden, there was also a man-made river that traversed the Qian fu. Qian Xiaoqi sat in the pavilion next to the lotus flower pond. As she enjoyed the breeze, she felt a little unwilling to leave.

The beautiful missus sat at the side and kept Xiaoqi company. Seeing Xiaoqi hanging her head dejectedly as she threw fish food into the lotus flower pond, she felt a little heartache. She had also specially gone to take a look at the little courtyard in Song fu. It was a two section compound courtyard, without a back garden and without a pond; in the heat of summer, it was definitely very hot.

The beautiful missus looked at the red carps inside the pond that were fighting to snatch the food and said softly, “Is it that Xiaoqi received some grievances? Tell Mom a little?”

“I didn’t.”

“Did that Lady Wen cause trouble? Does Song Liangzhuo have some relationship with that surnamed Wen?”

“Relationship ya?” Xiaoqi looked at the dense green lotus pond and thought for a bit. “They have a relationship. They’ve known each other since young.”

“Green plum and bamboo horse(a couple that grew up as childhood friends)?!” The beautiful missus exclaimed in alarm.

“That, it isn’t. Don’t know whether the bamboo horse has any feelings towards the green plum, but the green plum has feelings for the bamboo horse.”

“Then Xiaoqi must keep a tight watch this time. You mustn’t be negligent!”

Xiaoqi mischievously blinked her eyes while one hand slowly clenched tight in the air as she gritted her teeth. “When I go back I’ll stare. Tight. Ly.” This drew a burst of gentle laughter from the beautiful missus.

Xiaoqi fed the fish for a while before asking with a depressed voice, “Mom, can I move back here after a couple days? I still like this courtyard of ours more.”

The beautiful missus also felt much heartache, but though heartache was heartache, she forced herself to say, “It’s best if Xiaoqi stays in Song fu. It’d also be easier to keep a tight eye on that Lady Wen that way. If you really miss Mom, then just come back for a glance whenever you have time.”

A glance na! Sorrow surged forth from Xiaoqi’s heart.

Sure enough, a married out daughter is spilled out water ah. Can’t even stay for long when coming back, and only allowed a glance.

Xiaoqi looked at the red carp inside the pond as she pouted. “Then I’m taking two carps with me.”

“Hehe, catch a couple more and get a large water tank to raise them in.” The beautiful missus clapped her hand as a thought suddenly occurred to her. “You can even plant some water lilies in the tank. When you see them in the summer it’ll be extremely beautiful. How about Mom have some people send over some tanks in a couple days?”

“No way!” Xiaoqi sulkily said, “Those two aren’t allowed to see. I’ll only raise one tank and have it placed in my own courtyard.”

“Naughty!” The beautiful missus laughed as she chided.

“Mom, let me take Ha Pi as well, ok? At night, it can sleep with me.”

“Song Liangzhuo agrees?”

“He…” Xiaoqi’s eyes turned and she switched to saying, “He’s not afraid of dogs. I’ll discuss it properly with him later.”

“Alright, if Xiaoqi likes then just take it with you. And see what else it needs and take all of that too.”

“Mom’s truly magnanimous!”

The beautiful missus cast a glance towards the person that was crossing the small bridge over the lake and walking over. She gave a light sigh. “Xiaoqi, that husband of yours is here looking for you. Mom truly can’t bear to have Xiaoqi leave home just like this.”

Xiaoqi’s pretty eyes sparkled. “Then I’ll just live at home!”

“No!” The beautiful missus’s expression was serious as she poked Xiaoqi’s nose and said in a low voice, “You can’t let others take advantage of the gap and squeeze in. Say, don’t you know how Mom was able to keep your dad from being disloyal all these years? Two words: close watch!”

Xiaoqi pouted. Scattering all the fish food in her hand into the pond, she patted her hands off then called a servant girl over. “Have someone come over to catch a couple fish. I want that one and that one, and that one too. The red half grown one, and those two small ones. I don’t want ones with bubbles growing on their heads.”T/C

Song Liangzhuo walked closer and took a look, then smiled. “Are you bringing these back to raise? It’s also about time for us to go back!”

“Oh.” Xiaoqi also didn’t feel like probing into how much of the smile on his face was sincere. She stood up and walked over to his side. “Then let’s go back.”

The beautiful missus smiled as she said, “I’ll send over these things for you in a little while.”

“No, we’ll just take it together. I can carry Ha Pi and isn’t there still the silver? In any case, it has to be towed over.”

Old Man Qian’s beard trembled. “You even want it in cash?”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes. “Of course I want it in cash ah. Banknotes are so unreliable, and whether they can be exchanged or not is still a completely different matter.”

“Have you ever seen the Qian family’s bank being unable to bring out the silver?” Old Man Qian knitted his brows.

Xiaoqi jutted up her lower lip and the beautiful missus hurried to say, “It wasn’t easy for Xiaoqi to finally visit home. If she wants cash then let’s just give cash. Isn’t it all the same once put to use? You should just have the steward go over and get it!”

Old Man Qian wasn’t really angry either. He laughed as he waved his hand. “Just scaring you. Not having the little lass around really feels strangely quiet. Haha, really not used to it!”

Xiaoqi’s downturned mouth had been that way the entire time. Now, her nose sniffled and she lowered her head.

“Alright alright, enough. Look at you, you’ve even made Xiaoqi feel sad.” The beautiful missus shot a glare at Old Man Qian, then, enduring the reluctance in her heart, smiled. “You mustn’t weep endlessly. The first return mahG, should be done happily and cheerfully. Happily and festively coming, then happily and festively going back; only this affirms that sentence of ‘Joy and luck arrived here and joy follows going there, a lifetime without hardship comes without struggle’. If Xiaoqi misses Mom, then just come back and visit. It’s just a district away. When wouldn’t you be able to come visit?”

Xiaoqi gloomily nodded and hugged the beautiful missus’ arm as she walked out with Old Man Qian and Song Liangzhuo. Old Man Qian’s heart ached quite a lot. After thinking a bit, he said, “Xiaoqi, don’t feel sad. In a bit, Dad will give you that pair of jadeite rabbits you’ve always wanted, alright?”

“Ah?” Xiaoqi dazedly lifted her head. After thinking for a moment, she repeated nodded. “Ok!”

“Little money grubber!” The beautiful missus flicked Xiaoqi’s nose for a second and laughed.

Xiaoqi directly carried Ha Pi into the carriage. Song Liangzhuo didn’t say anything, but the moment he got into the carriage, he avoided Xiaoqi and sat in the corner.

Xiaoqi stuck out her head from the carriage window to wave goodbye to the beautiful missus, Old Man Qian, and Pandi. Only after the carriage took a turn and the people were no longer visible did she withdraw her head.

Xiaoqi was a bit sad now. She hugged Ha Pi and sat crossed legged on the carriage’s wooden planks with her head lowered silently. Song Liangzhuo sighed. “You’ll have to get used to it sooner or later. In the future, when we return to my family’s home, wouldn’t the separation be even further?”

“Who wants to go to your family’s home with you? You can just bring that Ruoshui meimei of yours back!”

Song Liangzhuo didn’t speak anymore. Xiaoqi aimed a glance at Song Liangzhuo, then she pursed her lips, “I got the money for you, so later Ha Pi and I will sleep in the bedroom. You find some other place to sleep. You better not grow fat eating one’s words(break promises).”

Song Liangzhuo declined to comment.

Wen Ruoshui waited in the house for an entire day. Before Song Liangzhuo and Xiaoqi even walked to the back courtyard, she had already scuttled out from Moon Entrance with the hem of her skirt lifted. In an instant she ran to Song Liangzhuo’s side and seized his arm and said, panting slightly, “Zhou gege’s back la!”

Xiaoqi pouted and entered the back courtyard with quick steps. Little Ha Pi circled around in Xiaoqi’s arms and drilled his way out, then went ‘wan’(Chinese onomatopoeia for bark) in Wen Ruoshui’s direction. Ha Pi’s bark was like his appearance, cute and sweet, completely incapable of causing fear.

Wen Ruoshui’s eyes lit up the moment she saw that wobbling little ball of white climb out. But due to her concern about face, she didn’t ask to play with it. Of course, Xiaoqi also wouldn’t let Wen Ruoshui play with her living treasure.

Song Liangzhuo tactfully pulled his arm out of her grasp as he smiled. “Ruoshui meimei should play by herself for a while. I still have some matters to talk about with Xiaoqi.”

Wen Ruoshui jutted up her mouth as she humphed angrily. “What does Zhou gege have to talk about with her? Ruoshui has already waited for you for an entire day!”

Song Liangzhuo took a glance at the house door that had already been closed by Qian Xiaoqi. Giving a sigh in his heart, he then said, “Then, what matters does Ruoshui meimei have?”

Ruoshui snuck a glance at Song Liangzhuo, then pouted. “Nothing ah. Zhou gege, chat with Ruoshui for a while mah~”

Song Liangzhuo changed directions and headed for the study room. As he walked, he said, “Oh, I just recalled that there were still some files that needed to be looked at. Ruoshui meimei should go find Xiaoqi to play. Let’s chat at night during dinner.”

Wen Ruoshui lightly stamped her foot. After thinking a bit, she followed over. “I’ll grind ink for Zhou gege.”

“Ahem, looking at files actually doesn’t require writing.”

Ruoshui seemed to have recalled that sentence: ‘Charming eyes with bashfulness lower, red lips with smiles part.’ She slowed down her steps and slowly parted her red lips with elegance, before speaking with a soft voice, “Push back red sleeves and replenish the lightG mah(obviously), there’s no need for Zhou gege to feel as if you’re troubling meimei.”

Song Liangzhuo gave a forced laugh, then inwardly sighed as he walked into the study.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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