Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 69 Part 1

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Chapter 69.1: Husband, I’ll Wait for You

Chen Zigong waited half the day, but Xiaoqi still didn’t get up. After spending a long time being angry on his own and suppressing the anger, he finally flipped Xiaoqi over with a sigh. Chen Zigong was shocked upon seeing that Xiaoqi’s face had started to turn purple from being smothered by the blankets. He immediately jumped off the bed in a fluster, lifted Xiaoqi, and gently placed her on the bed. He anxiously called her name as he patted her face. Only when she gave a long exhale did he finally loosen a breath in relief.

Xiaoqi dazedly opened her eyes. When the image of the person in front of her became clear, she felt angry again and wanted to pounce over. Chen Zigong rubbed his forehead and said, “I’ll take a look at what you brought over. You should rest first. Don’t cause any more trouble.”

A clear teardrop once again slipped down from the corner of Xiaoqi’s eye. Xiaoqi’s lips trembled for half the day before she finally said in a barely audible voice, “My husband wouldn’t kill anyone. He, he…”

Chen Zigong gave a humph as he went to sit down next to the table. He felt for a flint match to light the candle, but couldn’t get it to light up after multiple attempts. Vexed, he shouted, “Zhou Cang, come in and light the candle.”

Zhou Cang pushed open the door, entered, and swiftly lit the candle. When he noticed the person on the bed, he said in a low voice, “Ye, this lady…”

Chen Zigong cast a glance at Xiaoqi who had closed her eyes again and gave a humph. “You think the Song family could possibly be unaware that she’s here? They’re all treating ben wang like a fool to mess with! Just let her pass the night in ben wang’s room!”

Chen Zigong, irritated, flipped open the booklet. After taking two glances, he gave an angry humph and threw it back down onto the table. In the end, he reached out and swept it into his arms again before getting up. “Go light your room’s candles.”

Zhou Cang looked at Chen Zigong, confused. Seeing his gloomy expression, Zhou Cang thought for a little bit, then turned and exited the room.

Chen Zigong walked to the bed with large steps, and with boorish movements pulled the blanket and covered Xiaoqi with it. After standing there for a few moments, he sighed and also left the room.

The moment Chen Zigong exited the doors, he encountered a fat old man that seemed like a Maitreya(a future buddha that is predicted to come when most of the dharma has been forgotten). The fat old man laughed merrily as he bowed in greeting toward Chen Zigong. “Hao wang ye. This worthless commoner, Qian Wanjin, greets wang ye.”

Chen Zigong’s shoulders drooped powerlessly and he kneaded his forehead as he walked to Zhou Cang’s room. The fat old man looked at the tightly closed room door, then rubbed his bare lower chin as he turned to follow Chen Zigong.

Chen Zigong threw the booklet onto the table. In reality, there was no need to even look. It was obvious simply from Inspector General Li’s actions that he was trying to hide something within this matter.

Old Man Qian laughed ‘haha’ as he said, “This worthless commoner encountered Zeng Hong, Zeng da ren, ten years ago when heading overseas. Apologies for any offense, but at that time, he had mentioned Hao wang ye. Zeng da ren said that Hao wang ye had been kind and intelligent from a young age. In the future, Hao wang ye would definitely be a wang ye that all the people in the country would respect. This worthless commoner never thought there would be a day when fate allows for this encounter. It truly is this worthless commoner’s fortune.”

“Grand Master*?” Chen Zigong lifted his brows with surprise.

”Grand Master” An office position in ancient China. He is a minister assisting the emperor and is also the teacher of the future emperor. During times of war or when the emperor is too young, they may also manage the country in the emperor’s place The position was destroyed around the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC), but later dynasties implemented it from time to time

Old Man Qian said with a smile, “ Yes. It was rare to encounter a da ren that was supportive of trade. Zeng da ren told this worthless commoner to trade seriously and drive the economy of this nation forward. Haha, ten years have passed. This probably counts as not having betrayed Zeng da ren‘s expectations from that year.”

Chen Zigong expressionlessly indicated for Old Man Qian to sit and said with a mild tone, “What matter brings you to ben wang today? You might as well speak straight.”

Old Man Qian smiled as he shook his head. “This worthless commoner doesn’t dare to hide from wang ye. It’s for the sake of that good-for-nothing son-in-law of mine. Haha, unexpectedly, wang ye turned out to also be former acquaintances with my family’s Xiaoqi. From the looks of it, wang ye is already preparing to get involved. This worthless commoner has no other meanings but just that if there are any areas where this worthless commoner’s assistance may come in useful in the future, this worthless commoner definitely will not hesitate.”

Chen Zigong felt embarrassed as if his inner thoughts had been seen through and turned his head away as he gave a cough. “Ben wang naturally must help His Majesty with his worries and difficulties. When encountering a miscarriage of justice, how could ben wang possibly pretend not to see it?”

Old Man Qian nodded as he said, “Wang ye truly is as Zeng da ren described: able and virtuous, loving the common people as one’s own children. For Xiaoqi to have a friend like wang ye is her fortune. That dumb daughter of mine is pregnant. When my grandson’s one-month-old celebration arrives, wang ye must do me the honor to come have a drink.”

Ha, using both gentle methods and force like this; the old man’s just afraid he would save his son-in-law but snatch away his daughter! The corners of Chen Zigong’s mouth twitched but he said cooperatively, “Certainly.”

Old Man Qian smiled as he got up and cupped his hand. “Then this worthless commoner will thank wang ye first on my daughter’s behalf. Xiaoqi’s pregnancy doesn’t seem stable. Might this worthless commoner…?”

Chen Zigong waved his hand. Old Man Qian laughed ‘haha’ again before withdrawing from the room with his hand cupped.

Chen Zigong stared at the candle for a long time, then sighed and walked to the bed to lie down. Zhou Cang pushed open the door and walked in. With his head lowered, he said, “Ye, Master Qian has taken Lady Qian away and left.”

After half the day, Chen Zigong finally gave a ‘hm’ in reply.

Zhou Cang wasn’t sure what Chen Zigong meant to do. However, he didn’t want to stand by the door for an entire night so he gulped and gathered up his courage to say, “Ye, it’s best if you return to your room to sleep.”

The melancholy that Chen Zigong had just gathered up was shattered into pieces. His lips twitched for a long time before he pushed himself up slowly. Chen Zigong beckoned Zhou Cang with his hand while wearing a harmless smile on his face.

Zhou Cang nervously swallowed. “It’s also fine if ye sleeps here. It’s just that this servant’s bed is a little unclean. This servant is afraid it will dirty ye.”

Chen Zigong continued to smile as he waved his hand. Zhou Cang nervously dawdled over. Chen Zigong got up and walked behind him, then aimed a kick straight at his butt.

“You were disdaining this ye for occupying your bed, hm?”

Zhou Cang fell flat on his face in a dog-eating-shit posture onto the quilt. For half the day, he didn’t dare to get up. Chen Zigong kicked the floor planks below his feet and commanded, “Get up and tidy up the things on the table properly. If you lose anything, look forward to the consequences.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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