Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 66 Part 2

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Chapter 66.2: Husband, I’ll Wait For You

Shanzi snuck over, intending to help her up, but when he saw Xiaoqi staring blankly he was a bit confused. The sound of Zixiao crying as she laughed suddenly came from the room.

“So, so it turns out that all of it was just me overthinking things ah! Wang ye, you felt like that was just one sentence. Whether that sentence was spoken or not was fine, but why did you bring up that subject and leave it for Zixiao to ponder along? Now, others laugh at me like I’m a little clown, and it’s all in vain. So it turns out, haha, it was just one sentence from you. What need had I to take it seriously?!”

Chen Zigong knitted his brows. “Must ben wang speak each word like a pearl so that it could hold up to grinding examination? It was nothing but a passing sentence. How could it provoke so many events?”

Zixiao hit her chest as she said, “That’s right ah, one glance from ye was enough to cause Wei niang niang to have the idea to bestow me to ye. I thought ye liked me, that I would rather go serve a person who liked me and who I also liked. It was nothing but one additional sentence from ye, and I stupidly paid up my entire life. And what was it for? For the sake of making wang ye happy…”T/N

Chen Zigong lifted his hand to break off Li Zixiao’s words. “Don’t speak of it in such a grand impressive way. If I didn’t guess wrong, you were probably scheming for the sake of your other half a lifetime. It has nothing to do with ben wang. Don’t make something so vulgar seem pure as a white lotus flower. Even if it’s a lotus flower, you’re the stalk whose head is covered with sludge.” Chen Zigong dug at his ear. “Listening to you is so strange and unpleasant.”

Zixiao stared at Chen Zigong for a long time. Chen Zigong ignored her and poured himself tea, then took a sip. Seeing that Lin Zixiao was still standing there, he lifted his brow and said, “You still have business?”

Zixiao smiled as she shook her head. “Ye is always the one that is right. Even if ye tramples other people’s emotions into mud.”

Chen Zigong was amused and smiled at Zixiao for a long time before saying, “Ye was born with good eyes that aren’t blurry or blind. They know what’s real and what’s not. Lady Lin has taken a lot of trouble, to even be probing such a big matter as emotions with ben wang.”

Zixiao’s expression was a bit at a loss. Lifting her eyes to look around, she muttered, “Ye was born with good eyes, just a glance was enough to captivate me. Ye was truly born with such great eyes, things that you don’t want to see, even if you see you can pretend not to. Haa, I’m dumb ah. Since I was scheming for the sake of the other half of my lifetime, why did I still factor in emotions?”

“If it weren’t for the fact that you teased me, it wouldn’t have given Wei niang niang a pretext to kick me out. She envied my beauty and feared that I’d inevitably crawl above her one day. But what a coincidence! A sentence of teasing from you, ye, was able to solve the great grudge in Wei niang niang’s heart. Alright then, I’ll just go to wang fu. I also didn’t feel like fighting and struggling in the Inner Palace with so many women. Perhaps you even liked me a little. But unexpectedly, entering wang fu was entering the Cold Palace ah. Even catch a glimpse of wang ye was difficult. I’m also a woman ah, I also need to find someone for myself to rely on ah. So I did deliberately try to get close to ye. How was that wrong?”

Zixiao smiled painfully at Chen Zigong. “I succeeded; wang ye also took me. Yet after ye went out to take a stroll, you came back and told me you’ll allow me to fulfill my fate with my old love. Did ye ask me whether I was willing to return or not? Did ye think about what kind of fate would be lying in wait for me as a woman that has lost her chastity? I didn’t want to be like this. I’m also an ordinary person ah. Since I couldn’t grasp my fate before, shouldn’t I plan a little for myself later? What is so wrong about planning for myself? Does wang ye believe that the side wang fei doesn’t think about the wang fei position every day?”

Chen Zigong lifted his brows. “That’s why though she had the status, she didn’t have the chance to be wang fei. Obsessing too much only digs one’s own grave in the end.”

Zixiao coldly laughed and fixed her eyes on Chen Zigong as she said, “Wang ye is also pitiful ah. Where is there a single person at ye’s side that truly loves ye? They’re all just aiming for the status that Hao wang fu has. Wang ye can’t bear to see it? Lady Qian is simple and pure enough, however, her heart will never be wang ye’s. Wang ye said you have no interest in women with husbands? It’s nothing but self…”

Chen Zigong swept a cold glance over. “You can choose to be incapable of ever speaking again.”

Zixiao stopped her mouth and looked at Chen Zigong for a while. Then, which a sudden laugh, she turned, pulled open the door, and walked out. Zixiao glanced at Xiaoqi who was dazed out on the floor and lifted her brows as she said with a smile, “Second Older Brother is so sincere towards you, yet unexpectedly you ran over here to hang out with wang ye.”

Zixiao’s smile counted as gentle, but Xiaoqi kept feeling something sinister from it. It scared her to the point she hugged Xiao Shanzi’s leg and didn’t dare to look at it anymore.

“Haha, Xiaoqi meimei sure has quite a few sweethearts. Who is this fellow?”

Shanzi endured to the point his face turned completely red. He lifted his fist and was just about to hit her when he saw Chen Zigong walk over. In a blink, he switched to smiling merrily and saying, “Lady Lin has good eyesight. This little one indeed is a fellow and not a lass.”

Zixiao turned back and glanced at the expressionless Chen Zigong, then pursed her lips and went down the stairs.

So it turns out that the man she once again placed hope in, the reliance she gave out everything in order to grasp tightly, was nothing more than a fantasy she herself weaved. She thought she had failed in her search for a shelter and finally was reduced to being a chess piece, yet it turned out she wasn’t even a chess piece. So it turns out that her, Lin Zixiao’s, emotional world, from start to finish, was just a farce. That she was just a lowly high-maintenance woman that couldn’t let go of her first love and who also sent her feelings in the wrong direction.

No one would think for her future, so she could only fight for it herself. Even if it’s just a status in name, it’d still be better than to stay in the Lin family with an identity that was not a servant, but also not a master, causing everyone to disdain her. It was also probably better than being forced by the older brother in her family to become the wife of some rotten old man.

Chen Zigong looked expressionlessly at Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi was leaning completely on Shanzi’s leg without lifting her head.

Shanzi said as he laughed ‘haha’, “Wang ye, please forgive us, we were just passing by. Hehe, just passing by. We’ll leave right now!”

Shanzi moved to pull Xiaoqi but was stopped by Chen Zigong. Chen Zigong crouched down and said with a breeze-like tone, “Xiaoqi is also afraid of ben wang?”

Xiaoqi dazedly lifted her head and peeked out to look left and right. Only when she found that Lin Zixiao’s figure was no longer around did she sigh in relief. Xiaoqi turned back around to meet with a magnified face and was scared to the point she screamed in surprised and grabbed Shanzi’s leg again. Shanzi swiftly jumped out of the way and bent down to rub his knee lovingly as he said, “Third Miss, if guye sees, he’ll chop off this servant’s leg.”

Xiaoqi went for a hug but wasn’t able to hug anything, so she felt for the stool and seized it into her arms. She blinked a couple times and finally saw the person that was almost resting on her face clearly, then said fumingly, “You’re scary, with such a big face!”

The corners of Chen Zigong’s lips twitched. He reached out, wanting to pull Xiaoqi up. Xiaoqi looked at that hand, then pressed the floor and climbed up by herself.”

“So it turns out you’re that rotten old man!?” Xiaoqi pouted as she humphed angrily. “What a horrible person. You tricked the bad green plum to give you her affections, then discarded her. She already married you, how is she supposed to get married to anyone else in the future ah.”

Chen Zigong humphed. “None of your business.”

Xiaoqi puffed up her cheeks angrily. “I’m only telling you because I thought you were a good person. If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t have bothered. Humph, hateful!” Xiaoqi flung her head, hugged the stool and returned to her own room.

Shanzi looked at Chen Zigong whose expression wasn’t that good and said while forcing out some laughs, “That um, hehe, wang ye, please forgive us. Our family’s Third Miss has always been straightforward in her words, but she never curses people.”

Shanzi solemnly held up his hand in vow and continued, “I swear!”

Humph, never curses people? Then what does the fact that she has cursed him for so long mean? It’s saying that he’s not a person? Chen Zigong’s expression clearly darkened even more.

With one look, Shanzi saw that he failed to slap the horse butt(flatter someone) and even slapped the horse’s leg. His expression was troubled as he scratched his head and said, “Restroom emergency, aiyoyo, restroom emergency! Wang ye, this little one will leave first!” As he said so, he bent over and slipped off in an instant.

Chen Zigong humphed angrily, then turned and with a ‘bang’, flung the door closed.

Xiaoqi laid on the table, a little unhappy. From the looks of it, Chen Zigong was that Hao wang ye. He even did that with the bad green plum. Since they’ve already done that, why isn’t he looking after her? He already said that there were three thousand beauties in his house, so it’s not like he can’t afford one more bad green plum! How much more could three thousand and one people eat than three thousand? It’s not like the wang ye’s family would feel a pinch from that single bowl of rice.

In reality, Xiaoqi didn’t hate Chen Zigong. In any case, they’ve encountered each other so many times. Even if it was just that his appearance was familiar, in her heart he was already pretty much a familiar acquaintance. But to suddenly discover that this friend was actually a bad man that slept with three thousand people, and was even a bad man that didn’t take responsibility, her heart felt a little uncomfortable.

Xiaoqi rubbed Song Liangzhuo’s silk towel that she stole and muttered, “It’s still Husband that’s the best. He only has Xiaoqi. Husband, Xiaoqi misses you already. You have to hurry and finish the case, then come find me, ok?!”

Perhaps it was because of the jolt from falling onto her butt, but Xiaoqi’s stomach was a little uncomfortable. She slept early. This time, she slept well. When she opened her eyes, it was already past seven in the morning. Xiaoqi laid in the bed and rested for another long while before dizzily getting up.

Xiaoqi didn’t know that in this one night during which she slept sweetly, it was enough for many things to happen. If Xiaoqi had known, she definitely wouldn’t have run out of Song fu, and wouldn’t let Song Liangzhuo worry even a bit. She definitely would have nestled in his arms and properly talked with him to stay with him just one day more. Even if it was just one more day, it would have been good.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – Zixiao’s saying the first conversation she had with him was when he complimented her, so she was willing to be bestowed to him. The second conversation was about Song Liangzhuo and Xiaoqi, so Zixiao willingly left to help break Song Liangzhuo and Xiaoqi up so Chen Zigong could be ‘happy’ with Xiaoqi.
Why do I enjoy these dialogues so much? The ones when like people lose their sanity and start to blurt out the unfiltered harsh truth. My eyes are glued to the screen as I type lol.

O-O!! Song Liangzhuo dies?!!? No way right? At most he gets stabbed or something right!? Or maybe… it’s one of the Song family members that die…?


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