Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 63 Part 1

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Chapter 63.1: Keep Up Ok? Husband~

Xiaoqi was that Xiaoqi again. She played and messed around happily with Ruoshui every day.

Mother Song’s grand plan to cultivate an able and virtuous daughter-in-law was run aground again and again due to the unforeseen events that came up one after another. Mother Song thought that this wasn’t bad either. In the future, if something is wrong, she’ll just bring it up and correct it at that time. Right now, the most important matter was to hold the wedding and get a grandson.

Ruoshui had been staying in Song fu for almost ten days. People from Wen fu came to take her back but she refused to go back no matter what. She insisted on being able to witness Xiaoqi’s wedding from beginning to end.

Xiaoqi was also happy to have a buddy with her, but Song Liangzhuo was not happy. The two had just made up, so Song Liangzhuo still felt a little uneasy in his heart. And what made it even worse was that Xiaoqi would be together with Ruoshui during the day, so he didn’t have any opportunities to be alone with her. On the contrary though, at night, Xiaoqi was abnormally enthusiastic. After the rains and clouds(sexual intercourse), she would hug him and talk about all the amusing things that happened during the two years she’d waited at the government doors for him.

Speaking of which, the wedding day soon arrived. Xiaoqi finally wore the crimson wedding gown and sat in the lady’s chamber Xinyue once sat in and savoured the joyous feeling of getting married. Song Liangzhuo couldn’t describe his own emotions very well. Just the single word ‘happy’ was incapable of conveying his emotions.

Ruoshui leaned over the red silk covered table to watch as Xiaoqi applied makeup. Once Xiaoqi finished coiling her hair up high and inserted tassels, she couldn’t help but slap her hand down and exclaim, “Stinkin’ Xiaoqi! I just knew that you would be really pretty once you dressed up. Usually you don’t even wear a hairpin like the maids(maids often could not afford hairpins), so it turns out you were planning to ‘amaze the world with a single brilliant feat’!”

Qiu Tong smiled with closed lips. “Lady Ruoshui used this term very well. As soon as Young Madam dresses up, she’s extremely beautiful. Usually, she’s also very pretty.”

Ruoshui rubbed her own face, then twirled her eyes and pouted. “Actually, I usually don’t dress up either, and I’m also pretty.”

Xiaoqi giggled. “You’re prettier than me.

Ruoshui gave Xiaoqi’s shoulder a push, then self-consciously rubbed her own cheek again. “Liu Hengzhi also says so.”

This sentence provoked laughter again from the entire room of people, including the Mother Song that had just entered. Mother Song dotted Ruoshui’s forehead and said, “Shameless. It can be seen you’re anxious to get married.”

This side was very full of joy. Meanwhile, the front courtyard was so busy it was almost scrambling into a lump. The reason was because, in the front courtyard, other than the old acquaintances that came ahead of time to give their congratulations, an additional procession of horse carriages had appeared. Crimson embroidered ball decorations tied together ten entire carriages and grandly occupied half a street. When the procession stopped at the Song fu entrance, the steward that was welcoming the guests became a bit stunned.

The first to appear from the foremost spacious carriage was a glamorous missus. All that could be seen was that she poked her head out and looked at the Song fu entrance before stepping down from the carriage on a footstool. The person that came down afterwards was a fat old man who wasn’t very tall. The moment the fat old man got down, he started grumbling, “Rushed this much but still nearly missed it.”

The two stewards saw that even though the two looked slightly tired, their clothes and aura were out of the ordinary, so he moved forward and cupped his hand in greeting as he said, “Wonder if sir and madam…”

The steward hadn’t even finished speaking when the beautiful missus had already rushed into the courtyard. But it seems she felt it was a little inappropriate behaving like this because she walked back and said, “I’m Xiaoqi’s mom. You deal with the carriage, I’m going to head in first.”

The steward seemed doubtful that his family’s Young Madam would have such a young mother and stared at her a bit blankly as she strode towards the back of the courtyard. The fat old man followed after her, but when he passed by the steward, he swept a sinister glance over.

The steward quivered and returned to his senses. He didn’t have that meaning at all! It was just disbelief, disbelief!

The road was really easy to find.

Right after the beautiful missus entered the back courtyard, she followed a maid that was carrying red fortune dried fruits. When she heard the laughter in the room, she walked faster and entered in a few steps.

Mother Song was the first to turn around. When she saw such a beautiful missus, the first thought that occurred to her was that Song Qingyun provoked the arrival of a peach flower debt*! Her second reaction was, he didn’t have the guts or the charm to… Just one sentence of ‘Confucious says’ was enough to bend his spine.

When you played with too many girls and they get revenge. For example, when you’re getting married, another girl might show up and demand you marry her

It didn’t even take a second before Mother Song patted Xiaoqi’s hand while smiling. “Xiaoqi, look who’s here.”

Xiaoqi was currently staring at the figure in the mirror with fascination, afraid that the moment she turned her head, the figure would disappear. When she heard Mother Song say this, she hurriedly turned around to look. The tassels in her hair tinkled. Contrasted with Xiaoqi’s tender and lovable little face, it exhibited a rather sweet charm.

The beautiful missus took a close look, then just stood there and clapped her hands. Xiaoqi, as expected, stood up and scuttled over, burying her head into the beautiful missus’s chest. After cuddling for a good while, she finally lifted her head as she restrained the tears in her eyes. “Mom ah, how come you’re here?”

The beautiful missus lifted her willow brow. “To send congratulatory gifts ah. Since it’s this formal, of course we must meet the in-laws properly,” the beautiful missus said as she looked towards Mother Song.

Mother Song said with a smile, “It was my negligence to only send a card. I should have sent more people there to invite you.”

The beautiful missus smiled as she shook her head. “Didn’t we still run over even without your invitation? As long as in-law’s family doesn’t disdain, it’s fine.”

Qiu Tong had already brought a new pot of tea. Mother Song saw how Xiaoqi was stuck to the beautiful missus and laughed with her lips closed. She said with a smile, “Then meimei should talk properly with Xiaoqi for a while. In any case, it’s still early in the day. I’ll head over to look at Liangzhuo’s side and come back later to converse with meimei.”

The beautiful missus saw Mother Song out and waited for the servants to withdraw before whirling around and hugging Xiaoqi. She looked over her, then pressed her forehead against Xiaoqi’s and asked, “My dear Qi er, have you been well?”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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So this is the part where Xiaoqi runs away? :3
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