Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 62 Part 1

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Chapter 62.1: What Happened… to Us?

Xiaoqi stared straight at Song Liangzhuo for a long while, her little hands clenched tightly as she pressed against his chest. She waited until she couldn’t hold back the tears in her eyes anymore, then finally lowered her eyes.

“Official Song…” Xiaoqi’s quiet voice came, following a teardrop as it slid down.

Song Liangzhuo tightened his arms, his heart curled into a lump from the pang of pain.

“Official Song, how much do you like me exactly?”

Song Liangzhuo’s eyes felt a bit heated. He hooked his lips and smiled as he said, “Xiaoqi, to ask something like this while sitting in a man’s arms is really dumb.”

Xiaoqi flattened her mouth, her tears flowing with even greater urgency.

“I know, I know you’ve always disdained me for being dumb, right? Wuuwuu, at that time, I had already decided not to like you anymore. Why, why’d you have to propose marriage? You married me, but you didn’t like me. Yo-you even hit me. You don’t know, you don’t know that I feel so sad I’m about to die. Wuuwuu, I’m about to die.”

Song Liangzhuo tightened his arms as if he wanted to bind Xiaoqi to his very body.

“Xiaoqi, Qi er, that time. I didn’t know… could you forget it, forget those?” Song Liangzhuo lifted Xiaoqi’s hand and placed it on his own chest as he said gently, “In the future, you’ll always stay here. I’ll never let you feel sad anymore, alright?”

Xiaoqi cried as she turned to look at Song Liangzhuo. In the dim light, it was hard to see clearly. Xiaoqi blinked her eyes and was silent a while before asking, “And who else lives there? Will it be really crowded? I don’t like being squeezed in with other people!”

Song Liangzhuo smiled warmly, then lightly kissed her eye and said, “How many could live there? Just one, you, are enough.”

Xiaoqi was silent for a while, then she tugged his lapel and asked, “Then you, do you like me or not?”

“Why do you still need to ask?”

“You’ve never said that you like me before.” Xiaoqi lowered her head. After half a day, she started speaking again. “You don’t know. Mom said, as a girl, you must be reserved and aloof, but the moment I saw you I liked you. Mom didn’t let me go to the government office entrance to wait for you, but I wanted to let you see me. Mom said that even though I was really smart, I was also really dumb. She said I wouldn’t be able to manage feelings that I get from beseeching this way well. I don’t understand what manage means, but I just like ah. It was only that day that I suddenly felt like, felt like it had always been me running while chasing after you. I run ah run, and run to the point my legs are about to break, but you don’t even turn back to give me a glance… even if it was just one glance.”

“Xiaoqi!” Song Liangzhuo’s heart ached as he hugged the person in his arms. He knew he owed her. The countless times he inadvertently did not notice were probably all sharp hurtful weapons that were capable of dealing terrible injuries. If it was reversed and he was the one that waited every day for Xiaoqi to look back, would he be able to persevere for two years even after being injured to the point he was covered all over with cuts and bruises?

“You didn’t even turn back to give me a glance.” Xiaoqi mumbled, “So I thought ah, I won’t run anymore. I’m short and my legs are also short, and I also run slow. I can’t catch up to you, I’ll just, I’ll just…”

“Stop! Don’t say any more! It was my fault, I won’t ever again!” Song Liangzhuo buries his face in Xiaoqi’s neck, not having the courage to lift it again.

“Official Song, do you really like me or not?”
Song Liangzhuo abruptly kissed Xiaoqi. Hugging the person in his embrace, he tightened his arms again and again. The tip of his tongue swept past that row of pearly white teeth and hesitated for barely a second before he directly entered.

The movement was forceful but didn’t lack gentleness. Song Liangzhuo greedily wanted to reawaken Xiaoqi’s emotions and was extremely gentle at every single moment. Haa, he succeeded. But when Xiaoqi’s tongue moved up to meet his, for some unknown reason, he felt a violent pain in his heart and tears fell uncontrollably.

It was as if she had always been there. No matter how he treated her, she was always there. In the past, it seems he hadn’t even thought of what if she left. But, now, thinking about it, these every little bit were all deep emotions that he would never be able to repay. What could he do? Even if he handed over a complete and intact heart, it was still late by far too much.

Loving early wasn’t a crime. She shouldn’t have suffered those two years of pain. How fortunate he was ah, even when he turned back as slow as a turtle, he would still be able to see her there.

He was not the only one that cried, there was the Xiaoqi who felt even more despair.

She always could never control herself. The moment he treated her well she would want to stick to him. Just like now, his breath seemed to pass through her lips and seep into her heart. Those things that she always thirsted for, even though she wanted to throw them away, she still couldn’t. Was she, wasn’t she really…

“Xiaoqi,” Song Liangzhuo gently kissed her lips as if he were soothing her, again and again. “From that time when I saw you soaked in the water, I already knew, that in my heart, there was only you left. You don’t need to ask me whether I like you or not anymore. In the past, that was my mistake. The fact that you were willing to wait for me was my fortune. In the future, just leave the waiting to me, alright? I won’t let you run chasing after me anymore. My legs are long, I’ll chase you.”

Xiaoqi wept. “I can’t even run ne.”

Song Liangzhuo captured her hand and kissed it. “I’ll run while carrying you, ok?”
“En?” Xiaoqi looked towards Song Liangzhuo with tearful eyes. “Run to where?”

Song Liangzhuo lightly laughed. “Run home, run to catch fish, run to see the things Xiaoqi likes. Wherever Xiaoqi wants to go, we’ll just run to go there.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes. “Does that mean you like me?”

Song Liangzhuo was a bit 囧. Could it be that he still hadn’t made it clear enough? Song Liangzhuo pursed his lips. Lifting up Xiaoqi’s face, he was silent for a while before giving her a heavy kiss and saying with a husky voice, “Like.”

Xiaoqi’s heart felt a bit sweet now, a sticky little sweet. “How much do you like me?” The beautiful mom said you must strike while the iron is hot.

Song Liangzhuo tilted his head to look at the night sky and hugged Xiaoqi tightly as he said in a gentle voice, “Look at that moon. Xiaoqi’s that moon. In the past, Xiaoqi was the star. In the future, I’ll be the star and stay by your side, alright?”

Xiaoqi looked at the night sky for a long time, then took a deep breath and said, “But I like being a star.”


“Stars are pretty, and have three more corners than the moon,” Xiaoqi spoke as if it should be by rights.

Song Liangzhuo endured his urge to laugh. “Then you can just be the brightest one.”

Xiaoqi drew back the corners of her mouth and smiled. “Husband, in the future, you’ll always have to be good to me. Otherwise, I’ll feel sad.”


“You can’t scold me, you can’t glare at me, you can’t hit my butt, you can’t force me to drink medicine, you can’t talk to the bad green plum, and you can’t let her touch you.” The beautiful mom said you must follow up a victory and press home the attack.


“You have to love me dearly, coax me, and hug me to sleep.” Xiaoqi suddenly recalled the grievances she endured these past couple days and flattened her mouth as she said, “I didn’t see you at night and couldn’t sleep well at all.”

Who had slept well? Song Liangzhuo gave a bitter smile.

Xiaoqi hurriedly sucked her thumb, then popped it out and wiped it on his chest. She then rubbed her head in his embrace contently.

“Husband, I’m still scared,” Xiaoqi spoke gloomily.

“Scared of what?”

“Don’t know.” Xiaoqi wrapped her arms around Song Liangzhuo’s waist and closed her eyes.

Song Liangzhuo sighed. “Don’t be scared. Just remember, no matter what, I’ll always be your husband. I’ll always be by your side. Not matter what, you’ll always be my wife, my only wife. The person that I’ll be with and protect my entire life.”

They spoke a rather lot of words of love tonight. Xiaoqi felt a bit floaty… she floated with a slight bit of melancholy. If she left, would he really chase after her?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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