Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 58 Part 2

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Chapter 58.2: Move Aside, Bad Green Plum

Xiaoqi was truly tired. Song Liangzhuo carried her the entire way back to the courtyard and then helped her wipe her face but she didn’t even stir the slightest bit.

Song Liangzhuo carried a stool over and sat down next to the bed. He stared at the person on the bed that was still sobbing with shuddering breaths even whilst sleeping and shook his head with a bitter smile.

When he looked at Xiaoqi’s hand that was wrapped up into a silkworm cocoon once again, after he calmed down, all that Song Liangzhuo could do was give a bitter laugh. This time, he didn’t need to look at that terrifying injury at all. He was one hundred percent certain that over half of that injury was fake.

Song Liangzhuo hated being fooled by others and could not take being deceived by the people beside him, but Xiaoqi actually caused him to not even have the strength to be angry.

Song Liangzhuo stared at Xiaoqi for a long while, before finally sighing and getting into the bed. He carefully supported her arm and wrapped his arm around her waist, then sighed, “What am I going to do with you?”

During the night Xiaoqi repeatedly had nightmares. Each nightmare was of the scene when Song Liangzhuo lifted his hand to hit her. And… of that disgusted expression in his eyes that caused her whole body to tremble with pain from just a look.

Xiaoqi’s brain was ringing with noise. There was the sound of her own wailing, Song Liangzhuo’s angry rebuke, and even the sound of Wen Ruoshui crying. In the dream, that Xiaoqi was crying as she shouted, I didn’t do it. You lied to me, you actually lied to me! You don’t like me at all! Why did you have to propose marriage? I won’t marry, I would have rather not married!

The chaotic quarreling became more and more intense, and her head hurt to the point it was almost about to explode. For some unknown reason, the her inside the dream suddenly threw herself fiercely towards the Ruoshui at the side. She was probably going to hit Ruoshui, with a feeling of despair. And then…

With a shudder, Xiaoqi woke up again with a start. She couldn’t open her eyes but she could feel that tears were flowing nonstop.

There was someone speaking next to her ear. He said: “Don’t be scared, I’m here. Don’t cry anymore, your eyes are about to be ruined from crying.”

It was the voice that she lost herself in until this day.

Xiaoqi wanted to ask him how could he bring himself to hit her? She waited for him for two years, waited so long she became discouraged and despair emerged in her heart. Yet at that time, he actually gave her the promise that she thought she’d never be able to receive. He didn’t know how happy she was. She hugged the proposal book that he sent over and was so happy that she didn’t sleep the entire night.

She waited for his crimson marriage sedan to be carried through the door. He left right after lifting her veil because Ruoshui was making a severe disturbance at that side. Since he didn’t like her, why did he have to marry her? If it weren’t for him doing this, perhaps she would’ve already forgotten those two years. Right now, perhaps she would still be in Qian fu happily catching ants and cracking lotus seeds. Then later she would be strolling the streets holding on to Lu Liu’s hand as she searched for a husband.

Xiaoqi’s tears fell again and her lips trembled uncontrollably.

“Haa, don’t cry anymore. I won’t do it ever again. I was wrong, I won’t ever do it again. If Xiaoqi’s unhappy, then we’ll just leave.”

There were lips approaching. Xiaoqi wanted to move away, yet she was nightmarishly unable to move. In the midst of her mental struggle, she dazedly fell asleep again.

Xiaoqi slept fitfully until noon before finally getting up into a sitting position. Her entire body ached as if she had died once.

When Qiu Tong heard sounds of movement, she hurriedly walked in and smiled, “Young Madam has woken up? Wash up first, it’s about time for the doctor to change your bandages.”

Xiaoqi’s eyes were still severely swollen. After painfully forcing them open for a little while, she already felt the urge to tear up. Xiaoqi squinted at Qiu Tong and opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

Qiu Tong carried over a throat-moistening soup and supported Xiaoqi to sit up. Only after Xiaoqi drank it did she say: “Young Madam’s throat is hoarse. Don’t worry, it’ll slowly get better.”

Xiaoqi opened her mouth again and struggled for half the day before finally making a soft, inaudible sound. Xiaoqi understood. It wasn’t that her throat was hoarse, it was that she had lost her voice. She dimly remembered that when she was little, it had happened too. It seems back then she had also cried hard and caught a cold as well, so she lost her voice. Ever since that incident, the entire family couldn’t bear to let her cry.

For some unknown reason, Xiaoqi’s heart ached again.

“Young Madam,” Qiu Tong swiftly helped her wipe her face and her neck, then said with a smile: “Young Master has been looking after you this entire time. He left only a few minutes ago for Madam’s courtyard, he’ll be back in a bit. And Lady Ruoshui is also over there as well. We had to persuade her several times to prevent her from disturbing Young Madam’s sleep.”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes, then lowered her head without a sound.

Qiu Tong looked at Xiaoqi and asked gently: “Did Young Madam not sleep well? Young Madam should first eat a bit of porridge to fill the stomach. After a while, let’s go out and walk a little. It’s easy to get headaches lying down continuously.”

Xiaoqi obediently got off the bed and quietly ate the porridge and a medicine pill. She then lifted her immobile hand and opened her mouth.

Qiu Tong’s brows slowly creased. She cupped Xiaoqi’s face and looked for a while, then asked uncertainly, “Where does Young Madam feel uncomfortable?”

Xiaoqi pointed at her throat, then waved her arm, wanting to have her undo the wrapped gauze on her arm.

Qiu Tong carefully supported Xiaoqi’s arm and beckoned a little maid over. After Qiu Tong whispered something in her ear, the maid hastily ran out.

Not long after, Song Liangzhuo rushed over like a gust of wind. Following behind him was the Ruoshui that had jogged the entire way. Song Liangzhuo took Xiaoqi’s arm from Qiu Tong’s hands, but Xiaoqi suddenly stood up and retreated to a side. As she looked at Ruoshui, her eyes were also guarded.

Mother Song walked in following them. The moment she walked in, she asked: “What happened? How did your throat get ruined?”

Mother Song was also a bit confused upon lifting her eyes and seeing the positions of the people inside the room. Song Liangzhuo was still standing there with his hands slightly raised. Ruoshui had her head tilted as she looked towards Xiaoqi, her expression a bit baffled. Xiaoqi hid behind the other side of the table and shrunk her body as much as possible, then tried to shrink so more.

Mother Song looked around again, then knitted her brows, “What is this? What’s going on?”

Xiaoqi seemed to trust Mother Song. She looked at Song Liangzhuo guardedly as she slowly moved towards Mother Song’s side. In the end, she simply hid behind Mother Song and didn’t move anymore.

Mother Song was puzzled and glanced towards Qiu Tong questioningly. Qiu Tong looked at the calm Song Liangzhuo and lightly shook her head.

Mother Song smiled, then said: “Xiaoqi missed me? Let’s go, come sit for a while in Mom’s courtyard.”

Xiaoqi silently followed Mother Song and headed out.

“Xiaoqi!” Song Liangzhuo called uneasily.

Xiaoqi’s steps paused for a second, but she didn’t turn back and left the courtyard.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to lean against him and throw a tantrum like a spoiled child, but that she didn’t know how she should face him. Just being near him would make her uncontrollably happy. That part was just as before. But he actually hit her. Every time she recalled that revulsed expression in his eyes that time, her heart would hurt to the point that it trembled.

Xiaoqi told herself, it’s all in the past, he truly treats me very well now. But she couldn’t help but want to avoid him, so much so that she even wanted to run back home. If the beautiful mom was here then that would be great. At the very least she could help her come up with some ideas.

Xiaoqi’s brain was noisily chaotic as she followed Mother Song to the main courtyard. The doctor had already arrived, following them. He tore open the gauze on Xiaoqi’s arm and carefully washed away some fake skin and bloodstains. Then, he cleaned the injured areas and reapplied medicine.

The back of Xiaoqi’s hand was still swollen. The doctor said, “This swelling will slowly go down, so Young Madam needs not worry. It won’t itch, nor will it hurt. Young Madam, please open your mouth. Lao fu will take a look at your throat.”

Song Liangzhuo slowly walked in. Upon seeing Xiaoqi’s arms which were both smeared with medicinal ointment, his lips pinched. Xiaoqi didn’t even lift her eyelids and, obeying the doctor, cooperatively opened her mouth and exhaled.

“The inside of the throat is swollen. Has Young Madam had this kind of symptom before?”

Xiaoqi dumbly nodded.

“Will she become mute?” Mother Song asked worriedly.

“Madam can set your worries at ease. After taking the medicine, she’ll be able to talk a little by tomorrow. She’ll gradually recover.”

“She’s not accustomed to drinking medicinal soup.” Song Liangzhuo spoke.

The doctor rubbed his hand conflictingly, “Pause intake of the previously prescribed medicine for now. But the medicine for throats is better in liquid form. Otherwise, lao fu can’t guarantee when this Young Madam will be able to recover.”

The doctor looked at Xiaoqi and asked with a smile: “Can Young Madam bear it for a little while? This medicine doesn’t have to be taken frequently, just two doses are enough.”

Xiaoqi nodded again.

Dong Mei went off to get the medicine with the prescription. The doctor also exhorted a while then left. Mother Song hadn’t seen an expressionless Xiaoqi before. In her recollection, ever since Xiaoqi came to the fu, it didn’t matter if it was shyness, cautiousness, anger, or happiness; her face was always full of vitality every single day. This quietness in front of her now made it seem as if Xiaoqi had completely become a different person.

Mother Song slightly knitted her brows and thought for half the day. Taking a look at the Song Liangzhuo that had his gaze locked onto Xiaoqi the entire time and the Ruoshui that didn’t dare to speak, Mother Song started to speak with a smile: “Ruoshui, come with Aunt Xue to take a look at Xiaoqi’s wedding dress. In a bit, when the medicine is ready, Liangzhuo, help feed Xiaoqi.”

Ruoshui dazedly followed Mother Song out, but when she turned back, she saw the Xiaoqi that was tightly following behind them. Ruoshui was scared to the point she screamed and jumped to the side. Hugging the door frame, she said: “You, what’s wrong with you? You’re not crying or laughing… You, you shouldn’t scare people ah!”

Mother Song turned around and looked at Xiaoqi with puzzlement. Xiaoqi lowered her head and didn’t move.

Mother Song turned around and walked forward again. Xiaoqi hurriedly followed. When Mother Song stopped, Xiaoqi stopped. It was just that from start to finish, she didn’t lift her head even once, much less even glance at the Song Liangzhuo that was feeling more and more uneasy.

Mother Song walked back to pull Xiaoqi’s arm as she smiled, “You sure are attached, just like Xinyue when she was little. Alright, let’s go, us ladies will go together to take a look. Xiaoqi, you don’t know, but this wedding dress was made by Fairy Gown Boutique(fairy as in Chinese celestial fairies, not like the tinkerbell kind). All the embroidery work is the best of the best, and in the entire Ruzhou there’s only this one garment. Haha, Mom really likes it a lot.”

Mother Song turned back to look at the Song Liangzhuo whose shoulders were drooped powerlessly, then her gaze swept across the Ruoshui that didn’t dare to follow them. Her lips slightly pinched and a thought formed in her mind.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Ocelot

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