Xiao Qi, Wait: Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Official Song, a Rogue

Revenge, it’s definitely revenge!

Song Liangzhuo’s lips pressed together tightly and he reined Qian Xiaoqi in with his arms. However, this caused her to continuously wail.

Lu Liu wanted to follow them in but Song Liangzhuo had already kicked closed the door. Lu Liu wanted to enter but she didn’t dare to, so she worriedly cried from outside the door, “Guye! Guye, Miss is drunk. Guye please don’t get angry with her. Guye, you’re bigger than Miss, you can’t hit her again!” Ha Pi coordinated and also barked ‘woof woof’ at the tightly closed door a few times.

The corners of Song Liangzhuo’s mouth twitched. That one slap of his really did strike out to strike him back. Not only did it earn him the reputation of hitting woman, it even allowed this woman in his embrace to borrow alcohol to make a scene and take advantage of the opportunity to get revenge.

Xiaoqi seemed to regained some consciousness due to Lu Liu’s frantic cries. She quietly sat on Song Liangzhuo’s leg and matched her fingers. But it was too dark and things were swaying too much so she matched and matched but couldn’t match a single finger.

Song Liangzhuo gave a soft hum and tilted her head towards him. Then, he asked with knitted brows, “Were you borrowing alcohol to take revenge?”

Xiaoqi shook her head and pouted. “I didn’t hit anyone.”

“Then who did you just hit?”

Xiaoqi blinked her eyes, then innocently looked around the dusky room and spoke with an uncertain tone, “Ha Pi?”

Song Liangzhuo pinched Xiaoqi’s chin and turned her face over again. He said with a humph, “Are you pretending to be stupid?”

Xiaoqi shook her head. Apparently she felt dizzy as she simply cuddled next to Song Liangzhuo’s face and mumbled, “Xiaoqi isn’t stupid. I’m, I’m really smart!”

Song Liangzhuo gave a light laugh and patted her back as he said softly, “Don’t hold a grudge anymore. Isn’t pretending to have lost your memories really tiring?”

“En.” Xiaoqi rubbed her cheek against his as she whispered, “Official Song hit people and, and didn’t let Xiaoqi eat til full.”

“Haha, I’ve wronged you!”

“Ha Pi, also hungry. He, he got skinny!”

Song Liangzhuo felt a bit helpless. Actually, he had let the dog eat all the chicken bits he carried home every other day! Song Liangzhuo gave a bitter smile. Well, wasn’t it just feeding a dog?

“Xiaoqi,” Song Liangzhuo sighed before he called softly.

Xiaoqi stared blankly for a long time before responding with a clear sound and releasing a long breath.

Song Liangzhuo raised his hand to adjust her chin a little as he asked in a soft voice, “Xiaoqi, do you really feel like being with me is unpleasant?”

Xiaoqi’s face burned unbearably and her thoughts also turned into a mess. She subconsciously nodded abruptly, then pointed towards the door and called ‘woof woof’.

Song Liangzhuo’s mouth twitched. Then he sighed and got ready to carry her to the bed. Xiaoqi suddenly turned around and her lips softly brushed pass Song Liangzhuo’s slightly cool lips. Xiaoqi was cooled comfortably by those slightly cold lips so she rubbed against it a couple more times and even tentatively tried licking.

Song Liangzhuo’s heart heated and the arm hugging Xiaoqi tightened. He slightly closed his eyes and pressed down on those disturbing lips.

Like, disturbing his calmness.

The moment the tip of Song Liangzhuo’s tongue entered Xiaoqi opened her mouth and sucked it. Song Liangzhuo’s body slightly stiffened for a moment then he slowly deepened the kiss.

She is his wife and she’s the one whose hand he’ll hold his entire life. Though her behavior was too casual and free, it was simple and cute. He should tolerate her rudeness and slowly shape her to mature, shouldn’t he?

Song Liangzhuo couldn’t really restrain his feelings anymore. Rationally, he was nothing but a hot blooded young man. He has his desires that he’s shy of telling others, the embarrassments that he can not describe. He also has to relieve himself through some means. Relieve himself of those things that he can’t bear to look straight at, can’t bear to look straight at…

Song Liangzhuo supported Xiaoqi’s waist so that she straddled his leg. A pair of arms tightly wrapped around her and hugged her more and more tightly. Xiaoqi had sucked his lower lip until it started stinging. Song Liangzhuo tried pulling away and Xiaoqi chomped onto his nose with a discontent ‘aawuuu’, then she even pulled on it with her mouth. Song Liangzhuo groaned in pain. Just as he was going to reach out to push, he heard Xiaoqi cry, “I’m thirsty. Official Song, hic, won’t let me drink water. Wuu, stingy chicken, sticky feathered!”

A stingy person is a chicken that won’t even give away a single one of their feathers. Get it? Lol.

Song Liangzhuo sighed as he drew Xiaoqi closer and leaned on her shoulder to take some deep breaths. Xiaoqi dizzily leaned on Song Liangzhuo’s shoulder and cried with ‘boohoos’ as her body twisted back and forth like a loach. Song Liangzhuo fixed her waist and stopped her from moving around. Only after the heat in his body slowly dispersed did he carry her up to the bed.

Xiaoqi tightly clung onto Song Liangzhuo’s body. The more Song Liangzhuo tried to pull her off the tighter she clung, almost like she was treating him like the wine cup she previously guarded. Song Liangzhuo gave a bitter smile and just carried her like this to the table. Then he poured a cup of tea and held it up to her mouth. 

Song Liangzhuo watched her drink the tea with a ‘gulp gulp’ sounds and crooned, “Aren’t you drunk? What do you still need to drink water for?”

Song Liangzhuo moved the tea cup away from her mouth several times and teased her until her mouth became an inverted crescent moon before lightly laughing and letting her smoothly finish drinking the tea.

Song Liangzhuo supported Xiaoqi as he moved back to the bed again. Then he softly laid down and waited in silence for a while. Upon seeing that Xiaoqi didn’t show any intentions of letting go of him, he gave a slight sigh before pulling the bedsheet over to cover the two of them and closed his eyes.

Come tomorrow, what should I say? Song Liangzhuo gave a bitter smile.

Song Liangzhuo had actually predicted wrong this time. When morning came, Xiaoqi had already rolled over to the inner side. Lu Liu waited on Song Liangzhuo as he freshened up while trembling with fear. Her eyes, from start to finish, didn’t dare to look towards Song Liangzhuo even once. Instead, she glanced from time to time towards the inner room. Song Liangzhuo finished tidying himself up and returned to the inner room. He reached out to pinch Xiaoqi’s nose and tugged it a few times but Xiaoqi still didn’t open her eyes. Lu Liu softly moved over. Upon seeing that Xiaoqi was still alive, she secretly released a breath of relief.

Liu Hengzhi called from outside the door. Song Liangzhuo tuck in the bedsheet that Xiaoqi had kicked off again, then  he instructed Lu Liu, “I won’t be back until later today. If she still doesn’t sober up get her a bowl of sobering soup.”

Just happened to see this while double checking the name. It’s the ‘hangover soup’ of a certain restaurant. Doesn’t it look tasty? hangover-soup-xqw-18

Lu Liu had already started beaming when she saw him cover Xiaoqi with the bedsheet. When she heard him say that, she hurriedly smiled and said, “When Miss gets drunk she’ll recover after sleeping. She’ll probably continue sleeping until noon.”

Song Liangzhuo glanced again at Xiaoqi’s terrible sleeping posture and his brows slightly knitted as he left the room.

Lu Liu tore away the blanket and pulled up Xiaoqi’s arm to closely examine it. Then she lifted up Xiaoqi’s skirt to check her legs and even lifted her inner clothes to check her back before she sighed in relief and said, “Good, good. Guye is a good guye just as I’ve said. He definitely wouldn’t hit Miss, haha.”

Lu Liu held Xiaoqi’s shoulders to let her lie down levelly. Her eyes swept pass Xiaoqi’s slightly swollen lips and she gave a soft ‘eh’. Then she rushed to the outer room to look at that tidy small couch before covering her mouth and giggling as she trotted to the kitchen.

Wen Mingxuan and the rest had already prepared everything and finished packing. They were only waiting to have breakfast together before heading out. Wen Ruoshui’s mood was clearly not good. Her eyes didn’t leave Song Liangzhuo from the moment he entered the drawing room, but that gaze became more and more annoyed.

Ruoshui, with her mouth pressed in a flat line, looked towards the entrance, then asked with a light humph, “Where’s Xiaoqi? I’m about to leave, how could she not come to send me off?”

Song Liangzhuo nodded apologetically towards Mingxuan and Hengzhi, then smiled faintly as he said, “She’s still drunk.”

Ruoshui gave a humph with her head lowered. Then she got up unhappily and said, “I’m going to find her, we still have things to discuss.”

Song Liangzhuo didn’t stop her, he just looked towards Liu Hengzhi with some astonishment who was staring blankly into space. Liu Hengzhi slightly gaped for a moment, then he gave a light laugh. “Brother Liangzhuo and sister-in-law sure are in love.”

Song Liangzhuo didn’t understand.

Liu Hengzhi pointed at Song Liangzhuo’s slightly swollen lower lip and the bite marks on his nose as he remarked with a closed lips smile, “Sure is passionate enough!”

Song Liangzhuo’s handsome face that didn’t change in a thousand years, in a rare moment, flushed thoroughly red. Song Liangzhuo covered his mouth, embarrassed, and gave a light cough. Knitting his brows, he said, “Hengzhi, you’re overstepping.”

Wen Mingxuan also exposed a smile. “Liangzhuo’s distressed appearance is a rare sight.”

Liu Hengzhi slapped his leg as he laughed. “Only someone that doesn’t act according to norms like sister-in-law would be able to tame an affectatious person like Brother Liangzhuo.”

Song Liangzhuo wryly smiled as he shook his head.

Wen Ruoshui stormed all the way to Xiaoqi’s bedroom feeling great bitterness. She dragged the bewildered, sleeping Xiaoqi up slightly angrily as she asked furiously, “What did you do with Zhuo gege last night?”

Xiaoqi’s face creased into a stuffed bun, then she swatted at Wen Ruoshui’s hand and whispered something. Wen Ruoshui released her hands and Xiaoqi fell heavily, knocking against the wall with a ‘bang’. Qian Xiaoqi cried out in shock and blinked open her eyes.

Qian Xiaoqi’s eyes subconsciously skated around in a circle. When she saw Wen Ruoshui who was sitting next to the bed, she was going to yell at her. However, before she could, Ruoshui’s tears had already appeared. Qian Xiaoqi stared blankly at Wen Ruoshui who was crying more and more heartbreakingly. Xiaoqi’s mouth twitched for half the day before she opened her mouth to speak with her slightly hoarse voice. “It’s the middle of the night, what are you going crazy for?”

Xiaoqi’s throat was extremely dry, that’s why her voice came out slightly hoarse and low. However, when Ruoshui heard that even her voice had changed, she started crying more heartrendingly. She had heard many of her already married friends say before that once a woman has gone through doing those bashful matters, her voice will change to become hoarse and alluring.

Wen Ruoshui shoved Xiaoqi and cried angrily, “You just don’t know shame. Why would Zhuo gege like a woman like you who isn’t the slightest bit virtuous and wise? It’s all because, because you seduced Zhuo gege, right?”

Xiaoqi’s head was a bit dizzy from the start and now, because of Wen Ruoshui’s shoves, it was starting to hurt a little. Xiaoqi raised her hand to rap her head, then said with a frown, “Ruoshui jiejie, what’s wrong?”
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“Wuuuwuuu, you don’t know shame, you seduced Zhuo gege. I’m about to leave, once I leave I won’t come back to find you. Humph, serves you right that you won’t have anyone to play with anymore!”

Xiaoqi scratched her head, a bit at a loss. She turned to look outside at the brightly colored sky, then blinked. “You’re leaving ah? Ruoshui jiejie, I’ll miss you.”

Wen Ruoshui covered her face and sobbed. Xiaoqi also felt a bit sad in her heart. She thought for a moment, then shook her dizzy head as she jumped to the chest in a couple steps. Opening the lid, she rummaged through it for a long time. Xiaoqi rubbed the jadeite rabbits the fat old man had given her but she couldn’t bear to part with them so she put them back. Then she pulled out a bunch of hairpins from the side with a clattering sound.

Xiaoqi carried her hoard over to the bed and placed the various hairpins on the bed. Then, she opened her mouth to say magnanimously, “Does Ruoshui jiejie like them? Why don’t you choose a couple to take as souvenirs?”
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“Humph, who wants your things!” Wen Ruoshui rubbed her face and said in a nasally voice, “You must treat Zhuo gege well. I know Zhuo gege had always only treated me as a little sister. I also wasn’t serious about marrying him, I just, just, I just love him dearly.”

“Humph, if you dare hurt Zhuo gege‘s feelings, even if I have to crawl back from Ruzhou I’ll still come to beat you up!” Wen Ruoshui shook her fist. Sweeping her eyes over the various shining pearl hairpins on the bed, she swept the whole bunch into her smock with a humph and hugged it. She lifted her chin towards Xiaoqi and said, “They’re all mine!”

Xiaoqi’s face became a bit unsightly. Those were the good things she had collected over the years from various places ever since she started understanding how to dress up. There were even the odd toys that the fat old man had brought back from sea inside that pile. Jade, agate, pearls, night pearls, cat’s eyes, etc goods all existed inside this small pile.

night pearl

cat’s eye = Chrysoberyl  I think


“What? Not willing?” Wen Ruoshui’s red eyes turned deceitfully round.

Xiaoqi puffed up her cheeks and reached out, wanting to scoop a couple back. However, Wen Ruoshui had already run out the door hugging the pile. Xiaoqi hurriedly chased after her.

That side had already finished breakfast and was currently standing in the front courtyard waiting for Ruoshui. The three saw Ruoshui run out hugging something in her arms and Qian Xiaoqi was chasing after her. Xiaoqi’s hair was unbound so they were all at a bit of a loss as to what was happening.

Ruoshui ran directly to Song Liangzhuo in order to hide behind his back. Gasping for breath, she said, “Your wife doesn’t keep her word. She clearly said she would gift these things to me but now she’s demanding them back.”

Xiaoqi saw Song Liangzhuo looked over with a slightly displeased gaze and mumbled with her head hanging, “I said she could pick a couple but she, she grabbed them all.”

Liu Hengzhi glanced at Ruoshui’s puffy red eyes and guessed that she was probably doing this out of a sense of revenge. But seeing her like this means her heart was now broader. It seems she has laid it down.

Wen Mingxuan was originally about to reprimand Ruoshui but Liu Hengzhi spoke with a laugh, “Sister-in-Law, don’t be upset. This brother, I, will compensate Sister-in-Law for whatever you lack .”

Song Liangzhuo walked over to obstruct Liu Hengzhi’s line of sight and fixed Xiaoq Qi’s opened collar. With a dark expression, he said in a low voice, “Why didn’t you rest properly before coming out?”

Xiaoqi pressed her lips together and said in a quiet, sulking tone, “My things.”


Song Liangzhuo only let out two sounds and Xiaoqi obediently closed her mouth.

Wen Ruoshui lifted her chin, pleased, and said, “You’ll have to go to Ruzhou anyways. I’ll just find some good things for you to play with once you arrive. So stingy!”

“You’re the one that’s stingy!” Xiaoqi was fuming and wanted to glare back, but sadly, in front of her was the ice wall called Song Liangzhuo.

Song Liangzhuo glanced at her crumpled muslin skirt and the sand in the corners of her eyes, then said in a low voice, “Return to the room and wash up first before coming back out.”

Xiaoqi was extremely good at understanding people’s looks. Right now, though Song Liangzhuo was a face of tranquility, Xiaoqi could still hear the faint displeasure and anger in his voice.

Xiaoqi shot a glare at Wen Ruoshui whose expression was delighted, then angrily stomped back to the back courtyard.

Liu Hengzhi said with a smile, “Brother Liangzhuo is too strict.”

“He should be! Xiaoqi lacks the experience of being lectured!” Wen Ruoshui softly humphed with a pout.

Song Liangzhuo gave a light cough. “Does Ruoshui meimei want to eat breakfast first or…”

“Let’s eat on the road. If we head out early it’ll be easier to make it to the next horse relay station,” Wen Mingxuan said.

“That also works.”

As Song Liangzhuo led the way in front, Liu Hengzhi walked to Wen Ruoshui’s side to peek at the things she was carrying. He clicked his tongue in admiration. “Wow, those are good things! Without at least several thousand taels they can’t brought. Oh, and there’s even cat’s eyes!”

“Really?!” Wen Ruoshui responded with shock.

“For real!” Liu Hengzhi picked up a gold hairpin. Tapping the transparent little pendant that covered its entire length, he said with his brows wrinkled, “What is this? It’s not agate and isn’t jade either. Tsk, tsk, since it’s using gold as a contrast, it’s probably extremely expensive.”

Something like this maybe

Wen Ruoshui’s mouth twitched and her heart felt uneasy. Lowering her head to look at these dozen hairpins, she beckoned the manservant with her chin. She waited for the manservant to lift up the hem of his skirt, then put all of the hairpins there. Giving a humph, she said, “Wait until the day after tomorrow to return it to Xiaoqi, understood? If I find out that you gave it back to her early, even if I have to crawl back from Ruzhou I still won’t let you off!”

I couldn’t find the exact picture, and I forgot the time period of this novel… but generally, the clothing is a robe and servants would lift the hem of their outer skirt to hold stuff that would probably be hard to hold in their hands like… pebbles? Idk, they probably only rarely did it because being elegant used to be such a huge thing.

The manservant promised deferentially. Wen Ruoshui walked out several steps before running back again. Giving a humph, she said, “I’ll be telling Xiaoqi how many I took. If you dare to embezzle watch your skin!”

“watch your skin” is implying that she’ll skin him.

Wen Ruoshui saw the manservant instantly become halfway shorter and nodded with satisfaction. Looks like that phrase ‘watch your skin’ that Mother uses at home was really useful. No wonder she never leaves out this phrase whenever she lectured the servants.

Wen Ruoshui bent over and picked through the pile for a long time. Finally, she picked out several white-colored elegant ones and tucked them away in her bosom before following the others out. Ruoshui didn’t know that these few she picked out were things that Old Man Qian had brought back from overseas. He had even called several specialists in order to make those few hairpins. On top, it was weighed with all colors of colored glass and colorless crystal. Each pendant could produce a rainbow of colors underneath the sunlight and they were also the rarest hairpins Xiaoqi had.

Years later, when glass appeared for the first time on the market at a high price, the already very wise and virtuous Xiaoqi had, in the middle of the street, pulled Song Liangzhuo’s collar and given him a beating.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sonia

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