World Record Chapter 9

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9. Magic Ogre

[Master! Please show me your status! And also, have a mock battle with me!]


At this moment, they are both in the living room.
Iwato looks at the television while looking away from the hopping Karen.
–However, two huge lump of meat shakes according to her movement.
That’s right, although Iwato realized it when they were running, Karen unexpectedly has huge breasts. Speaking in terms of height, she’s somewhat a huge breasted Loli. Furthermore, she’s in her pajamas. Definitely a poison to the eyes.

[Rather than that, I don’t remember being your master in the first place]
[What!?… You mean you want me show you my intention to be your pupil!? Understood! I’ll try my best!]
[Hey! Aren’t you reading too much in what I said?]


When Iwato ignores her existence while sighing in his heart that it became troublesome, Tsumugu unusually came down to the first floor.
In the first place, she awfully hates to appear in the public, so it was really unusual for her to show up in front of Karen. Either it’s because she was interested to Karen or there’s another reason….
And what came out from her mouth was an unexpected sharp words.

[Something like being Nii-san’s pupil… Know your place. A weak person like you… doesn’t deserve it]


This is not the first time where people came to be Iwato’s pupil. There are people who were sent by the nation that know Iwato’s real strength, and there also those who literally have a lot of money.
But, Tsumugu knew it because she has seen that such people definitely can’t keep up with Iwato’s training menu from the first day, and they will return to their home the next morning.
That’s why, Tsumugu thought of checking those people with her own eyes the next time, but she didn’t expect that Karen would become attached to Iwato to this extent.
Therefore, she became interested to the unexpected situation in her heart, but in her heart, she thinks of this, “If it’s this muscle-brain idiot who came this far, then she might be worthy enough to be Iwato’s pupil”.
That’s why–she decided to give a certain condition to Karen.

[If…If by any chance…you can see Nii-san’s soul…I will acknowledge you at that time]


Iwato and Karen who react with a twitch to those words.
Karen turned her eyes to Iwato and tries to look at his soul–but as expected, she can’t see anything like a soul in his body, and she began to sweat cold sweats in her heart.

[Or rather, Master is a person without powers, right!? There’s no way I can see it!]
[That’s…a complete lie. If it’s a high rank Unknown, it will know at a glance]


“Why are you exposing it!?” Iwato was surprised.
“Huh, it was a lie!?” Karen was surprised.
However, Tsumugu continues to expose more about Iwato.

[Nii-san is…clever in…deceiving various things. Words…behavior…descriptive part]
[Descriptive part!? What’s that!?]


Of course, that’s something that must not be said.

[For example, the Sapporo’s urban legend. Strong Unknowns rarely comes. That’s…not my fault. A totally different reason]
[Eeeeh!? Are you serious!?]


When thinking about it carefully, it’s a matter of course.
Even if there’s a Sacred Beast class Unknown that made a nest above the Wall to survey, no matter how strong the Unknown is, there’s no way that it can see Tsumugu’s soul from there. Tsumugu’s soul is not that big.
If by any chance, there’s a super-huge soul that’s even extends till the Wall, the soul can be used as protection. But if there’s someone who can do that, then that person is definitely not a human. The possibility is one out of a million.

[Hey, Tsumu. Don’t spoil that part. Certainly, regarding the person of the urban legend, she’s just talking through her hat]
[You mean she lied!? That’s cruel, Master!]


Karen rushed to Iwato by his verbal slip, and Iwato looked at Karen without moving from the sofa.

[Rather than that, we’re talking about the pupil, isn’t it? As for me, I don’t mind taking one because I have free time but… Tsumu is making a very unpleasant face…]


Iwato said so and looks at Tsumugu. And there stood the expressionless Tsumugu, but for Iwato who lived with her for a long time knew that Tsumugu is having an unpleasant face now.

[Then, Tsumu, assuming that she accepts the condition, when is the deadline?]
[Until this person…gives up]


Iwato then stands up and looks at Karen.

[For the time being, if you can see my soul, then I will make you my pupil]


At this point, Karen instinctively felt that this condition is a hard reality that can be said as an unreasonable demand.




After that, Karen says [I’m alright because I ate in the airplane!], so Iwato head to his room and slept.

And the next day, when Iwato woke up and head to the living room, the voice of Tsumugu and Karen talking can be heard.

[This…to be honest…]
[…isn’t that right! Then…]
[That’s no good]


When he enters the living room, both of the girls who were looking at something turned around simultaneously. They approached Iwato after they noticed him as if wanting to him something.

[Master! I want you to see this!]


What she wanted to let Iwato see was the transparent status window that appeared above the status application that Kota showed him the other day.
Iwato looks at the screen with sleepy eyes–and in an instant, he woke up.

Name: Komauchi Karen
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Job: Student(High School Student)
Battle Rank: 25
Superpower: Weak Water[G]
Taijutsu: B

[Battle Rank…25…?]


Battle Rank 25.
Even that Eita who entered the Force Academy with a recommendation and has a S rank superpower, is only 16.
And that G rank–in other words, Karen who has the lowest rank of superpower. In addition to that, it’s originally impossible to even create a difference of 9 in Battle Rank. In the first place, a Battle Rank 25 is similar to a C rank member of the Special Forces. Furthermore, when it’s a high school first year student, it’s already a so-called monster in the world.
–And that’s not an area where the G rank can reach originally.
Not only Iwato, but also that Tsumugu are both surprised, and a certain word came into their mind.

[[Mahou Shoujo…?]]


Mahou Shoujo. An ambiguous existence self-proclaimed by Karen.
To be honest, there’s no similarity between this girl who’s wearing a jersey and bloomers and the Mahou Shoujo seen in the television. Normally, people will see this girl as a strange and pitiful girl.
–As long as they didn’t see this status.

[S-Say, Karen… If I remember correctly, you said that you can summon weapon, right?]
[Mahou Shoujo’s weapon? I can]


Then, she move back a few steps from Iwato and Tsumugu, and she shouted this after a deep breath.

[Miracle☆Miracle! Appear, my Magic Weapon!]


Turn around and peace sign & wink.
Iwato and Tsumugu opened their eyes wide by her conducts, but immediately after that, they opened their eyes wider when the empty space started to shine in front of Karen.
She grabs the mysterious light naturally, and she begins to take a strange pose again.
–And a blue stick is completed.
And after seeing that, Iwato and Tsumugu is convinced that–“Holyshit! This girl is real!”.
Karen felt satisfaction from seeing the two of them, and started to talk while spinning the blue stick.

[Well, I’m a physical-type Mahou Shoujo, so something like this can only be used for close combat. I usually use a great-sword or a hammer!]


“A physical-type Mahou Shoujo? What on earth is that?”
The two of them wanted to asked her, but unfortunately, if they asked her, she will definitely summon a great-sword or a hammer. And in occasion of that, the floor will definitely be damaged.
They want to refrain from that if possible.

When Iwato and Tsumugu looked at each other and sighed, they forget what they seen just now and head to the kitchen.




Ten minutes later, there was an Ogre before them.

[Chomp, crunch! Gulp, splash, fugu!]


She bit a loaf of bread wholly, and crunched the hard French bread.
She used the pack of milk to wash down the bread in her mouth instead of using the glass, and she soaked the salad into the dressing using her hands, and pushed it into her mouth just like that.

And this is worst development that Iwato once expected. Iwato thought of this thing while listening to her voice.



Refrigerator… I’m glad that I bought a new one.

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